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35 East Broadway
Little Falls, MN 56345

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) approved the payout of the insured deposits of Home Savings of America, Little Falls, Minnesota. The bank was closed February 24, 2012 by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which appointed the FDIC as receiver.

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Confused S&L, C&D Order Issued 6/2/2010 By FDIC, Texas Ratio Very High

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 5, 2011

Want a bank to avoid, due to near-term failure possibility? Then this is the bank for you! With a head office located in MN and 3 branches in California, this institution is subject to FDIC rules for limiting interest rates offered on new CD's. This Bank is really an S&L, and adopted the name of a long-time well thought of S&L that was based in California. Enjoy like poison ivy!!


We do not have health information for Home Savings of America, because it is no longer an operational bank.


Sorry, we do not have rate data for Home Savings of America.


Sorry, but we do not have location data for Home Savings of America. Its headquarters is located at 35 East Broadway - Little Falls, MN 56345