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Providentcu RCA Drops Fr 2.26 To 2.01%

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 11:15 PMProvident Credit Union (CA) - Details
Provident CU dropped its 2.26% Super Checking (rca) to 2.01% for balances to 25k.  Over 25k drops from .21% to .16% (after dropping already from .31 to .21 in July).  N/Q remains 0%.

There falls the last "decent" rate in CA.  Sadly, at 2.01% it still remains the top rca rate.

No notice given. I just noticed today while browsing DA accounts for other products. Website says as of 10/24/12, so if that's the effective date (v. current date), then what a coincidental stumble.

And is it a coincidence that today I also happen to be waiting on them to "find" an ACH that's overdue at their CU?  It should have posted Tue. based on previous transfers. They discounted that history and said "Thursday would still be reasonable, so likely tomorrow."  (X#%!??!) The "pushing" bank confirmed they sent it on time. Never had this problem with either institution before.  Not sure what's next if it doesn't arrive tomorrow, since both are pointing to the other. But that's a different forum topic. (Really thankful this wasn't thousands.)

Thanks Ken for previous articles on ACH timing.  Brushing up on the details distracted my concern while waiting.
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