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Bestbank: Get Up To $110 With Our Spring Checking Event.

Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 4:20 PMGuaranty Bank (WI) - Details
BestBank is the Georgia division of Guaranty Bank of Wisconsin. They're found in Kroger and Walmarts in the metro Atlanta area. They're offering this promotion in-branch only, and although it says "new customers", the CSR said it'd be valid for anyone who hasn't had an account in over a year and and closed the account in good standing. From their brochure:

BestBank: Get up to $110 with our Spring Checking Event
This is the offer you've been waiting for. With out Spring Checking Event you can get up to $110* with monthly activity:
- $5 just for opening your account, and- $5 for each month you use your debit card 5 times - maximum of $55, and- $50 for ongoing direct deposits.
And with so many options, we've got an account for everyone.- Free & Easy Checking: Our flagship account that will save you from monthly service fees and minimum balance requirements.- Relationship Checking: With no overdraft fees, this account is everything you want from a prepaid card and so much more.- 50 Plus Checking: An interest bearing account just for those 50 years or better.
See branch for details. To find a branch near you, go to

To receive the bonuses defined below, you must be a new customer to the bank who opens a personal checking account from April 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014. Minimum to open the Free & Easy, 50 Plus checking, or Relationship cheking is $25. Bonuses are one per tax reporting TIN. New account and direct deposit bonuses are subject to 1099 reporting; you are responsible for any applicable taxes. Offer subject to change without notice. Account opening is subject to approval.
$5 new account bonus
will be credited to the new customer personal checking account within 3 business days of the account opening date.
$50 direct deposit bonus
If the new customer personal checking acount has Social Security, Payroll, or Retirement direct deposits totaling at least $400 each calendar month for three consecutive months within 120 days of the account opening date you will receive $50 direct deposit bonus which will be credited to the account within 30 days of meeting the direct deposit requirements.
$5 monthly debit card bonus up to $55
Beginning the month after the new customer personal checking account is opening and continuing for a total of 11 calendar months, you will receive a $5 debit card bonus for each month the account has five (5) credit or PIN based debit card POS purchase transactions of any amount which post to the account by the last day of the month. ATM, refunds, pending, and in-process transactions are excluded. Each $5 bonus will be credited to the account by the 7th day of the following month. If you open your account in April, the 11 months are May 2014 through March 2015. If you open your account in May, the 11 months are June 2014 through April 2015.
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