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5.74% 18-Month IRA CD and Special Super Bowl CD at a Missouri Bank (Eagle)


Eagle Bank and Trust Co. of Missouri is offering a 5.74% APY 18-month IRA certificate of deposit. It's available as a Roth, Traditional or Educational IRA.

The bank is also having a special Super Bowl CD. It has a 12-month term and a base interest rate of 5.25% (5.35% APY). The number of points scored by the winning Super Bowl team will be added as basis points to the base rate. So if the winning team scores 20 points, the 5.25% base rate will increase to 5.45%. The minimum deposit is $1K. The rate is retroactive to the date the account is opened. This special is not listed at the bank's website. A reader provided the details in the finding deals post. It had been advertised at its Manchester branch (western suburbs of St. Louis).

The highest score in a Super Bowl was by San Francisco which beat Denver 55 to 10 in 1990. The lowest winning score was by Miami which beat Washington 14 to 7 in 1973. So based on history, you could expect a yield between about 5.90% and 5.50%.

The Bank has been FDIC insured since 1956.

Thanks to the reader who provided the details of this special.