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Growing Savings Account -- Classical Overdraft Protection

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 1:00 PM

All are simple and intuitive measures.  I do want to highlight the "overdraft protection" by linking checking account with savings account.  Even though my checking account is already linked with my savings account at BofA.  It does not automatically conduct transfers between the two accounts when there is an overdraft.  The balance alert is another feature that proves useful.  I do have the ancient line-of-credit protection for my checking account.  It will automatically transfer fund to my checking if there is a shortage (up tp $4K); the interest rate is high; but tolerable if paid back withing days.

I do recommend all to pursue such a linked credit line with checking/savings account; I am not sure it is a standard product for the banks/credit unions nowdays since they can charge huge overdraft fees with the current so-called overdraft protection feature. 

Anyone still has the classical (FREE) credit line as an overdraft protection measure?  If yes, which bank/credit union offers that?
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