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The Good News About 2014 (Maybe)

Monday, December 30, 2013 - 2:39 PM
If written by anyone else other than Robert Samuelson I would NOT have
posted this article. Shameless excerpts follow:

    "Could 2014 be the year when the recovery actually feels like a
     recovery? Well, it could.  [...]

     The reason: Many economic “fundamentals” are improving
     simultaneously.  Here are four.  [...]

     ..The job market has strengthened.
     ..Household debt is down, wealth is up.
     ..The housing recovery isn’t finished.
     ..Corporations are awash in cash, meaning they can easily finance
       new investment in buildings, equipment and software.

     Now, a caution. A better recovery presumes that consumers and
     companies respond to good news as in the past. But they may not. [...]

     All that’s certain is that the economy will (again) be a big story
     in 2014, affecting America’s politics and psychology.

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