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Ten Ways To Get Income In Retirement

Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 3:56 PM
What follows is a ten-step guide to generating income in retirement. Some recommendations are aimed at taxable accounts and some at tax-deferred ones. The solutions are diversified, because any one by itself is risky.

Ten Ways To Get Income In Retirement - Forbes
ShorebreakShorebreak2,695 posts since
Apr 6, 2010
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1. Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 3:16 PM
Many of those are definitely not for the faint of heart.  While I support the information, I do beleive there should have been greater disclosure or links to regulatory bodies that have articles highlighting the specific risks for that asset mentioned.

Sometimes just putting information out there on the web is just as dangerous to a client as verbally telling them about a product that may be unsuitable.


Good find though.
WealthManagerWealthManager8 posts since
Nov 21, 2011
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