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Hundreds Of Data Collection Companies Selling Secret Consumer Scores And Info

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 11:41 PM
Story in tomorrow's Los Angeles Times says hundreds of data collection companies have been selling consumer scores and informaiton to banks, employers, health care providers, debt collectors, and many others. These are not actual credit reports so are not subject to the laws regulating credit reports. Consumers are not able to see the information about them, not even to check for accuracy.

Data compilers' secret scores have consumers pegged — fairly or not

From the story:
Dixon said the secret scores include:
•Scores predicting households likely to pay debt;
•A job security score that claims to predict future income and capacity to pay;
•"Churn scores" seeking to predict when customers will move their business to another bank, cellphone provider or cable TV service;
•An Affordable Care Act health risk score creating a relative measure of predicted healthcare costs for a particular enrollee.
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