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Planning/Countdown To Retirement

Monday, April 8, 2013 - 8:05 PM

I may be near to that milestone; thus a good and comprehensive list for me to ponder/digest.  I think that I would aim for (1) simplicity (reducing number of credit cards, RCA accounts, TV features, food, clothings, travel, housing expenses), (2) family enjoyment (spending quality time with wife, children, relatives, and true friends), (3) meaningful endeavor (volunteering, giving back to society, church serving, to name a few), (4) staying active ( exercise, study, research, and do things I always wanted to do/accomplish). 

You see my point, it is not just practical matters like finance, will, debt-reduction, savings; there are deeper things in life that are priceless and much more significant and important (e.g., pursuit of happiness and true meaning of life).
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