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Great Rates - But Horrible CS And Fraud Policies

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I love their rates so I have an account here. Unfortunately they are terribly annoying. If you log into your account from a State that differs from your home State (think holiday or vacation travel) the banks fraud department will call you and demand you call them back. They want to verify its you logging in. As though people don't travel around the US! They do this EVERY time you log in away from your home State. I've never dealt with a more annoying bank. Not worth the extra basis points to have to deal with the stress.

Updated to my earlier review. Wanted to change my mailing address (not physical) with them. They told me they require an electric bill, drivers license or lease agreement. Company policy. I said I don't live at my mailing address (which is my work), I work there. And the company pays the electric. They stood firm. Took 15 minutes to get to a supervisor who couldn't be more rude and said they would consider accepting another financial institutions piece of mail as proof. 20 banks, first one I've encountered with such policies. And no, Patriot Act only requires these hoops for primary physical address, not where you send my mail. Wake up Able.

Caution For Online Account Opening

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Wanted to open an online CD and thought to check their Truth in Savings Disclosure document. They have quite a few documents available online BEFORE you open an account, but NOT the Truth in Savings document. The customer service agent informed me that it is presented ONLY AFTER all the account opening details are given online. This is opposite from all other banks I work with. They present Truth in Savings BEFORE we share our details with the bank. I do not feel comfortable dealing with a bank that hides this particular document, but shows the rest!

A Long Time Customer

My son and I have had individual accounts with Able for a few years in money market accounts. In the early years, their website was a little clunky, but that situation has been mostly remedied. The staff, while small, has always been very friendly and helpful. My son was an early customer so he can write checks on his account. I cannot, but it's easy to transfer money to my check writing bank. We're happy with them.

Absolute Trash

I submitted an application to this bank to open up a savings account. They said I failed some verification questions about my identity and made me submit additional documentation which I did. I was then told that it would take a couple of days to process and then they would fund the account from my other bank. It's over a month later and I keep getting told when I call and when I go online that the account process is still under review. Are they serious?

Terrible Service - Site, App & Everything Else Plagued With Bugs

I opened up an account for the great rate - which is where the happy part ends. Getting money moved into the account required a phone call, because the website did not work (it got very confused about another account, which replaced it?? no idea). After that, I never even got to see my money because logging in via the app AND online via desktop both would show "no account found."

Calling in many times, the people always blamed technical faults and tried to fix, but nothing ever worked. A part of me thought "is my money even there??" so in the interest of caution, I of course closed everything out -- which was done via a bug-filled form on their site that required another phone call since that didn't work either.

Stay far away. Not worth the hassle. I've wasted two weeks moving money around for this. I would really love to get my time back.

Too Restrictive

I didn't realize they put a hold on incoming ACH credits. I had an ACH payroll deposit that they put on hold. I mean really? What bank does that? I understand if you deposit a check or initiate a ACH from them, but when an external entity deposits funds into an account they are clear and available but evidently this bank doesn't understand risk.

My Experience With ableBanking

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When selecting my current money market savings account, I was drawn to ableBanking on the advice of a friend who, knowing I'm up for being charitable, thought it was the sort of thing I would be interested in. I was pleased to see that the free $25 donation you can make for setting up the account could go to pretty much any charity you like rather than just from a small predetermined list so if you have a personal interest in a certain charity then chances are you can donate. I believe that a yearly payment will also go to my charity based on interest. Setting the account up was straight forward and all handled online, their online portal is intuitive and very easy to use even for a beginner like me.

I am very happy with the account so far, my payments into it have been swift and trouble free so other than speaking to a customer service adviser once to confirm my charity of choice (they were very helpful, by the way) I have not actually had to put them to the test all that much. I'm hopeful it's going to be a good banking experience over time, so far it has been.

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