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History of PNC Bank Bonus Payouts

PNC Bank has a long history of offering checking account bonuses. Have you participated in a past PNC promotion? If you have, did they pay the the bonus as promised? Please take my poll to answer this question.

Since PNC continues to come out with new promotions, I decided it would be useful to have a poll for readers who have participated in past PNC promotions. It asks if the bank has paid the bonus as promised. If they did pay, did you have to call or visit a branch to get the bank to pay? If they didn’t pay, was it the bank’s fault for not paying (You think you should have been paid since you met all of the bonus requirements.)

The results of this poll should help readers decide if future promotions are worthwhile. If many people report not receiving the bonus, you might not want to waste your time on the promotion. It’s common for readers to leave comments when the banks didn’t pay, but it’s less likely for those who did receive the bonus to comment. Hopefully, the poll will encourage both sides to respond.

PNC’s checking account bonuses have typically required direct deposit and online bill pay. If the customer fails to meet these requirements within 60 days of when the account was opened, no bonus will paid. That doesn’t appear to be the most common reason for customers failing to receive the bonus. One reader commented that a PNC branch representative did not code his account properly. So no bonus was automatically credited even though he met all requirements. The reader said he had to complain to PNC headquarters before PNC finally paid the bonus.

Even if you receive the bonus at PNC, you may not come out ahead in the long run. You have to be careful that you avoid monthly service fees. PNC announced the end of its free checking accounts in June. Nevertheless, if you’re careful, these bonuses can be good deals.

Bank Bonuses

To view polls of other banks’ reputations with honoring bonuses, please refer to this list of bank promotion polls. These include banks like Chase and Bank of the West.

You can view my latest bank bonus blog posts in this bank bonus page. I and readers often post on bonuses in the bank deals forum.

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