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Friday, November 12, 2010 - 7:44 AM
About 5 weeks ago our Sunday newspaper was not delivered. I look forward to all the ads before shopping. So that night while watching 60 minutes I went to google looking for deals at my local grocery store. I found a wonderful site. At least it is great for the store I frequent.  Go to  then click on store deals and then scroll down to your state and then click on the blogs under the store that you frequent. I could not believe the links to the coupons that were matched with the store sales. I printed the ones that I would use. You can print 2 of most of the coupons. I went the next day to try it out and thought if this doesn't work the cashier would be very mad at me if they had to take it all back. I buy mostly shop sales and stock up.  The total bill was $105 and but I only paid $24 and had $23 in catalina printouts to use on my next trip. The next week the groceries totaled  $58 I then presented the $23 in catalina printouts and then the coupons and I  ended up paying 31 cents. I still had 2 $1 coupons that they could not take because they would have owed me money so I purchased 2 more small cans of coffee that was 1/2 price that week and with the coupons paid 77 cents for each can. I have paid between $5 and $25 a week for 5 weeks now. I have purchased 40 cans of Select Harvest soup for $2, 6 pkgs of 98% fat free turkey breast for a total of 70 cents, Kraft cream cheese for 25 cents each , 5 Kraft sliced cheese for 50 cents, 2 free olive oil, 2 free whole grain pasta.. This week I purchased 5  1/2 gallon cartons of Smart Balance milk for free. What we can't use I give to the food bank. It takes 2-3 hours with dial-up internet to do this. You also have to save your Sunday inserts. I put each weeks in a Zip Lock bag and put the date on the bag making it easier to find the coupon if I have to.  Some weeks are better than others. You can also print manufacturer coupons from other stores and from other states. Our store does not double coupons but they have coupons in their ad and you can use both their coupon with the manufacturers coupons. This site also matches coupon with sales of national chains like Target and Walgreen's. I have signed up for many of the blogger emails for additional coupons and bargains from other stores. I have purchased a case of copy paper at Office Depot for $10, purchased a $100 Black and Decker battery charged weed whacker for $30. (Consumer Report said it was a good one)

We all owe a BIG thanks to Ken and the other bloggers who spend their time teaching us all the ways to stretch our money and make it work for us.

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