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Broker Cds

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Broker cds Make it 5 percent for 5 years and call it a day

Money Operations Department Delays Caused Delays In Closing On Home Purchase

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Amex offers decent interest rates but service was abysmal in setting up a wire transfer to escrow for purchase of home, causing delay in our closing. The customer service representatives have no power to move operations along after setting up a wire transfer and the Amex Monetary Operations department which is responsible for confirming wire details with the title company does not answer the phone to help resolve issues. Amex customer service and the title company both provided feedback that the Amex Monetary Operations group is notoriously poor at their job; our experience is not an isolated incident.

I've moved all of my money out of Amex and will be cancelling my credit cards with them as well. Who needs a bank that can't help you when you actually need your money.

Terrible Experience

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Worst savings experience I have ever encountered. Multiple occasions where I was given conflicting information for deposits and wire transfers, funds held for extended periods of time (for no reasons given), and had multiple times where deposits were “declined”, only to have to resubmit and have them go through perfectly fine. I would place my money somewhere else, especially if you want ease of access to it.

They Went 3Rd World

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Used to be a fan of Amex bank. Today I received a letter in the mail that the CD I recently took out would auto renew after 1 year if I did not move the funds inside of a 10 DAY GRACE PERIOD. There was no mention of this when I took out the CD.

So I called them to turn off this 'feature'. Waited on hold for 20 minutes instead of the usual 1 minute. Lady says, you have to verify by taking a call on the other line and receive the code. I switched over and switched back and there was nothing but gaslighting white noise. I know for a fact my call waiting works.

So after another call and ANOTHER 20 minutes on hold I was able to turn this 'feature' off; but I'm on the hunt for another bank. Never thought I'd say this since I've banked with them for a long time. I have 10 times the CD amount in their money market account, but that won't be for long.

Amex bank has now resorted to 3rd world gas lighting of its customers? Shameful.

Worst Bank EVER

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19 days ago January 20th. AMX received my written request to close my account. They would not accept a verbal request on January 8th. Still no information on the status! Customer service only response is that it is in process. I have certainly learned my lesson!

Couldn't Be Easier! Much Better Than UFB Direct!

I had made the huge mistake of opening a high yield account with UFB Direct, which pays 4%+ currently.

Unfortunately, I didn't read the reviews about them before I opened my account. UFB Direct takes 5 business days to credit your account once the ACH has been initiated, basically "stealing" your interest for that time.

Once I realized this, I went over to AMEX where I already have several other accounts, opened the account and funded it -- all in a couple of minutes!

I would highly recommend AMEX to anyone!

Work In Progress

I just spoke to AMEX and they offer joint savings, but only individual checking, and to deposit into the checking you have to be the sole owner of the other account, even their own savings account. Seems very silly and backwards.

Amex Savings Web Site Is BAD

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The web site didn't have a message or chat options.
They don't even have an email address to contact.
To contact them, you have to phone call or send reg mail. This is 2022 already and AmEx savings still do business like 20 century.

You Cannot Link A Brokerage Account

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When SFGI stopped ACH transfers from my brokerage account I opened a saving account with American Express Bank. To my surprise, they don't allow them either. FYI

Limited Number Of Business Types Acceptable

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I could not get the account application web page to load using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox, though all other websites were working correctly. I finally got the page to open using Edge on a different computer. One of the application questions asks for the business structure and another asks for the type of business. As I recall, the choices included restaurant, casino, brothel/bar, non-profit, and about 25 other selections. I chose C corporation for the structure and "non-profit" for business type, answered all the personal questions, and uploaded the certificate of incorporation. Including time spent on the browser problem, this process took about an hour. About 5 seconds after submitting the application I received a website reply saying the new business checking account could not be opened because American Express was not working with my type of business. When I called on the phone for an explanation, a customer service rep told me that even though "non-profit" was on the list the bank was not currently opening this account for non-profits. She suggested I call back to speak with somebody in the new accounts department the next day. When I called back the next day, that rep would not transfer me to the new accounts department, but she said the bank was not currently opening these accounts for corporations. She said they were only for LLCs and sole proprietorships.

