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Why Your Checkbook Is A Doomed Dinosaur

Monday, September 24, 2012 - 5:29 AM
From Bankrate via Yahoo Finance:
Phonographs, typewriters and rotary telephones are relics of a bygone age. Bruce Dalgaard, professor of economics and Asian studies at St. Olaf College and also a visiting professor at Carleton College, believes paper checks and debit cards may soon join those items on the scrapheap of history.

Dalgaard says checks are "simply too expensive" to last for much longer. He adds that the United States is "way behind the rest of the world" in recognizing this fact. In the future, shoppers likely will use transaction cards to make purchases[...]

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pearlbrownpearlbrown1,485 posts since
Nov 2, 2010
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1. Monday, September 24, 2012 - 8:52 AM
No one is taking away my typewriter and checks!  I still have the old Royal they made eons ago and two ribbons for it! As for the checks, I refuse to use debit cards and don't feel I should be forced into a world others think is best for me.  I get my checks free and pay no fees for anything and it's the least they can allow for me since I give banks so much business.  Let Japan and the rest of the world do what they want.  We still have seniors alive today who like doing it "their" way and I am one of them. 
paoli2paoli21,406 posts since
Aug 10, 2011
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