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12251 S Route 59
Plainfield, IL 60585

Oak Trust Credit Union is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution NorthStar Credit Union.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Must live or work in DuPage, Kane, Will, DeKalb or Kendall County or West of Route 12 in Western and Northwestern Cook County.
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Reviews (3)

OTCU No Longer Meets My Standard - Too Impersonal And Robotic

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 7, 2012

I've had a similarly disappointing experience with OTCU. I've enjoyed banking with the OTCU at the Eagan office for 14 years. I enjoyed the personal communication with persons who genuinely seemed to care. Many changes occurred. People I knew and cared about left and business communications shifted to the "main office." Consequently when my account became negative because of a slight error on my part, before I was even aware of the error, my account was sent to a collection agency for an amount less than $25.00 which had I known, I gladly would have corrected the error, immediately! Many conversations followed but the bottom line was the lack of warmth or genuine customer service to help me resolve the matter to feel valued as a customer. I guess those days really are over!? The phrase repeated so much that is sounded absolutely scripted was, "It's your responsibility..." to keep up with all the changes made in small print, that conveniently read, "OTCU does not have to notify it's customers of any errors... and can send an account of any amount to collections, if they want to" literally just because they have the law on their side. I have and am very familiar with my responsibility as evidenced by 13 of 14 years of great business. But no, I was not aware of these facts until this occurrence. Most recently, OTCU has lost sight of its responsibility to practice positive, productive and proactive customer service. My feelings of disappointment are sincere for the loss of a valued financial relationship due to disregard for smaller business and smaller customers. Therefore, my money will be better applied where there is a greater sense of appreciation for good business relationships. I guess I'm old fashioned because the bottom line for good business relationships is the appreciation of loyal customers willing to invest in quality service. Whether times are good or tough fair treatment will retain customers better than a hardline offensive approach.

Disappointed, Oak Trust Took Over The Account As I Had Since Birth (Over 40 Yrs) And I Finally Had To Cancel The Account

Oak Trust took over the Catholic Credit Union I had a small amount of money in ($5) since I was born. When Oak Trust took over I was disappointed because it wasn't related to the church but wanted to keep this account because I had it since birth. Though I never used the account they demanded a $100 minimum which I complied to. A few years after this I noticed my account was down to $35.45. Apparently Oak Trust changed their minimum balance to $250 and I did not see the notice. When I called Oak Trust to ask them to refund the $65 because I was unaware of the change in policy they flatly refused though I explained the reason I even had the account was for nostalgias sake as it they took over my church's credit union I had used since childhood. There was discussion, frankly no care. This was in sharp contrast with the secretary at the credit union who knew my name and my family which was significant to me as I had lost touch with almost everyone from that period of my life. When I used to call my credit union it seemed like I was talking to a person, now it just seems cold and corporate. I am not against big business in any way but their attitude just seemed pretty callous and the reason I was keeping the account pretty much irrelevant. 
I wish I could go back in time and just pull out my account when my credit union was taken over. I didn't come to them they came to my credit union, took over the account and then implemented a minimum balance. It was naive of me to think Oak Trust would have the same care for the individual as Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Wake Up Oaktrust Credit Union! Your Customer Service Department Is Going To Be Your Downfall.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 28, 2012

I have been a loyal customer for more than 11 years. However, since they are no longer on my work site and I have no face to face contact with a representative, I am extremely disappointed in their customer service or lack of. You cannot get to a live person at the Diffley Eagan branch, even when returning a call from that office. When you call the main number, they say they try to reach the person in Diffley but like me when calling directly, no luck. Their customer service and loan officers do not follow through on promises either. This is all very disappointing. My biggest question is should I close out all my accounts and go elsewhere now? Or should I wait until they close their doors? With customer service like they have, they aren't going to last much longer. There are too many other credit unions and banks that want your business and probably offer better customer service to get and keep your business. Wake up Oaktrust!!!


We do not have health information for Oak Trust Credit Union, because it is no longer an operational credut union.


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Sorry, but we do not have location data for Oak Trust Credit Union. Its headquarters is located at 12251 S Route 59 - Plainfield, IL 60585