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Abysmal Communication And Service

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I bank somewhere else that has better fees/rates but opened an account when I was hired anyway. I was thinking it might be nice to use the financial planning advice and maybe compare their loans/credit cards once I got my finances more in order. Well, after two years I'm finally there. Went to check on the account and start the process only to find the account was closed September 2019. I happened to move once in June and again in December, setting up USPS mail forwarding both times. I used their chat app to confirm that the account had been closed and ask why I didn't receive any notice. Apparently they do not send emails, only letters, although they had the correct email on file. I'm not surprised their letters got lost in the mail, but I am disappointed they did not make the effort to email or call before closing the account. The customer service during the chat was just horrible. I will not be opening a new account. It's a small thing but whenever I said thank you she said "no problem" instead of you're welcome. And when I asked if all my accounts were closed, she just said "sure." I think I made the right choice just sticking with my usual banks. Just because my accounts are now closed doesn't mean you should be flippant. And if their chat help is outsourced all the more reason to go with my usual bank. It's also really telling that they don't even try to have you take a survey at the end of your chat, like every other customer assistance chat I've ever used. They clearly don't care if the service is great or what.

Not A Good Or Fair Bank

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They basically held my money hostage! I have checking,saving and a credit card with them . I admit I owe them cc payment BUT I can’t pay them until my money is deposited but they freezed allll actively including depositing my money. How can I pay when you keep showing pending pending but not actually deposit the money. I tried to set up monthly payment AHEAD but this bank won’t let me it says I don’t have enough money in my account, which I know I’m not paying it now I’m setting it up so when my direct deposit hits my bank you get the payment but nope this bank won’t let you do that. Now I have to call them which I hate talking to them. Once I get everything taking care if I’ll leave this bank!

Hard To Reach, Hard To Use

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Was with this bank for several years. Customer service is very hard to reach and your issues get completely ignored. Mandatory 3-factor authentication dumped on customers with no notice / opt out. Makes transferring money very difficult. ACH limit of $5K also makes getting your money out take months.

I would not wish this bank on anybody.

Cashiers Check Nonsense

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Just a word of advice to anyone doing buisness or accepting payment in form of cashiers checks or even regular checks at that. They are a cashiers check and supposedly guaranteed to clear because they are backed by the bank or credit union they come from correct? Wrong! Not with AA ones. For starters there is no acctual location that they have that has physical cash and can cash one like a normal bank or credit union does. Second, that wouldn’t be a big deal because you can take a cashiers check to any check cashing place and they honor and cash them. Well usually, but not if it’s from AA credit union! They will not at all regardless of amount because AA doesn’t and isn’t willing to confirm if it is valid or not. When check is scanned and ran through system it is automatically checked and verified by bank or credit union in seconds and most all times clear as long as it’s not fake or anything as this is what system is for. Instead if it’s from AA credit union it is automatically denied because no way to check or approve it! Same thing at wal mart who cashes almost anything legitimate. They use certegy who is a separate company to determine if checks can be cashed or not and that is what goes on when you see them run them through check readers. Well even certegy automatically flags them and denies it! This is the same with regular checks an individual writes you from AA credit union. You absolute only single option is to physically go to your own bank and deposit it into your own personal account, hopefully you have one, your bank isn’t far and you better have enough funds in your account to cover it if cashing at your bank or you get to deal with the hold they put on the check. Not really a big deal except most times when dealing with a cashiers check it’s due to it being a large amount and more than usually willing to gamble on like if was a regular check that could bounce or possibly because you don’t know the person personally like sales of a vehicle to them etc where funds need guaranteed better than a regular personal check does. Basically they are cashiers checks that can not in any way be used like, cashed or anything in anyway like they can be from every other bank or credit union across this country because the supposed guaranteed funds of their cashiers checks cannot be proven as backed or legitimate in any way. So only accept them at your own risk and be aware that you will HAVE to deposit it and run it through your own personal account if you want the money it’s supposed to be for. They should have to legally use the same backing standards as all other bank and credit unions use with them or stop offering them under the false cover of being a cashiers check. They should be forced to put “not a cashiers check and for deposit only” on them like the IOU that they are.

Checking, Saving, Car Loan

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I been with this bank for 3yrs now and never had a problem with them. But lately they have been falling off. They take forever to answer the phone. If you lose your card after they close. You have to wait til the next day to contact Them. They charge my card twice for a transaction I made 3weeks ago. They is not good for business like they use to be. I think They got money hungry. Sence all the lawsuits payoffs so just becareful. Don't get mean wrong they help you out. It just seen like they try to get over on you sometimes. They not the same. I recommend them to no one.............................................................................................they say my subject to short here you go lol.........................................................................................................................................................................

I Hate American Airlines Credit Union

Terrible. I hate it so much every time i try to log in it sends a stupid verification code to a random number and then i have to call the number and ask them for a code and i tried to register my own device and it did another random number. I tried to call american airlines credit union amd they never answered it just kept what if my card was stolen and i wanted to cancel it and they just didnt answer. I hate it and i am so angry.

Great credit union

I worked for American Airlines for 10 years. During that time and after, I have my banking with their credit union, the AACU or American Airlines Credit Union. I think the credit union is fantastic. They have several banking options and the savings rates always beat out other banks. I was able to buy a car with them at a great price because they worked directly with car dealerships in the area. They even have a Christmas savings plan, where you pull out some money for you check every month, and you couldn't take it out until November. There were no additional fees for that. Really helped people pay for Christmas. The Branches were all over the airport, but they also have branches in different locations for family who didn't have daily access to the airport. Overall in had no complaints about this Credit Union and think they do a great job.

The BOA Of The Credit Union Industry

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I was a member here for 20 years with checking, savings and an auto loan. In the beginning the Credit Union was wonderfully helpful and effective. However each year the service and products waned in usefulnees and competitiveness. While their slogan is "We Work For You", that couldn't be further from the truth. ACCU works for itself through surreptitious fees, onerous security questions, web page outages, and just plain incompetent agents that can't seem to help members with basic problems like account openings or address changes. AACU is the credit union's equivalent of the banking industries Bank of America. Just like the airline American Airlines, the years have not been kind to this credit union and each year the become a little worse. Buyer beware.

America's Credit Union

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American credit union has been my bank for a long time; we have had a pretty much positive experience. I have worked with this bank for the last 2 years. I have credit cards with them aswell as a checking and savings account. There are very few fees and I never had surprise charges. I don't carry any debt with them so I don't know how they handle that but for most other services they are great. They also have a branch reasonably near my home that offers service, when I need to deposit checks the employees recognized me are friendly and say hello. There staff are quite nice and have some of the best customer service I have seen in any financial institution I have worked with. Their best attribute is their customer support, if you want a bank that will communicate with you ACU is the bank for you.

Terrible .... Highly Suggest Do Not Use.

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Terrible communication. My bank account was locked, which was locked on a Saturday, basically as soon as you could not contact them. They are not open Sundays, and Monday they are off because of a holiday. There is no email regarding why my account was locked, and 0 contact about how I can now, not log into the website, nor access my bank in any way. Other family has also had hard issues with this bank. Do not use.

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