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The Big List of Credit Unions Open to Anyone

The Big List of Credit Unions Open to Anyone

I thought it would be useful to have a list of all credit unions in which anyone can join. For most of these all-access credit unions, you can join an association and that will qualify you for membership into the credit union. All credit unions are required to have a field of membership which defines a common bond for members. When credit unions started, common bonds typically involved employers. This expanded to include community bonds in which anyone who lives or works in an area can qualify. Now many credit unions have fields of membership that include members of associations, and those associations can often be joined by anyone.

As you might expect, banks consider this as unfair competition since credit unions receive tax breaks. This 2010 New York Times article reported on this issue and the history of how large credit unions like PenFed evolved into an open membership. I'm more concerned with the massive size of the mega banks than I am with credit unions being unfair to the banks. The more competition we have, the more it helps savers, and as we all know, savers need all the help they can get in this awful interest rate environment.

The main reason to join a credit union that's not in your city is to take advantage of competitive banking products. Most of the all-access credit unions that I've reported on have offered competitive CD rates or reward checking accounts. Often the rates are better than what internet banks offer.

Like internet banks, many of these credit unions have online applications that make it easy to join. Also, the credit unions' online banking can make managing accounts easy without having to visit a branch. If you do need to visit a branch, many belong to the shared branch network. This allows you to conduct many banking transactions at any credit union in the network as if it were your own credit union.

Overview of the All-Access Credit Union List

In the alphabetical list of all-access credit unions, I included links to our hub pages for those credit unions. The hub page lists all of my blog posts for that credit union. It also includes the credit union rate tables, financial health, branch locations and readers' reviews.

The list also includes the cities and states of the credit unions' headquarters. It should be noted that many of these credit unions have branches in multiple states.

I've also noted the credit unions which provide online applications. Some of these also allow applicants to join the association at the same time they join the credit union.

Don't See a Credit Union on the List?

As I was putting together this list, I was surprised by how long the list was becoming. I'm sure I left out some credit unions. If you don't see an all-access credit union on the list, please leave a comment. I plan to keep updating this list.

There are two associations which many credit union include in their fields of membership: American Consumer Council and the GettingAhead Association. Both of these association websites list their credit union partners. It should be noted that not all of the credit unions that partner with these associations allow everyone in the country to join. Some require association members to live in their local area. For example, Coastal FCU only allows NC, SC and VA members of the American Consumer Council to join.

It should also be noted that some all-access credit unions may not allow all members to open some accounts. Certain accounts like IRAs and business accounts may require a branch visit. Also, there may be some popular account that is limited to certain members. An example is the reward checking account offered by Golden Plains Credit Union in Kansas. The account is only available to members who reside in Central or Western Kansas.

Future updates to this list may not just be additions. I may have to remove some. We have seen several cases in the past when credit unions have put restrictions on association members. One example is Police and Fire FCU. Membership used to be open to all members of the Weavers Way Cooperative. Police and Fire FCU changed this so that only Weavers Way members who reside in Pennsylvania can join. If you see that a credit union on this list has added restrictions on new members, please leave a comment.

In summary, membership requirements can change so please check with the credit union for the latest information.

Last Updated on 5/27/2014:

  1. ABCO Federal Credit Union - Rancocas, NJ
  2. Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union - Saint Paul, MN (online application)
  3. Agriculture Federal Credit Union - Washington, DC (online application)
  4. Air Force Federal Credit Union - San Antonio, TX (online application)
  5. Alliant Credit Union - Chicago, IL (online application)
  6. America's Christian Credit Union - Glendora, CA (online application)
  7. American Heritage Federal Credit Union - Philadelphia, PA (online application)
  8. America's Credit Union - JBLM, WA (online application)
  9. Andrews Federal Credit Union - Suitland, MD (online application)
  10. Apple Federal Credit Union - Fairfax, VA (online application)
  11. Aspire Federal Credit Union - Clark, NJ (online application)
  12. Astera Credit Union - Lansing, MI (online application)
  13. Belvoir Federal Credit Union - Woodbridge, VA (online application)
  14. California Credit Union - Glendale, CA (online application)
  15. Capital Educators Federal Credit Union - Meridian, ID
  16. Chartway Federal Credit Union - Virginia Beach, VA (online application)
  17. Communitywide Federal Credit Union - South Bend, IN
  18. Connexus Credit Union - Wausau, WI (online application)
  19. Consumers Credit Union - Waukegan, IL (online application)
  20. Corporate America Family Credit Union - Elgin, IL (online application)
  21. Crane Federal Credit Union - Odon, IN
  22. Credit Union of New Jersey - Ewing, NJ
  23. Delta Community Credit Union - Atlanta, GA (online application)
  24. Digital Credit Union - Marlborough, MA (online application)
  25. E-Central Credit Union - Pasadena, CA
  26. Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union - Indianapolis, IN (online application)
  27. First Flight Federal Credit Union - Cary, NC (online application)
  28. First New England Federal Credit Union - East Hartford, CT (online application)
  29. First Technology Federal Credit Union - Palo Alto, CA (online application)
  30. Fort Knox Federal Credit Union - Radcliff, KY (online application)
  31. Garden Savings Federal Credit Union - Parsippany, NJ
  32. Great Lakes Credit Union - North Chicago, IL (online application)
  33. GTE Financial Credit Union - Tampa, FL (online application)
  34. Hanscom Federal Credit Union - Hanscom AFB, MA (online application)
  35. Hughes Federal Credit Union - Tucson, AZ (online application)
  36. INOVA Federal Credit Union - Elkhart, IN (online application)
  37. Justice Federal Credit Union - Chantilly, VA
  38. Kinecta Federal Credit Union - Manhattan Beach, CA (online application)
  39. Lake Michigan Credit Union - Grand Rapids, MI (online application)
  40. McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union - East Windsor, NJ (online application)
  41. Melrose Credit Union - Briarwood, NY (online application)
  42. Michigan State University Federal Credit Union - East Lansing, MI (online application)
  43. Money One Federal Credit Union - Largo, MD
  44. Mountain America Credit Union - West Jordan, UT (online application)
  45. NASA Federal Credit Union - Upper Marlboro, MD (online application)
  46. Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union - Gardena, CA (online application)
  47. Northwest Federal Credit Union - Herndon, VA (online application)
  48. NuVision Credit Union - Huntington Beach, CA (online application)
  49. Oceanside Christopher Federal Credit Union - Oceanside, NY (online application)
  50. Pacific Community Credit Union - Fullerton, CA (online application)
  51. Patelco Credit Union - Merced, CA (online application)
  52. Pen Air Credit Union - Pensacola, FL (online application)
  53. Pentagon Federal Credit Union - Alexandria, VA (online application)
  54. People's Trust Credit Union - Houston, TX
  55. Pinnacle Federal Credit Union - Edison, NJ
  56. Premier America Credit Union - Chatsworth, CA (online application)
  57. Provident Credit Union - Redwood City, CA (online application)
  58. Quorum Federal Credit Union - Purchase, NY (online application)
  59. RTN Federal Credit Union - Waltham, MA
  60. Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union - Albuquerque, NM (online application)
  61. San Diego County Credit Union - San Diego, CA (online application)
  62. SCE Federal Credit Union - Irwindale, CA
  63. Sierra Point Credit Union - South San Francisco, CA
  64. Self-Help Credit Union - Durham, NC (online application)
  65. Signal Financial Federal Credit Union - Kensington, MD (online application)
  66. South Division Credit Union - Evergreen Park, IL (online application)
  67. Southeast Financial Federal Credit Union - Nashville, TN
  68. Stanford Federal Credit Union - Palo Alto, CA (online application)
  69. State Department Federal Credit Union - Alexandria, VA (online application)
  70. The Golden 1 Credit Union - Sacramento, CA (online application)
  71. Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union - Scranton, PA (online application)
  72. United States Senate Federal Credit Union - Alexandria, VA
  73. University Federal Credit Union - Austin, TX (online application)
  74. U.S. New Mexico Credit Union - Albuquerque, NM (online application)
  75. Velocity Credit Union - Austin, TX (online application)
  76. Western Federal Credit Union - Manhattan Beach, CA
  77. Xceed Financial Credit Union - El Segundo, CA (online application)
  78. XCEL Credit Union - Secaucus, NJ (online application)

