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5.75% 13-Month / 5.61% 6-Month CD at a Colorado Bank (Bank of Choice).


Bank of Choice
Update 9/22/07: CD rates have gone down. Please check bank's website for latest rates.

Bank of Choice still has some competitive rates on its certificates of deposit. The special 13-month CD yield is 5.75% APY. The minimum deposit is $1,000. The special 7-month CD still has the 5.45% APY. Both have an Add-On feature that allows additional deposits of $500 or more to be made during the term. There's still a 5.61% APY 6-month and 12-month CD without that Add-On feature. Please refer to the CD page for more info. A link to the pdf rate table is located in this page.

Last month this 13-month CD was at 6%, but the rate dropped early this month.

You must reside in the bank's market area to open an account. Branches are located in Northern Colorado and in the Denver Metro area. The bank has separate FDIC insurance for these two parts (FDIC Cert # 2994 and FDIC Cert # 34502).

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Comment #1 by Ade (anonymous) posted on
5.75% for 13 months sounds great. But I have IRAs and it's less, but I searched their site for a phoen or email and found none. Wanted to ask a few questions before I just take my money out and put it here...
Read somewhere that rates will definitely go down...of course it's anyone's guess, but for a high rate fo 7% or more I wouldn't mind keeping it there for 5 or more years...Just to avoid this perfectly wasted search... :o)

Comment #2 by Roger (anonymous) posted on
The rate on the 13 month add on account dropped to 5.60% on September 18th.