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Scary Paths To Damaging Debt

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 11:46 AM

Proper sobering warnings/reminders for the occasion/event.

"For instance, take bank fees, says Tayne of Tayne Law Group. "You may be charged with fees from your bank without even realizing it." For example, many banks will offer free checking and savings on the condition that a minimum amount of money is maintained in the account and/or regular direct deposits are made. But if you are unaware of the fine print, you could quickly rack up bank fees without knowing it.

"While the fee may be minimal, it can quickly accumulate if it goes unnoticed throughout the year," Tayne says.

Another financially draining scenario is taking out too many credit cards. If you have too many credit cards and don't keep track of your statements, you may miss a payment or find yourself with too much debt, Tayne says."

I still think that Identity Theft and internet frauds/scams are the two most scary modern monsters to hurt our financial life.

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