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6 Month IRA Rates

Compare rates on 6 month IRAs from banks and credit unions. Use the filter box below to customize your results. You can sort by each column below or select another product to compare rates.

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMaxEarnings
Valley Industrial Credit Union1.05%$5k-$1316 Month Special IRA
Connexus Credit Union1.00%$10k-$1256 Month IRA Certificate With Active Checking (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Logix Federal Credit Union0.85%$1k-$1066 Month IRA w/ Platinum Relationship Rewards (Traditional,Roth)
Geauga Savings Bank0.75%--$93.836 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,SIMPLE,CESA)
ABNB Credit Union0.70%*$20k-$1178 Month Jumbo IRA Certificate Special (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Discover Bank0.65%$2,500-$81.346 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
GE Capital Retail Bank0.65%$25k-$81.346 Month IRA CD (Traditional,Roth)
Amalgamated Bank0.65%$500-$94.707 Month IRA Promo CD
Ally Bank0.61%--$76.34IRA High Yield 6-Month CD (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
AB&W Credit Union0.60%$1k-$75.096 Month IRA Share Certificate (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA)
Virginia Partners Bank0.60%$1k-$75.096 Month IRA
Digital Credit Union0.60%$500-$83.313 - 5 Month IRA Certificate - Relationship Rate (Traditional,Roth,SEP,SIMPLE)
Andrews Federal Credit Union0.55%$1k-$68.846 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
OneUnited Bank0.55%$1k-$102UNITY 270 Day IRA CD
Communitywide Credit Union0.50%$2k-$62.596 Month IRA Share Certificate
Sandia Laboratory Credit Union0.50%*$1k-$62.596 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Piedmont Credit Union0.50%$1k-$62.596 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth)
OneWest Bank0.50%$1k-$62.596 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
Marine Federal Credit Union0.50%$500-$62.596 Month Traditional IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA)
Security Bank (OK)0.50%$2k-$62.25182 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Third Federal Savings and Loan (OH)0.50%$100-$62.596 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
Northwest Federal Credit Union0.49%*$25k-$61.346 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
Martinsville DuPont Credit Union0.45%$2,500-$56.346 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Urban Trust Bank0.44%$500$100k$55.096 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Pen Air Credit Union0.40%$500-$50.096 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA)
Astera Credit Union0.40%$500-$50.096 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Fairfax County Credit Union0.40%$2,500-$50.096 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Salem Va Medical Center Credit Union0.40%$10k-$50.096 Month IRA
Northern Bank & Trust Company0.40%$500-$50.096 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union0.40%*$25k-$55.576 - 11 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,CESA,Roth,SEP)
Capital One 3600.40%--$50.096 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Apple Federal Credit Union0.40%$500-$50.096 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Belvoir Federal Credit Union0.40%$1k-$50.096 Month IRA Share Certificate
EverBank0.35%$1,500-$43.836 Month Yield Pledge IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Hudson City Savings Bank0.35%$500-$51.027 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA,SIMPLE)
John Marshall Bank0.35%$500-$43.836 Month IRA
Justice Federal Credit Union0.35%*$500-$43.836 Month IRA Certificate w/ JNA Relationship (Traditional,Roth)
Affinity Credit Union0.35%$500-$43.836 Month IRA Certificate
Chain Bridge Bank, National Association0.35%$500$250k$48.636 - 11 Month IRA
Patriot Bank0.35%$1k-$43.836 Month IRA
Chartway Federal Credit Union0.35%$10k-$43.836 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Benchmark Community Bank0.35%$500-$48.63182 - 364 Day Premium IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Commonwealth One Credit Union0.31%$500-$38.836 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth)
Simplicity Bank0.30%$10k-$41.68182 - 364 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Truliant Credit Union0.30%*$25k-$37.576 Month IRA Certificate
Call Credit Union0.30%$1k-$37.576 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
The Richmond Postal Credit Union In0.30%$500-$37.576 Month IRA
New Horizon Bank, National Association0.30%$500-$37.576 Month IRA
First Technology Federal Credit Union0.30%$500-$37.576 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Lake Michigan Credit Union0.30%$500-$31.215 Month VIP IRA CD
Nationwide Bank0.30%*$500-$37.576 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
NewDominion Bank0.30%$500-$37.576 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union0.30%$1k-$37.576 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Virginia Heritage Bank0.30%$500-$37.576 Month IRA
North American Savings Bank0.30%$10k-$41.686 - 11 Month IRA with Checking (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
