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1.60 APY 12 Months, 1.90 APY 24 Months

Monday, March 7, 2011 - 6:08 PMHAB Bank - Details
Habib American Bank is offering 1.60% APY for a 12-month CD, and 1.90% APY for 24 months, at its California branches only. The promo expires April 18. It might apply only to IRA accounts, but the flyer I just got in the mail from that telling about it is a little unclear about that.

As it happens, I just opened a 12-month CD at Habib last week, and they were offering 1.5%, but they negotiated it to 1.6%. So, they gave me 1.6 a week ago on a non-IRA account.

The promo requires that you also have a checking account. That was not part of my negotiations, but I did open a checking account, a completely free one, no minimum required.

I have posted the flyer at:

Their California branches are in downtown Los Angeles and in Artesia. Habib is the American operations/subsidiary of a Pakistani bank, FDIC insured. Its main US headquarters is in New York.
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