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Report: Brisk Underground Sales Of Health Insurance Credentials, SSNs

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 7:37 AM
From Credit Union Times:
Sale of personal information – right down to verified health insurance data as well as Social Security numbers and bank account logins – is thriving, according to a new report from Atlanta- based Dell SecureWorks, which claims that a complete package, called a “kitz,” will fetch upwards of $1,200 in underground criminal bazaars.

That kit includes health insurance information but it also involves supporting ID that will let the buyer establish his or her counterfeit identity. 
... [A senior researcher for SecureWorks] suggested that buyers are people in urgent need of expensive medical care, but these information packages would also facilitate account takeovers at credit unions and banks.  Essentially all that is needed for an account takeover is included.

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As if stealing one's identity weren't bad enough, the theft of health insurance data can become a matter of life and death for the victim, since the thief's health data now becomes part of their own health record. 
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