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8 Creative Ways To Rack Up Credit Card Rewards Points Quickly

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 2:24 PM
If you've had the same credit card for a few years, happy to be collecting enough points to get a free domestic flight or a few hundred dollars in cash back every year, Gary Leff has two words for you: Wake up.

Leff, co-founder of frequent flier community, says credit card rewards have never been better. Maximizing your points is just a matter of paying attention and making the right choices. Do you pay for everything possible with your credit card, including your nanny and your yard guy? Do you look for opportunities to double and triple your points? "It's free money," Leff says. "It's like the banks want you to fly internationally in premium cabins for free."

We asked Leff and other savvy reward chasers for their favorite -- and most creative -- tips for racking up credit card rewards. Remember, none of these tricks is worth pursuing unless you pay off your card every month; otherwise, interest charges cancel out any gain.

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