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To Anonymous At 11

Friday, January 8, 2010 - 7:09 AM
To Anonymous at 11:32:

The CD was opened online. I think the "Direct" is the online version of a brick and mortar bank. Apparently they sent the CD certificate after I opened the account, except I have no record of it and I am pretty **** about my records. I just find it moronic that unlike every other online bank, I cannot fax in closing instructions.

I told the CSR that in no way do I want the CD to automatically renew and she said that someone would have to call me to confirm. Not sure why she could not. I plan on calling back today to hopefully get someone else.

The best part of it all, the affidavit I have to sign needs notarized. I live in Europe right now. Tell me how I am supposed to do that!?! At the end of all of this I may be forced to let it renew for another year or else have my money just sit there for months doing nothing unless I can figure something else out.
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