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How To Avoid Becoming A Sheep Of Wall Street – And Getting Fleeced

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 9:47 AM
An exuberant stock market has led to extravagant promises.

"Don't follow anyone without questioning them first. The rising stock market, with its record share prices, has ushered us into an era of “caveat emptor”: buyer beware. Last year was a great year for stocks. That means 2014 is likely to be a great year for extravagant marketing claims by folks trying to sell us investment products, ideas or services. It’s just this kind of bull market environment that can tempt us to take risks with our finances. And the folks encouraging us to toss caution to the winds can be respected and established institutions."

How to avoid becoming a sheep of Wall Street – and getting fleeced | Money |
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