McGraw Hill Credit Union0.25%$10k-$31.326 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Armed Forces Bank, National Association0.25%$500-$31.14182 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Highlands Union Bank0.25%$500-$31.326 Month IRA
Central Virginia Credit Union0.25%--$31.326 Month Preferred IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
WashingtonFirst Bank0.25%$1k-$31.326 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
First Trade Union Bank0.25%$1k-$31.326 Month IRA
Mountain America Credit Union0.25%$500-$31.326 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
INOVA Federal Credit Union0.24%$200-$35.007 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
New Generations Federal Credit Union0.20%$1k-$25.066 Month IRA Share Certificate
Access National Bank0.20%$10k-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
Bank SNB0.20%$10k-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
Arlington Community Credit Union0.20%$500-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
United Southeast Credit Union0.20%$1k-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Patelco Credit Union0.20%$500-$27.806 - 11 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Zions Bank0.20%$1k-$25.066 Month Internet IRA CD
Citizens Bank (TN)0.20%$2,500-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
The Capon Valley Bank0.20%$500-$25.066 Month IRA - Quarterly (Traditional,Roth)
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union0.20%$500-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Farmers & Merchants Bank0.20%$1k-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,CESA,Roth)
Bank @LANTEC0.20%$500-$25.066 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
KeyBank0.20%$2,500$100k$27.80120 - 149 Day Key Short Term IRA - Relationship (Traditional,Roth)
Cardinal Bank0.17%$1k-$24.797 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
First Shore Federal Savings and Loan Association0.15%$500-$20.856-11 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA,SIMPLE)
iGObanking0.15%$1k-$18.796 Month iGOIRA (Traditional,Roth)
20Th Century Fox Credit Union0.15%$10k-$18.796 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Salem Five0.15%$500-$20.85182 - 364 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
The Adirondack Trust Company0.15%$500-$18.69182 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,CESA)
The Bank of Southside Virginia0.15%$2,500-$18.796 Month IRA
National Bank of Kansas City0.15%--$20.856 - 11 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Newtown Savings Bank0.15%--$18.796 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
First National Community Bank (PA)0.15%$1k-$18.796 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
Principal Bank0.15%$2,500-$18.796 Month IRA
Easthampton Savings Bank0.15%$500-$18.796 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
American Bank0.15%$250-$18.69182 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
ViewPoint Bank, National Association0.15%$1k-$18.796 Month IRA (Traditional,SEP,Roth)
Bank of Blue Valley0.15%$500-$20.85182 - 364 Days IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
First Security Bank & Trust0.14%$2,500-$19.466 - 11 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
Partners 1St Credit Union0.13%$500-$16.296 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
PNC Bank, National Association0.10%*$1k-$12.536 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP,SIMPLE,CESA)
Univest Bank and Trust Co.0.10%$500-$12.4626 Week IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Appalachian Community Credit Union0.10%$1k-$12.536 Month IRA Certificate (Traditional,CESA,Roth)
First Bank (VA)0.10%$500-$12.536 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Sandy Spring Bank0.10%$1k-$13.906 - 11 Month IRA (Traditional,CESA)
South Division Credit Union0.10%$500-$12.536 Month IRA
Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.10%$250-$12.33180 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA,SEP)
Bronco Federal Credit Union0.10%$1k-$12.536 Month IRA Certificate
Citibank0.10%$1k-$12.536 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
StellarOne Bank0.10%$1k-$12.46182 Day IRA
Union First Market Bank0.10%$1k$100k$12.536 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Amegy Bank0.10%$250-$14.597 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Union Bank (San Francisco, CA)0.10%$350-$13.90182 - 364 Day IRA Time Deposit (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
InTouch Credit Union0.05%$1k$95k$6.276 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Woodforest National Bank0.05%$500-$6.276 Month IRA
Fulton Bank, National Association0.05%$500-$6.276 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
University Federal Credit Union0.05%$1k-$6.276 Month Regular IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Bank of America0.04%$1k-$5.566 - 11 Month IRA - Platinum Rate (Traditional,Roth)
Comerica Bank0.04%$1k-$5.56180 - 364 Day IRA (Traditional,CESA,SEP,Roth,SIMPLE)
H&R Block Bank 0.03%$250-$3.70180 Day IRA (Traditional,Roth)
Blue Ridge Bank0.03%$1k-$3.74182 Days IRA (Traditional,Roth,SEP)
Chase Manhattan Bank0.02%$1k-$2.783-5 Month IRA - Relationship (Traditional,Roth,SEP)