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Mobility Matters: Biometrics Rising

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 6:46 AM
From The Credit Union Times:
Talk about seeing the collision before it happens. A big bang is shaping up inside financial institutions where on one side are skeptics about biometrics used in lieu of passwords – be it voice or eye print or fingerprint – and on the other side are increasing numbers of senior executives as well as plain customers who frankly despair about how unreliable, indeed broken, the old fashioned username/password has become.

Many experts say the username/password login dates back 50 years, to the early days of mainframe computers.

The problem with username/password is twofold. Strong ones are tough to remember and easy to forget. They also – increasingly – are stolen, usually by hackers who break into a system and steal literally hundreds of thousands of them.

But the final problem – the issue that is pushing a hard look at usernames/passwords back into focus – is the near impossibility of properly entering them on a mobile device.

Try to correctly type this on a smartphone: $1033_3rd_#206$. It’s a beautifully strong password – mixing letters with numbers with other characters – but it is not a password you want to attempt on an iPhone.

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