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Commentary: A Dismal First Half Isn't Always Followed By A Bad Second Half

Saturday, June 26, 2010 - 8:59 AM

(The difference of opinion on what lies ahead for our country and the world, is mind blowing.  Knowing what Bulls and Bears think, and why they think it, is wise, I believe.  This article has some optimism, based purely on statistics.  I'm not sure how valuable that really is, in this case.  Some here may find it interesting.  Something else that stands out to me -- unless I'm remembering it wrong -- is that "one of the strongest rallies in recent memory," did not lead to higher interest rates.)



Fortunately, a disappointing first half does not automatically doom the second half of the year.

A clue to this comes from just anecdotal evidence. Take 2009, for example, when the market lost ground for the first six months. Yet the second half of the year witnessed one of the strongest rallies in recent memory.

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