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Investors Savings Bank In New Jersey Is Offering A $100 Bonus For Opening A Checking Account With

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 9:03 AMInvestors Bank
Investors Savings Bank in New Jersey is offering a $100 bonus for opening a checking account with direct deposit. Must be new account and bonus is automatically credited in $25 increments at the end of each quarter, starting in the first quarter following receipt of the first direct deposit. Direct deposit must be entire paycheck or other recurring payment (such as social security or pension), with a minimum of $300. If account is closed within the first 12 months, any bonus payment credited will be forfeited and a $25 termination fee will be applied. Branch visit is required. I'm not sure whether this offer is just at the Clifton Botany Village branch or at any branch. Postcard says visit
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