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12300 Olive Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63141

Pulaski Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Busey Bank.

Reviews (1)

Horrible Bank.

Posted by: Aerojandre | Aug 8, 2012


Very poor service for a small business.   I had nothing but problems with this bank that I had to move my accounts somewere else.  This bank may be good for personal accounts but for business is bad.

The Visa check card does not work at many local business, and it does not work at out of town markets.

They posted a NSF protection at the Visa check card saying that they will pay for every transaction but the will charge you $34.00 for every transaction if you don't have the funds.  That means that if you buy a $1.00 soda, unkownly you are payin $35.00 for the soda. 

The bank does not process debit transactions immidiately, but they put them on hold, so they give you one balance, when in reality you have a different balance because of the hold on previous transactions.  So that leads you to believe that you have more money than what you really have and can cause you an overdraft so they can charge you $34.00. 

At the Grand Av branch in St. Louis, one time, I went to the teller, the teller grabed my money and went to counted somewere else, she put the money in the drawer,  and then came back saying that I was missing $100.00, I asked the manager to check the videos to find out where the money went, and found that the teller put the money in drawr before completing the transaction, and then came back telling me that I was missing the money, after I asked to recount the money, she pull the money from the drawer minus $100.00, and said that was all the money I gave her. 

Botttom line,....she pocket the money, and the manager did nothing about it.

My advice to you....stay away from this bank if you can.







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