Both representatives agreed that the bank should be more open with these restrictions instead of listing "corporation" and "non-profit" as choices on drop-down menus, letting applicants continue the application, then after everything is submitted telling applicants their business type does not qualify. It would be like a restaurant letting a group of customers sit down at a table at noon and look at menus, a waiter coming over and asking "may I help you," everyone placing their order, then the waiter announcing the restaurant isn't open for lunch. It shows poor planning and a lack of respect for people's time; plus, the bank now has my personal information on file.

Very Pleased

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I'm also not sure what the bad reviews are about. This is about the best online bank that pays any sort of meaningful interest.

High Yield Savings Account Has Increased To 0.65%

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We want to let you know that as of May 25, 2022 the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your High Yield Savings Account has increased to 0.65%
(E-mail received today)

They've Got Work To Do

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Having been an AMEX customer (both personal and business) for over 30 years, I was excited to see the new banking offering. Enticed by the $300 bonus, and a business need for an additional checking account, we tried it out.

Things went downhill from there. Fast.

THE GOOD: Lack of fees and minimums, easy to setup one or more accounts, and good APY.

THE BAD: Customer support personnel are very untrained and often cannot answer the simplest of questions. My last interaction was really bad. The person said they would "research the question" and call me back. Think they followed thru and called me? No way.

THE UGLY: The website is unlike any banking website I've seen. First, the appearance is not professional or serious looking like a bank website should be. But worse, I experience multiple (3 or more) popup errors on nearly very visit to their website. Really idiotic ones like "sorry something went wrong, try again later". But even the same ones popup day after day. Even worse, to get information to display correctly, it's usually necessary to refresh the page multiple times.

I expected so much more from AMEX. Overall the experience is fairly pathetic and we can only hope that AMEX gets serious about providing good service and a website that looks professional and actually works!

Best Online-Only Hub Bank

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For those who have cash to park and is ready to invest or use elsewhere, AE is the best. They can do >$100K push/pull ACH while even Citigold can't compete. Have been doing both push and pull to fund by brokerage account with zero problem.

Disaster Banking Experience

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AMEX bank is a trainwreck! You would think they could run a simple bank but they cannot. No one that works on the bank side knows what they are doing. You are constantly put on hold and asked to call back the next day or something when they can transfer you around all over the place. DO NOT BANK WITH AMEX YOU WILL REGRET IT!!

Former Customer

Good bank, decent customer service however accounts are easily hacked and duplicated. Little information is disclosed when requested about bank fraud and forgery. Customer service reps should start issuing warrants for harassers and stop taking frustrations out on customer, account holder.

Never Amex

American Express was the worst!
Customer service is jokes!
Not the business.

Really Easy And Decent Rates

I like Amex a lot because they don't invest in fossil fuels, which is super important to me. Not only that, superb service and very reasonable rates :)

Amex National Bank - Slooow Money Transfer

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I opened a Roth IRA and completed/faxed the ACH money transfer rollover form on June 8, 2021. A few days later they called to verify it. Everything seemed ok. A week later I was still waiting for the transfer to occur. Called them and they said it would happen within 5 days. Now today it's June 28th and the money is still in my checking account waiting to be transferred. Very surprised the inexplainable nature of this transfer with American Express (National Bank). And this is making a deposit; what's going to happen when I want to transfer out? If its not resolved tomorrow I'm cancelling it.

Go With Discover. It's By Far The Best Bank.

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I've dealt with a lot of banks. And I must say I am not happy with American express. First off if you deposit a check as I did 12 or 14 days ago it is still not available in the balance. This is unacceptable. then when you top that with the fact that they follow the lead of other Banks when they should be leading they lower their interest rates after other banks do to try to entice people to come to their Bank. And then they drop their rates. All I can say is your CEOs must be un-American. take my advice go with discover the customer service is better they help you out more the opportunities are better. American Express has gone way downhill over the last couple years. And it appears that they are crooked and corrupt and we'll stop and nothing to get your money and will stop and nothing to make sure that they can hold on to it as long as possible. Hopefully if they have any more problems financially the government does not bail them out. And in fact the people that work for the government and are paid to regulate these Banks need to deal with American express. it is unacceptable that I deposited a check 15 days ago and is still not available in my account. Avoid the shysters I pulled all my money out of their account

American Express Need 3 Days For Domestic Wires!

