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Community Financial Services Bank (Kentucky) RCA Change Effective 5/29/12 To 3.05%APY

Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 9:42 AMCommunity Financial Svcs Bank - Details
In this morning's Email: "... We are focused on keeping the rate on eRewards higher than any of our CD products.  Beginning May 29th, the rate on this checking account will be adjusted to 3.01% with an APY of 3.05%  Since the inception of eRewards in 2008, the rate has only been changed twice, with the last adjustment in May of 2009. "

The change is from (3.6%APY,$20K) to (3.05%APY, $20K).     

Kudos to the bank for contacting their accountholders and giving advance notice of the change. 

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