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Stock Market Prediction For Year 2017

Monday, January 21, 2013 - 3:09 PM

Where stock market will be in January 2017 - Mark Hulbert - MarketWatch

Mark Hulbert may be more trustworthy than Paul Farrell; but a prediction is a prediction:

Rather than recommending "running to the hills", this guy (Mark Robertson) recommends "scaling back."

"What does Robertson’s model project for the next four years? A total-return of 8.2% annualized, which is slightly below the two-decade average of 8.5% — and two to three percentage points lower than the market’s return over the last century of 10% to 11% annualized. 

In an interview, Robertson distanced himself from Seiver’s bearishness. Investors’ appropriate response to his model’s latest forecast, he said, is not to run for the hills, but instead to “scale back” on their speculations and “begin to focus on higher quality stocks.”

However, for those with lump sums to invest in the stock market right now, Robertson said he would recommend investing only about 60% to 70% of the full amount now, and keeping 30% to 40% in cash."
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