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DDoS Attacks For Hire On The Rise

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 6:54 AM
From The Credit Union Times:
Just when you thought you could tune out the fears about DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, listen up: the risks for you suddenly are much graver, and it may be the time when defensive action on your part has become necessary.

Yes, the fear-mongering over the May 7th DDoS blitzkrieg – which turned out to be a non-event – has prompted many credit union executives to turn off the DDoS discussion. That’s a mistake, however.

... A big change that is occurring, sources insist to Credit Union Times, is that for-rent DDoS networks – often costing spare change – are proliferating and they have plenty of firepower to take down most credit unions’ online presences.

The scariest part: absolutely no technical skills are required to deploy what is being called DDoS as a service. All that’s needed is digital money – PayPal or BitCoin and there even are some providers that take MasterCard and Visa.

... Almost all such sites claim to offer, not rogue DDoS for hire, but “stress testing” so that an organization – a credit union for instance – can check its DDoS defenses. Just one problem: sources insisted that the majority of stress-testing sites they are familiar with do no verification that the person buying the “stress test” has any affiliation whatsoever with the target.

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