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How A Sears Promotion Gobbled Up $25 Of My Money

Saturday, July 9, 2011 - 11:12 AM
From The Consumerist
Kenneth isn't quite sure what to do. He bought enough men's clothing items at Sears to trigger a deal giving him a restricted $25 gift card to Sears. Hooray! Only when he came back to return some of the items, the card's value was deducted from his refund, forcing him to spend $25 more at Sears than he had ever planned to.

"The week before Father's Day, I ran into an odd situation at Sears, and now I don't know what to do.

I bought some clothes (shirt, shorts, swim trunks, etc) and unknowingly triggered a Father's Day deal where you got a $25 gift card if you bought more than $50 in Men's Apparel.

I thought "Hey that's nice, a free 25 bucks. Oh, it says you can't use it until after Father's Day. No big deal, I'm sure I'll be back."

Later that week I went to return some of the items (shorts didn't fit right, for example), and as I stood in line I realized that the system could be gamed if they didn't have a way to compensate.

Would they take back the gift card? They had to have some kind of rule in place...."

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