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Ally Updates Telephone CD Rates One Day Ahead Of Time

Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 9:54 PMAlly Bank - Details
I just noticed once again that Ally has updated the CD rates on
its automated telephone (1-877-247-2559) system one day prior to
their actual implementation!  This is also one day prior to Ally
updating these rates on their Website.  This is also one day prior
to Ally updating the CSR private database of CD rates, so the CSRs
don't even know about the upcoming changes!

Specifically tomorrow (Friday 2-18-11) Ally is increasing its 5
year CD rate/APY from 2.36%/2.39% to 2.37%/2.40%.

So of what use is this bit of trivia?  Well, for rate increases,
not much since Ally's best-rate-within-the-next-10-days-of-opening-
a-CD policy already gives you the benefit of the higher (ie., the
next day's) rate.  But, for rate decreases, it is worth making the
phone call to check the rate.  E.g., If you're debating opening a
Ally CD "today" or "tomorrow" you could well reap the benefit of
the higher "today" rate by the phone call.
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