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10.00% 3-Month CD at an Illinois Bank - $25K Max (Bridgeview)


Bridgeview Bank is offering a special 10% APY 3-month certificate of deposit. The minimum is $2,500, and the maximum is $25,000 per household. A qualified checking account is required with direct deposit or auto debit service. The offer is scheduled to end on 8/25/07.

At first I thought you may be able to open this online since they have online account opening service. The online application did specify that you must be a resident of Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin. However, this special CD was not offered as a selection. So I called the bank, and the rep said that you had to visit a branch to open this special CD. The rep also said that a qualifying checking account includes Preferred, Premimum or Prime Checking. The Prime Checking is the best deal, but it's only available to those over 50. The next best one is the Preferred Checking which only has a $500 minimum to avoid a monthly fee. Please see this bank's page for a comparison of these checking accounts. The checking account must remain open for 6 months to avoid a $25 closing fee.

The $25K is the highest deposit cap that I've seen with a yield of 10%. Usually a special 10% CD has a max deposit of $5K or less. The short 3-month term, however, cuts down on the gain. With a $25K deposit, you'll earn about $312 over what you would earn in a 5% account during those 3 months.

Branches are located in Chicago and several other cities in northeastern Illinois. The bank is FDIC insured (FDIC Certificate # 21122).

Thanks to FW member dpid who posted this special in the FW CD thread.

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