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US Budget Deficit Shrinks Far Faster Than Expected

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 7:53 AM
From CNBC: 
Since the recession ended four years ago, the federal budget deficit has topped $1 trillion every year. But now the government's annual deficit is shrinking far faster than anyone in Washington expected, and perhaps even faster than many economists think is advisable for the health of the economy.

... Over all, the figures demonstrate how the economic recovery has begun to refill the government's coffers. At the same time, Washington, despite its political paralysis, has proved remarkably successful at slashing the deficit through a variety of tax increases and cuts in domestic and military programs.

Perhaps too successful. Given that the economy continues to perform well below its potential and that unemployment has so far failed to fall below 7.5 percent, many economists are cautioning that the deficit is coming down too fast, too soon.

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According to the article, even if the deficit looks manageable over the next decade, long-term challenges persist. 
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