Domestic Wire Transfer was requested on March 8th 2020 at 10:13am(PST). On the same day, I issued 2 additional wire transfer request with 2 different banks other than American Express National Banks. All the other banks guarantee a same day delivery for domestic wire. Only American Express told me it would take them 3 days to send a domestic wire. 3 days!!!! I called customer services later to check on the status 3 hours after the request, and customer services representative told me all they know is that the wire is still in process and there is nothing else they can know. Additionally, i asked if it is possible to add a message to expedite that as it will delay my escrow closing process. They also responded, there is nothing they could do. Lastly, I requested a formal response for my complaints, and they told me they could not guarantee that either.

Online Application Fail

Recently applied (with outstanding credit score) for a savings account along with a substantial initial deposit (ACH Transfer). And after a lengthy on-line applicating the result? We'll get back to you in 7 to 10 business days. When inquiring by phone about the status of my application, I was informed that some documents will be snail mailed to my address. What? Are you kidding me? This to me is totally unacceptable. Therefore, cancelled the application. There are so many choices out there that would love to have a substantial influx of money that I can not justify being mickey moused. When something don't smell right, vote with your feet.

>>Thanks for the CIT suggestion however, there are too many negative reviews along with a B grade. It appears people are having a wide variety of weird problems with CIT. I have decided to leave my money with Citizens Access for the time being. Should interest rates continue to be slashed or if rates turn negative, I will move all funds to Fidelity Investments where funds are stabilized at $1.

Never Had An Issue, A Good Option

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I use a personal savings account here: the interest rates track the top rates pretty well, the website is simple to use and they do a good job at giving you the information and functionality you need.


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Before you start banking with this bank or so-called bank, just know that whenever you have an issue customer service representatives will not know how to fix!! Nor will they have any idea what you are talking about!!!!! Let me also add that when you call to speak to a PROFESSIONAL!!, You will NOT speak to a professional.... You will NOT get your issue resolved no matter how long your on the phone with them! And the worst thing is they put you on hold for 45 minutes before ever acknowledging you again!!!!! They reject your direct deposits causing unnecessary stress and unnecessary worry!!! This bank is a joke! I promise you I have banked with them since 2016 and just recently have they started causing me all this nonsense!! DO NOT bank with American Express. Or American Express serve!!! And don’t do your taxes with Jackson Hewitt!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you already bank with these banks then Just Beware! Best of luck!!!

Good Service And No Issues.

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Have been a royal AMEX customer for years. Even though their interest rate is not as high as some other banks but they provide good service. No issues since opening account.

Open CD With $1,800 Penalty Fee For 1 Minute Mistake

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Last december 2018, I opened CD with $10,000 but I accidentally add extra 0. It became $100,000. I called customer service right away and explained about it.

AmericanExpress fixed it and change my CD to $10,000 with $1,800 penalty fee. This is ridiculous because I called them right away. The customer service is terrible. They will charge you HUGE penalty fee for any mistake.

Very Quick Processing

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I've been with them for years even though there are better rates. They seem to always be a little below the leaders. Customer Service is wonderful. If I need money in a hurry, they transfer it very quick.

Great Bank

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Had several savings accounts with them for a number of years now. 24/7 customer service. I’d recommend them for anyone looking for better interest than most banks give.

Check Cd Penalty On Personal Savings With American Ex

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I have a savings account with Amex and decided to look at their cd's since their rates were very competitive . I checked the penalty for early withdrawals ( one never knows what might happen) and was staggered to discover the penalty for a 5year cd was 540 days interest and if there was not enough interest the principal could be tapped. The other cd's were just as harsh. I plan to call Amex but I wondered if anyone else has seen this.

I have add a savings account with them for quite some time and they have been easy to work with, good customer service. Great website.

Consider Reviewing Savings APY

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I initially compare HSBCDirect, Purepoint and AE Personal Savings. However, few months ago, I chose AE cause rate is better and little hiccup encountered. However, both Purepoint and HSBCDirect got their rates up (2.35 and 2.25%) but AE stays at 2.1%. Time for AE to consider matching others, else, money flows.

