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New $25 Bonus for E*TRADE Bank's Complete Savings Account


E*TRADE Bank has once again extended its $25 sign-up bonus on its 5.05% APY Complete Savings Account. The bonus is now available to accounts opened by 2/15/2008. The last one expired in December.

Here's the ETrade promotional page link for this bonus, and here are the details from that page with the important points highlighted:
$25 will be credited to your Complete Savings Account within 30 days of the account being funded with a minimum deposit of $1. Payments will be reported as interest income. Accounts must be opened by 2/15/2008 to quality for the $25 offer. Must be a new account opened with new funds. Offer applies to one new account per customer. Not good with any other offer.

Last March I received this $25 bonus without any problems. However, several commenters have mentioned that they had to call before the bonus was credited. So be sure to keep track of when you sign up, keep a copy of the promo page, and if you don't receive the bonus in 30 days after funding the account, be sure to call.

In addition to a high yield without a minimum balance requirement, this Complete Savings Account has many nice features such as a fast ACH transfer system called Quick Transfer. E*TRADE Bank has maintained this 5.05% APY for much of the life of this account since it launched in November 2006. It did drop to 4.70% last October, but it then returned to 5.05% in late November.

For more details on E*TRADE Bank and the Complete Savings Account, please refer to my E*TRADE account review post.

Credit for finding this new promo page goes to this iBankDesign thread.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
their stock is at 52 week low of $2.83, so I am sure they need your money badly.

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
You can just send them a reminder email for the bonus through the "Contact US". I did this last summer and the money was there within a day or two. Although, they never responded to my email.

Comment #3 by Jon (anonymous) posted on
Do they do a hard credit check? I'll be buying a house within the next 6 months, and don't want any blemishes!

Comment #4 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
I did not receive a hard credit pull when I opened accounts in 2006 and 2007.

Comment #5 by virgquest (anonymous) posted on
I opened an E*Trade savings account on December 27 to take advantage of the $25 promo that ended 12/31. I received my $25 bonus deposit on Jan 4, no emails to customer service required. So far, so good! One catch to note is that during the "new customer" period, which is the first month, the hold time on new deposits is something like 9 business days. This includes deposits made on the last day of the new member period. After the first month, it drops to around 3, but don't dump a bunch of $$ in there that you will need access to right away, or you may have a problem.

Comment #6 by Anonymous posted on
I took advantage of this offer in December and now again in January. I just transfer $5 in from an outside account and get $25 for 5 minutes worth of work (signing up). The $25 was credited the day I opened the account.