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1965 Ivy Creek Blvd
Durham, NC 27707-3484

Bcbsnc Credit Union is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution State Employees' Credit Union (NC).

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership eligibility to join, BCBSN Credit Union is open to current, former, and retired employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, CAHABA Benefit Administrators, and Palmetto Government Benefits Administrators, as well as the family members and household occupants of these members.
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Reviews (2)

Only Positive Experiences

I have been a member of the BCBSNC Credit Union since 2008; I have had nothing but positive experiences.  Yes, it is true that they only have a few people working at a time, and it is inconvenient to have to wait when you go over on a lunch break; but in comparison to other experiences I have had at retail banks, this is a minor inconvenience. 

They offer their members great interest rates on loans and credit cards.  Their borrowing standards are fairly lenient, when I started with them I had little to no credit; however they worked with me for auto loans, personal loans and a credit card.  When given the opportunity, I will always go back for any of my lending needs.

If you are a current BCBSNC employee, take the opportunity to speak with co-workers and find out from them. Before making any decision, I asked around and performed some research; and I am so glad I did! 


I wish I could give them 0 stars. This account has been nothing but trouble from the beginning, and I've only had it for maybe 3 months. Read on for the disappointing details.

1) First, when you sign up for the credit union, they ask that you make an appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork and then they tell you about your credit union account. Well, the rep scheduled me in to meet with her at 12:20 PM Friday. I go in, and she is still sitting there with someone that she evidently scheduled to meet with at the same time. The front desk rep has me fill out the paperwork in the meantime, but I am there for about an hour waiting for the account rep to free herself. I went during my lunch hour, and had to leave, so I told them that I would have to come back on Monday to finish everything since I get off at 5pm on Fridays and that is conveniently (for them) when they close.

2) When I come back, the account rep is available this time, but she couldn't find my paperwork for about ten minutes. Then she wastes more of my time trying to convince me that she isn't usually this disorganized (yeah right - her unkempt desk was enough in itself to prove that she was telling a tale). She shows me her calendar of work, and pulls up her tasks on my Microsoft Outlook to convince me that she is the most organized person in the world, and I'm sitting there like would she please hurry up. Anyway, so the account finally gets open.

3) Shortly after the account was opened, I attempted to get online to view my account using the account number and password. However, it kept saying that the account number and/or password were incorrect (big surprise). I e-mail them to verify that I was set up for online access and they assure me that yes, I did have online access. They reset my password and I tried to get online again but it still didn't work. They reset about 4 times and each time did not work. Then I went in there and the lady resets my password again. This time it did work.

4) I am moving tomorrow and was looking to pay the first/last month on my new apartment today (payday) to get the key in time so I would have one less thing to do tomorrow. I went to the local grocery store to get a money order, and the guy tells me that my debit card was declined because the daily limit on the card was reached. I tell him that I don't have a daily limit and I hadn't used the card all day. The woman behind me in the line asks if I'm using a BCBSNC credit card and I said yes. She tells me that there is a $300 daily limit on the card and that's how I found out about it. I guess 'Ms. Organized' forgot to mention that. If I would've known up front I would've told her not to open the accout. I tried to get withdrawals from different ATMs, I tried to get cash back, I even transferred my money to the savings account and tried to withdrawal from there, but nothing worked. Now I have to wait until tomorow and hope that the $600 total from my credit union plus money from my savings account with a different company will be enough to pay first/last month rent, rent the truck, get gas, and feed those helping me. Fortumately I can wait until tomorrow to pay for the apartment because they are open on Saturdays, but what if I needed a large amount of money for some other emergency? It is very frustrating to have money through an institution that does not allow you to take it out. At least American Express will freeze your account after a certain limit, but once you call they remove it. With BCBSNC credit union, you have to wait until Monday, period. IN CONCLUSION, I will be closing my account with the credit union first thing Monday morning. I don't even care if I am late for work to do it (only a few minutes late since it is in the same building). I hope the lady doesn't ask me for the reason why I want to close it because she will get an earful. I am so angry with this credit union that I am taking time tonight to post this review on as many websites as I can to deter people from doing business with BCBSNC credit union. You are better off going with either a different credit union, or a traditional bank.


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Sorry, but we do not have location data for Bcbsnc Credit Union. Its headquarters is located at 1965 Ivy Creek Blvd - Durham, NC 27707-3484