American Express Personal Savings DOES Offer Trust Accounts

I recommend American Express Personal Savings for many reasons: 1) web application is friendly and has excellent navigation 2) transfers occur easily and swiftly 3) customer services is superb

I would like to note this site has not been updated to reflect that American Express Personal Savings does indeed permit Personal Revocable Trust accounts. Customers can re-title accounts online to their name of their personal trust. This feature is important to anyone who has moved the bulk of their assets to a personal trust.

American Express

Very pleased with my Savings product from American Express - solid high rate, great linkage to credit card accounts I have with them, they change rates regularly as interest rates increase

Very Flexible Bank

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Would give AMEX a 5 star rating but they are somewhat "Johnny come lately" when the fed raises interest rates. They are the most flexible account I have found. Now if they would quickly follow the fed they would be a 5 star.

Bad Business

I have a american express sere account. I have had my payroll and my school refund deposit money. I have over $2500 that should be in my account. But for the pass 3 days there has been no money in my account. I have been told there is a problem that should have been fixed 3 days ago. They told me by 5pm on Sunday. Monday they said everything would be fixed by midnight. Now its tuesday and the supervisor suggested I borrow the money from someone else. Not just me thousands of people have there accounts with no money. No one is telling us what the problem is but blaming the bank in UT for the issue. I will be closing out my account because they are unprofessional. Customer service gets smart with you and told me " you just have to wait". My car insurance, phone bill I couldnt by my dog food because of this. Everything that I have coming out of my account has been declined for 3 days now. I dont suggest anyone to do any business with American Express at all. I have contacted a lawyer and a class action suit is possibility. No one can give an answer of what is going on they just keep reading from a script telling you it will be fixed soon. I have contacted the BBB, MD DLLR and the FCID. I will keep complaining until I get my money. This has caused stress on me as a single mother who couldn't even buy my daughters lunch for school.

Very easy to use -- rates pretty good!

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I opened a savings account at American Express Bank about 5 years ago and have generally been pleased. It is very easy to use, and I can also link it to my login (which has all my credit card information). Whenever I transfer money in or out of the account it happens quickly. I have never had the need to speak to their customer service department, but I have to think it is good since it is part of American Express. The interest rates have generally been competitive, perhaps a little lower than some of the other banks for a few months until they catch up. For example right now (May 2018) their rate is 1.55% -- and the Goldman Sachs rate is 1.60%. Other than that I would highly recommend this bank as a better way to make a little more money than the average savings account attached to Citibank or Chase, etc.

American Express Savings

I've been using American Express Savings for about 3 years now since I didn't want my money to just sit in a checking account. They offer one of the highest interest rates on a savings account. Over 1%. Other brick and mortar banks were only offering something around 0.01% so this was huge. They don't offer any other services that I know of for a savings account but I think that's ok, I don't need anything else from them. They are FDIC insured, pay over 1% interest, and have no annual fee. I don't have much to say about them, I have a savings account with them and nothing has gone wrong. I am fairly satisfied with my experience so far using American Express Savings. I plan on keeping my savings in American Express Savings for the foreseeable future.

American Express bank

American Express Bank is an innovative bank with low fees and solid products. I don't regrtt banking with them at all. Their app always works and their fees are low. They also offer various lending solutions and getting loans with them is very easy. All in all, you can't go wrong using this bank.

American Express

I have been using this bank for a savings account since college. I don't have to touch this money often (which is good!) so I haven't had a terrible amount of customer service interactions with them, but on the few occasions that I have it wasn't an issue. I called them around Christmas and there was a relatively short wait time before being placed on the line with an actual human. Their website is easy to use- my purposes are really just to view and add to my account- and I've browsed the features I'm not actively using and they seem user-friendly. I don't even have to worry about the complaint of places that don't accept AmEx because I don't use them for a credit card, just saving some money. The fees are honestly something I don't know much about but I haven't felt their impact on my savings account that I can recall.

Mostly great!

The website and mobile app are smooth and I have not experienced issues. When I've had to contact customer service, they were helpful and friendly. However, there are long hold times, and I was on hold for an hour. The fees are alright, though I would prefer no fees at all. Overall, I would continue to bank with American Express.

