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What Happened to the Add-On Certificates of Deposit?


Add-On CDs allow you to make additional deposits during the term of the CD. This has been a nice feature for depositors in the last two years as interest rates have continued to fall. They may have been too nice. A few banks and credit unions that have offered these in the past have either stopped offering them or have slashed rates.

The add-on CD is especially useful during times of falling rates. When your CDs mature and if you can't find any new CDs with decent rates, you can always fall back on an add-on CD. Instead of opening a new CD, you just make an additional deposit into the add-on CD. Typically, both the term and the interest rate will remain the same as you make additional deposits.

Some banks put limitations on their add-on CDs. For example, Choice Financial limits add-on deposits to no more than the amount of the initial deposit. Amboy Direct only allows additional deposits for the first 6 months of the 12-month CD. The length of the term can be considered a limitation. The add-on feature becomes less useful for shorter terms.

You might think that in today's low rate environment there is no need for an add-on CD since rates will soon be rising. I hope that's right, but it's quite possible that this low-rate environment will continue for years. An add-on CD with a small deposit can provide a hedge against rates continuing to fall.

Unfortunately, our add-on CD choices have gone down hill. Here are some that are still available nationwide with rates as of 7/8/2010:

Here are a couple add-on CDs that are limited to local areas of the country:

  • 1.50% APY 15-month Add-On Share Certificate (30-mo CD ended) at SchoolsFirst FCU in Southern California
  • 2.75% APY 60-month Dedicated Savings CD at America First CU in UT and NV

I remember a few popular add-on CDs in the last couple of years including those from Darby Direct and America's Credit Union. There have also been issues with banks and credit unions reneging on the add-on feature. This almost happened at Darby Direct.

Do you have any great add-on CD deals that you are making good use of today? Or do you know of any add-on CD deals that are still available that I missed?

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
just rolled over a CD at local SunTrust, nothing to cheer about but considering the rates today I guess 1.40 is ok for 13 months.