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$100 Checking/Savings Account Bonus at Central Bancompany Banks in MO, KS & OK - Local Only


Central Bancompany
The banks under the bank holding company Central Bancompany are offering a $50 bonus for opening a new free checking account, and if you open a new SaveUp Savings account at the same time, there's an additional $50 bonus. Details of the promotion appear to be listed at each of the bank's SaveUp Savings Account page. Here's the SaveUp Savings Account link for ONB Bank and Trust. This seems to be an easy bonus with no direct deposit required. Some of the details include:
  • Promotion ends 10/30/2009
  • $50 minimum to open the Free Checking account
  • $250 minimum to open the SaveUp Savings account
  • No minimum balance required to receive incentive
  • Monthly fee of $2 when SaveUp Savings account balance falls below $50
  • Incentive reported to the IRS as interest
  • If account is closed within the first 90 days, a fee may be imposed
This is probably not a savings account where you'll want to keep a large balance. The current interest rate is only 0.50% APY, and that requires monthly automatic transfers from any checking account. Otherwise, the rate is cut in half.

This Central Bancompany page lists its family of banks along with the links to the banks' websites. All seem to have this same promotion. Click on Personal Savings and then SaveUP Savings for the details

The banks have branches in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Credit for this find goes to iBankBonus.

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Comment #1 by Andy Hough (anonymous) posted on
Andy Hough
I just opened accounts at this bank yesterday to take advantage of the bonus. It is an easy bonus to qualify for. Make sure you sign up for e-statements to avoid a $2 a month charge.

They also offer a reward checking account. The rate is only 2.25% though so you can probably find a much better deal.