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Update on ETrade's $25 Savings Account and Checking Account Bonuses


[Update 6/8/07: Promo is now good through 12/31/07. See post for more info.]

ETrade Bank has once again extended its $25 sign-up bonus on its 5.05% APY Complete Savings Account. The bonus is now available to accounts opened by May 31, 2007. I had first reported on this bonus in February. ETrade commonly does these bonus extensions, so if you ever miss one be sure to check back.

For more details on this promotion, please see my April ETrade post.

Etrade also has a $25 bonus for signing up for its new Max-Rate Checking Account. Here's that promotional page. This promotion ends 6/15/2007. The problem with this promo is that you have to watch out for monthly fees. To avoid fees you either need a balance of $5K, monthly direct deposit of at least $200, or a combined balance in ETrade bank or securities accounts.

Thanks to a_rog for mentioning this savings account bonus update.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
The disclaimer says $25 will be credited 30 days after the account is funded. This did not happen in my case. After contacting them, the bonus was credited within a day. So, keep an eye on your bonuses ...

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
I also recently got this account. They didn't credit it either until I called. Then I got the bonus the day after.

No complaints. It's a great way to get an extra $25.

Comment #3 by Money (anonymous) posted on
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Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
I signed up for ETRADE savings and checking and wish I hadn't. I wired money to both accounts and have since found out that i won't be able to access any funds in either account for 2 weeks. This is rediculous IMO and has permanantly changed my opinion of ETRADE for the worse.