Edit 5/27/14: Added Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union.
Edit 3/31/14: Removed Logix FCU due to a change in the FOM.
Edit 11/5/13: Removed USAlliance Federal Credit Union on request of credit union.
Edit 10/8/13: Added SCE, Aspire, American Heritage, First Flight
Edit 7/18/13: Removed Pacific Resource Credit Union which has merged into NuVision Federal Credit Union.
Edit 3/27/13: Added Belvoir FCU and Great Lakes CU
Edit 1/31/13: Added Pacific Community CU
Edit 1/24/13: Removed Firstmark Credit Union. Association membership removed from FOM (see comment).
Edit 12/13/12: Removed 20th Century Fox Credit Union (see comment) & RiverLand Credit Union (see review), Added USAlliance FCU & Chartway FCU, Changed names (Lockheed to Logix, GTE to GTE Financial)
Edit 10/08/12: Added Air Force FCU & Communitywide FCU
Edit 09/12/12: Added Capital Educators, Eli Lilly, Sandia Labs, San Diego County, Sierra Point & Golden 1
Edit 07/02/12: Added Signal Financial Federal Credit Union
Edit 06/08/12: Added Credit Union of NJ
Edit 05/18/12: Added Astera, Hughes, MSU and Pen Air
Edit 11/19/11: Added Affinity Plus
Edit 11/18/11: Added Oceanside & Kinecta. Removed A+ due to TX limitation in online app.

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Comment #1 by viking posted on
Do most credit unions try to verify that you are indeed eligble...?

Comment #2 by Maecl posted on

This credit union is on Long Island, N.Y.

The rates aren't great.  There is an onling application.  I'm not a member but I hear their commercial on a major NY radio station.

I can't tell if it is open to every state.  But memberships are open to Catholics belonging to a parish, members of Knights of Columbus, and anyone attending a Catholic school.

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on

Comment #4 by ussr posted on
Thank you for choosing A Federal Credit Union as your financial partner. For your convenience, opening a savings, checking or certificate is available to you 24/7 from the comfort of your home or office

  • You must be a Texas resident with Texas address

Comment #5 by pdxmale posted on
Thanks for all of the hard work Ken.

Comment #6 by Anonymous posted on
Kinecta FCU in Manhattan Beach, CA is another credit union anyone can join.  One would join the Santa Monica Co-op and become eligible ($10.00).  Kinecta is also a member of the shared branch network.

Comment #9 by RJM posted on
I joined Penfed years ago for good CD rates. I also wanted the gas card. Well, I had 2 credit cards maxed out on 0% balance transfers so my credit was only "good" as opposed to very good and i gor REJECTED for the card. I later tried again, pointing out how much I had on deposit and was approved. A low limit but thats fine.

Wish there would have been a way around the $10-15 it cost me to join that military orginization though.

Recently, I found a little tiny credit union NEAR me that had 1.25% money market but their field of memberships is only for people who live or work in that tiny little city. No "worship clause". So I havent bothered.


Plus, about as soon as I showed up with $200k, they'd lower their rates probably !

Comment #10 by Anonymous posted on
Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union based in Minnesota is open to all and requires only a $10 minimum balance in savings (basically the membership fee).

They have excellent online banking and free checking.  I live a state away and wouldn't dream of changing banks.

Comment #16 by 4 real (anonymous) posted on
4 real
adonde? do i recommend cap one i think we are eating to many of fluffys biscuits  

Comment #17 by Paoli (anonymous) posted on
#16:  I was referring to your post as #14 "ps bank at capital one".  What else does that mean?? Sometimes I think I am in the Twilight Zone when I post on this forum.  Maybe "you" need a few of Fluffy's dog biscuits.

Comment #20 by KenBDG posted on
I've removed the mystery text in Paoli's #17 comment. Sorry about that. I think you have to be careful when you copy into the comment text box. If the source has special formatting, the copy can cause the format code to be shown as text.

