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New Signup

Posted by: stan | Aug 4, 2013

Experienced No problems with openning a new savings account (not CD) at GE Capital. Procedure for a joint account with Online banking option is a bit long,repetive and tenious,but is also simple and straight forward. Communications from bank are responsive and setting up an external source went smoothly and were completed in a normal time frame. Website itself seems easy to navigate with simple menus. Seems to be a well organized site,but my experiences have been limited to the savings account area only.

Happy Birthday GE Capital Bank!

Posted by: styx | Jun 29, 2014

Thanks for your good service. I opened a savings account using a mobile phone a few months ago and the process was straightforward. No problems. The test deposits and subsequent transfers in and out of the account went through without a hitch. I mailed a deposit to them to check that service as well and again, no difficulties. I found the CSR's I have spoken to by phone focused, knowledgeable and helpful. One even set up a conference call to a bank I was linking to. The ability to link up to four external accounts adds value and flexibility. 5 stars for you!

Great customer service

I have a savings account with GE Capital bank that I really like. One thing I really take advantage of is the fact that there are no transactions fees. You are allowed 6 withdraws per statement cycle which usually works for me. I tend to take from my savings account a lot within in a month because I deposit most of my money after bills. One month I had already got to the 6 withdraws in about 2 weeks and I really needed some cash from my savings. I called customer service and explained my situation, they asked how many more withdraws I would need and I asked for 3 more for the month. After a short wait on hold they came back and informed me that it would not be a problem at all and would be more than happy with giving me three more transactions without penalty. I really like that they didn't hassle me and had no problem doing that. I recommend anyone looking for a good savings account to look in GE Capital Bank.

Don't Recommend GE Capital Bank

Posted by: Su Kri | Apr 6, 2016

I communicated with them that I wanted my funds not to auto renew on maturity and also sent them 3 different secure messages before due date. As I as travelling out of the country, I would not be able to call them on time and told them not to auto renew. They auto renewed it anyways and when I called after one day, they deducted 104 $ as early withdrawal fee. It was so disappointing because I was a customer with them for 1 year. I will not recommend them.



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