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AARP Weighs In On Low-Interest Rate Policy And Its Toll On Seniors

Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 7:22 PM
Good article in the current edition of AARP Magazine about how the current extremely low interest rates are taking a heavy toll on seniors in particular, but savers overall.

The War on Savers - Percent - Dividend - Stocks - AARP Magazine

Not a lot that you won't know if you are a regular reader of this Website, but comes with its own clarity and context.

I found some particularly interesting comments in it by some guy named Ken Tumin. He's at some Website called DepositAccounts, or something like that. 

Some of the comments in it that I took special note of, but have already been mentioned on this site, but I liked how they phrased them:

In talking of Bernanke's low-interest rates policy, it asks, "Is it working?" It then goes on to say: "Businesses are hoarding cash and remain reluctant to hire ..." So, doesn't sound like it is working. As I have been saying, businesses have plenty of cash to invest but are not doing so -- the level of interest rates is not the issue, and keeping them low is not going to solve the problem. The economy will come back -- despite the low-interest rate policy, not because of it.

In addressing savers' lost income, meaning lost ability to spend, it notes, "Consider the amount of income the zero-rate policy has effectively vaporized. Collectively, interest income pocketed by households peaked in the middle of 2008 at an annualized rate of $1.42 trillion. ... In October 2011 (the latest available data) our collective haul from personal-interest income was down to an annualized rate of $985.6 billion." That means close to a half trillion dollars of lost income -- and lost spending. How many jobs would that equal? 

They offer their 3-step approach to the situation for best returns. They recommend doing research on some Website called
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