Comment #21 by Paoli (anonymous) posted on
Thank you so much Ken for your quick help!  I will try to be more careful when I post my posts or replies in the future.  Did not realize you work weekends too!  No wonder this is such a great forum!

Comment #22 by gracias papi (anonymous) posted on
gracias papi
did not want to make the mistake of serving the wrong pie on truduckin day  btw will ask my brother in law for those cds you are looking for he is a real whiz  and has mucho dinero 

Comment #23 by Paoli (anonymous) posted on
#22 How do you know about "Turducken Day"?  I bet you even know how it's done.  I don't think it matters what pie you serve as long as you do the Turducken the right way.  Yummy!  Thanks so much for thinking about me and my needed CDs when you see your brother-in-law "with mucho dinero".  But I will need the info for 2012.  You have a great "Turducken Day"! 

Comment #24 by TURDUCKEN PREP (anonymous) posted on
YEP  as fresh and as yummy as it gits my son in law goes huntin lives in north carolina and does the whole deal 

Comment #25 by Paoli (anonymous) posted on
#24  What did you ever do to deserve a son-in-law who has "mucho dinero", hunts,  AND knows how to fix a Turducken!!  Do you know how expensive those are if one has to buy it already made?  What a feast you are going to have.  THAT would even be able to get my mine off of CDs for at least "one" day!  I'll be thinking about you and yours feasting while Fluffy and I will have to make do with a creepy fried chicken!  If 2012 goes well for me financially, maybe "I" can be eating Turducken next year!  Enjoy it while you can!

Comment #27 by RJM posted on

I am not at all worried about the information I posted.

I would suggest you might have paranoia issues !


Comment #29 by cd rates (anonymous) posted on
cd rates
hay papi going on holiday will check out the rates for you  dont eat to much of that crappe chikcen

Comment #30 by Paoli (anonymous) posted on
Hay Papo #26.  Have a great holiday!  BTW, "my" fried chicken is delicious!  It's made the "old fashion way"!  Thanks for offering to check out rates for me so maybe one day I can go on "holiday" too!

Comment #32 by Anonymous posted on
AILOI is a french garlic mayo sauce that goes really well with fried chicken

Comment #33 by super committee (anonymous) posted on
super committee
is a jokre fluffy and a blind baboon could do  a better job  of saving the economy

Comment #34 by Paoli (anonymous) posted on
I'm told Ailoi is a delicious sauce like you've indicated but I have never tasted it.  I don't like anything on "my" fried chicken.

#33  How I wished I didn't agree with you about Fluffy and the Blind Baboon and the economy.  I was just reading today how the Dems and Repubs both have "no" idea what to do.  I guess I will be voting "Independent" this go round.  What a mess they have gotten us in!

Comment #35 by plain fried (anonymous) posted on
plain  fried
what no grits or as we yanks call it polenta with some collards  and red eye gravy and a hunk of pecan pie  now that be some gooood eats yall 

Comment #36 by Paoli (anonymous) posted on
We Southerners call it "grits" and we eat it for breakfast except if you are poor and you use it as a main dish with potatoes and ham in it.  I've had it both ways.  I never said I was only having fried chicken by itself.  Even people who can't get 6% CDs have side dishes with the chicken.  Mine is fried rice with fried mushrooms and water chestnuts and some yucky vegetable (for health's sake!).  Oh! And a pie is definitely a necessity!  I haven't decided what kind yet.  If Southerners know how to do one thing, it's how to enjoy good food!  If all else fails, there is always "Meals on Wheels"! (Just joking!)

Comment #37 by Anonymous posted on
I was checking some of the "open" credit unions on the above list and on a couple of other sites I found through Google.  Unfortunately, most do not have good rates, imo.  What I am wondering, does Ken have a page in this forum which weeds out the worse and gives us the ones with the best rates?  It would make it easier on us rather than having to check every CU on the list.  Is this what is done when we go to the CD page?  Are the CUs listed the only ones with the best rates? Thanks for any advice or info.

