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Some Healthy Ways To Save Money

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 2:04 PM

"Once there, adjust your workspace. "That guy" in the office working on a treadmill is on to something. Studies show inactivity can lead to increased likelihood of chronic diseases and circulatory issues. The key is regular movement. "Schedule your phone to go off on an hourly basis," Heringer says. "Get up and do a lap around the office." He suggests improving your posture so muscles don't tighten. "Do whatever it takes to get your body moving a little bit more every day."

When lunchtime comes, unpack your brown bag and go to town on that leftover chicken and broccoli. Cook ahead if you have time, Zacko says, so you are armed with fruits and vegetables, not chips. Drink water, not soda. Instead of spending $7 a day at the deli, spend roughly $10 a week on better food. After you eat, try taking a walk outside if you can, Heringer say."

 Bad habit is hard to break and good habit is even harder to cultivate.  I like the part on exercising outside, longer walk rather than drive, and more exercise at work (I practice singing while driving already:D).
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