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PacTrust Bank Offering Worthwhile Short Term Place To Park Hefty Money

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 2:58 PMPacific Trust Bank, FSB - Details
PacTrust Bank today is advertising a liquid savings account, which they call the PacTrust One account, that could provide the best place to hold hefty amounts of money for the next six months, getting you a notably better rate than you would get on a 6-month CD.

(BTW, Ken, I see your site calls this place Pacific Trust Bank. It appears they have changed their name to PacTrust Bank, and changed their URL to:

Of course, the 1.25% APY blasted in their ad today in the Los Angeles Times is only for amounts over $250,000. However, starting at the $100,000 level you still can get 1.00% APY, somewhat more than you will get on a 6-month CD these days -- yet this is a liquid account, in case you want some or all of the money earlier, and I presume you can also add more to it. The rate tiers are guaranteed from now through Dec. 31, 2013, or about six months. 

I note, those are the rates being offered today; they indicate that it can change daily. But once you open the account, it is locked in through Dec. 31. So, who knows how long this rate will continue to be offered.

Minimum for the account is $25,000, and between that level and $99,999.99, you get only 0.50% APY -- which is not very good, can get better elsewhere. Under $25,000, you get zero.

You can see the promotion here. You can see their full savings accounts rate sheet here. (I note, in addition to their branches noted on the online promotion, the printed version in the Los Angeles Times, which I have posted here, indicates they are about to open a new branch in Pasadena, CA, in June.)

I haven't looked into details of opening online or in person or by mail, or at their fee schedule. 
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