Comment #64 by Anonymous posted on
Ken used to report all the very best credit union rates rates , but must have got caught up with legal issues.  It does pay to go through the entire list as there are credit unions paying 3% interest.  I wish there was a site that narrowed down the best .

Comment #65 by lou posted on
Which ones are paying 3%?

Comment #66 by Ken Tumin posted on
Ken Tumin
I still post weekly on the best rates from both all-access credit unions and internet banks. Here's the link to the weekly summary.

Comment #38 by pdxmale posted on
Ken's list is as good as you get in one place. There are some that are not on it ---- but very few.


Hard to find "good" rates anywhere.

I assume you are looking at the correct list/s.

Comment #39 by Eagle (anonymous) posted on
Nice list. I will check it out. Thanks!

Comment #41 by DBulgher (anonymous) posted on
You forgot to include my credit union, Signal Financial Federal Credit Union in Kensington, MD.  I was able to join after I became a member of WABA (Washington Area Bicycling Association) and they even picked up the tab! Best of all I opened my account online and jointed WABA and Signal Financial at the same time.  Couldn't be happier with their great rates and service.

Comment #42 by Anonymous posted on
I compared the most recent list of credit unions paying over 1.9% to this list and found only 3. Connexus, Riverland and Melrose. How do I ask a general question about credit Unions?

Comment #43 by Anonymous posted on

Comment #44 by KenBDG posted on
About BECU, it doesn't appear that there's an easy way for people outside of WA state to join. The only possible way I see from their membership page is through the Museum of Flight. However, BECU's membership page only says employees of Museum of Flight and not members of Museum of Flight.

Comment #45 by Anonymous posted on
20th Century Fox is NOT open to ANYONE. I live in LA and I do not qualify. 

Comment #46 by KenBDG posted on
@Anonymous #45, you should be able to qualify for 20th Century Fox FCU by joining the Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles Chapter in Woodland Hills. However, it does appear that the credit union has made it more difficult to join compared to my last review in 2010. It's not clear if anyone in the nation can qualify for this Best Friends Animal Society and the other association which I mention in my review. These now appear limited to locals. Also, the credit union removed links to applications for these associations. Because of these changes, I've decided to remove 20th Centuty Fox FCU from the list.

Comment #47 by Anonymous posted on
If you are looking for a rate on a 12 month certificate, do not bother going through this entire list.  Digital, FirstMark and Pentagon are about the only three of the 74that will have something of 'value' in this area.  Yes, I went through them all!

Some of the banks on this blog have similar rates and you do not have to jump through the hoops of becoming a member of some innocuous organization.

Comment #49 by Anonymous posted on
I joined Northwest Federal Credit Union in Herndon. They have several Northern Virginia branches, one close to where I live and another close to where I work.  I became a member by joining the Financial Awareness Network, INC. for $10 - a great group that promotes financial education, so joining was a win-win. I called FAN to see how to join and they were very nice and told me I could do a one-step process at time of applying for membership with the crdit union. Northwest Federal Credit Union people are great. Very patient and courteous. CD rates are about what everyone is offering, but they do have promotions, just be sure to read all the fine print.

Comment #51 by rwilmeth posted on
Do not use Astera Credit Union! Astera Credit Union has kept from me my account number and bc of that: fined me, reported me to collections, and raped me for profits. I have tried for over 6 months to get my account number so that I could give them the insurance documents they already had on file, but Astera refused to give it to me no matter how many times I ask for it (up to 36 and now threatening legal action to get it). Without it, I cannot access any of my financial information at their bank, I don't know how much they fined me for or if I really am getting it all back. Their VP had to fix the collections issues and I still have no way of accessing my account statements or information, which is legally and morally wrong. It's been a nightmare, the only communication I get from Astera has been form letters and ignorance and all I want to view my account statement that wasn't even mailed to me, they lied and said that it's my fault for losing my address change when I changed it back in August.

Comment #52 by ShondaJohnson posted on
Xceed and Western Federal are employee based credit unions. Not open to everyone.


Comment #53 by Anonymous posted on
I went to the website for Justice Federal credit union and I don't think it's open to everyone.  Did I miss an easy way to join it?

