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Job Disappearance --- A Permanent Trend?

Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 9:46 PM
A team of Associated Press writers has researched and published a number
of articles on the role of technology and the loss of jobs.  Results are
both interesting and arresting:

   "...Things are happening that look like science fiction...

    Experts argue among themselves whether the job market will
    recover, muddle along or get much worse...

    former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers declared that
    the biggest economic issue of the future would not be the
    federal debt or competition from China but the dramatic
    transformations that technology is bringing about..."

I also liked Summers imagined machine called the "Doer".

Read detail at: Can smart machines do your job?
          and at: Will smart machines create a world without work?

For a visual reference to present day robotics in action here's a
recent 60 minutes episode. 
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