Comment #55 by Anonymous posted on
Lockheed federal credit union stole my house I believe that they double dipped from the Feds. There was no reason not to work with we had pay timely for 10 years and now I was in the middle of a divorce. Debra made me and my broker jump through hoops for 6 months turned around and lied foreclosing on my home that I had been fighting for for 3 years alone as a single mom with family backing...They changed their name due to that fact that they are PURE FRAUDS.,,.....they are a complete disgrace I even went to NACA was approved for everything they told me if it wasn't a credit union I would D be walking away with my loan..MY LOGIX DROWN! Nicole....

Comment #56 by Anonymous posted on
Kinecta FCU is a nightmare, beyond horrible. On my previous car loan, they could not get the auto pay transfer right and kept claiming my account was overdrawn, and charged me late fees (after I raised hell, they refunded them). This was NOT a one-time occurrence, it happened repeatedly. When it happened yet again, I called them to discuss and actually kept a detailed record of how long I waited on the phone to speak to someone. That detailed record has since been thrown out but I remember that I called multiple times after waited I think well over an hour (combined times) and NEVER reached anyone. The phones just rang and rang with NO reply. I actually drove to their Westminster office in POURING RAIN, soaked, to try to solve the problem (and took my notes with me), and was furious when I arrived. They said their phones were just fine, no problems at all. Needless to say, I canceled my accounts with them and I believe paid off the remaining loan balance just to get away from them. I later wrote a detailed letter about this hellish experience to MANY upper-level administrative staff in Kinecta, detailing the number of calls I had made and the time I waited on hold on each call, and NEVER heard a word back. As a businessman myself, if I ever did that I would expect my clients to NEVER return. For your own sanity PLEASE avoid these people like the plague.

Comment #57 by Anonymous posted on
Why was MSU added?  You need some sort of university affiliation to join.  The requirement is right at the top of the paper application.

Comment #58 by Anonymous posted on
Delete Pacific Resource CU.  They merged with Nuvision FCU (also on the list) effective July 1, 2013.

Comment #59 by KenBDG posted on
@anonymous #57, About MSU, please refer to the credit union's Who Can Join page.

@anonymous #58, Thanks for alerting us on the merger. Pacific Resource CU has been removed from the list.

Comment #60 by Anonymous posted on

Baltimore, MD

Comment #61 by Anonymous posted on
There really shouldn't be any federal credit unions on this list, according to a September letter to federal credit unions from NCUA.   State-chartered credit unions may have more expansive laws on field of membership than federal law, but they still have certain requirements (every state varies).  Not all states will allow you to join an association or donate to a specifc group just to be able to join the credit union.  Field of membership still is one of the things that distinguishes credit unions from banks.  Look for "community" credit unions in your geographic area, that generally are open to anyone who resides within a specified geographic area.

Comment #62 by shipwrecked&alone (anonymous) posted on
Ken, am I missing something or why would you not include the list that can be joined on the CD search screen so I can see the highest paying credit unions that I can join? Otherwise what use is it? Takes awhile to sort thru and pick the highest payer that I can join. thanks,

Comment #68 by Ken Tumin posted on
Ken Tumin
You can filter the tables to show these all-access credit unions. Please refer to this blog post for details.

Comment #63 by Anonymous posted on
Llogix Credit Union is not open to anybody. They have a note that says: To become a member of Logix, you must reside in California, Arizona, Washington D.C., Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, or Virginia, or must be verified as related to an existing Logix member.

Comment #67 by Ken Tumin posted on
Ken Tumin
Thanks. It looks like Logix just recently added these state restrictions. I've updated the post.

Comment #69 by DJB (anonymous) posted on
You list McGraw Hill as open to all.  The online application asks which company you are associated with.  Is there one in that list that is an organization anyone can join, or is this a new requirement and the credit union is no longer open to everyone? 

Comment #70 by EinsteinGuy (anonymous) posted on
theres over 2,000 credit unions in the US.... you listed 70

Comment #71 by Anonymous posted on
Not everyone can join #13 Belvoir FCU.  Only military, their families and those working on Fort Belvoir, Virginia.