American Express Provides Competitive Rates But No Frills

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I selected American Express for my savings rates due to them offering the highest yielding savings rate. While they don't have any physical locations, I am easily able to deposit my money online (unlimited) and I can make up to 6 withdrawals per month. It does take a few days for my money to come in from my other bank, it is noted as my current balance (what I earn interest on) immediately. Additionally, it takes only a day or two for transfers out to show up in my other banks checking account which is a huge advantage. The biggest downfall of American Express savings is there is no mobile application. With that said, they have a very helpful website. I would highly recommend American Express to my friends searching for a high return on a savings account. I have never had to contact customer service; however, my account was very easily setup
and I think it's a testament to the quality of their service that I haven't ran into any issues that require me to contact customer service. They have increased interest rates on savings over the past 3 months which has me hopeful that they keep up with the market in the future.

I Love My AmEx

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I have got to say that hands down American Express is the best financial institution out there. I have dealt iwth a lot of companies who in the end always get me for one thing or another and it really drives me crazy.

It seems if I ever have an issue though AmEx is right on top of it and more often than not will just call me right away and let me know there is an issue and they're going to fix it. An example one time I was on vacation in Italy with my girlfriend and received an email stating that AmEx had been trying to call me and someone was attempting to buy a car with my card. Luckily the transaction never went through, but knowing that they are willing to go that length to protect me is pretty great and I will use them till the day I die.

American Express High Yield Savings Review

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My experience with American Express High Yield Savings offering has been very positive so far. It was very simple to create an account, and the verification process was straightforward and didn't ask for any invasive personal details. Verifying an external account is simple through a series of short deposits, and I had money transferred into my account within a couple of weeks. I find the website easy to navigate and transfer money between accounts internally or externally. Overall I think American Express has one of the best high yield savings account options and would recommend it to anyone who wants a high interest rate for little to no risk.

Banking with American Express

My experience with American Express has really good customer service. I use there online banking everyday, its easy to use and to navigate. The fees have always been good for me. When I have a question I call and there are never long waits to talk to a Banker. Always nice and helpful.

Just an average bank

I used this bank for a couple years. I generally didn't like going into the bank all that much because of the long wait. I only needed to contact customer service once, but it was horrible. I hate going through long phone menus with robots when I just need to talk to a person anyways, and then the person on the phone didn't even help me. Ultimately, I ended up switching banks, but not because of anything having to do with American Express, I moved and wanted a bank closer to my home and work. Pretty much, its an average bank, no better or worse than any other.

Integration helps internationally

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Although I don't have much of a need for another personal savings account onine, I do like American Express Bank because their accounts are attached to the things that I do use. I do use the American Express Card and will say that I like it but sometimes do not like the 'pay everything back' each month concept that is attached to my account. It may sound strange, but that system caused me to not use American Express as much as I might until I was able to create an account online and connect the funds that I had behind the card. I then felt safer about using the Amex because there isn't a time when I won't be abroad working in business. The Amex card and traveler's checks are pretty safe alternatives to carrying a mountain of cash. In addition, it is easy to contact them when you do have a problem because they are there and answer quickly and well.

Competitive Interest Rate on American Express Bank Savings Accounts

I have been very satisfied with my experience using American Express Bank. With a current interest rate of 1.55% on Savings Accounts, it is one of the highest yielding savings accounts around. The online format is easy to use, making it hassle-free to manage your deposits online. The security is top-notch, so you don't have to worry about fraudsters accessing your accounts. Since I started saving with American Express Bank, my savings has grown exponentially. Not only am I more motivated to save, but the more I invest in savings, the more return I get on my money. It used to be virtually pointless to put money in a Savings Account, because the returns were microscopically low. But, with competitive rates climbing, a Savings Account is once again a wise option to pursue. I would highly recommend and American Express Savings Account. I have had no problems with it, and I am more motivated to save money now than I have been in a long time!

Never had a problem

I have two personal savings accounts with American Express. I have one that I share with my husband for our regular household savings and one that I share with my mom that contains a relatively small inheritance from my great grandparents. My experience with American Express Savings goes as far as me logging on a few times a year and checking the balances and/or making deposits into me and my husband's account. I never have any problems logging on and they send out the tax documents that state interest earned in a timely fashion. I do feel like when I first signed up for the personal savings account the APR was higher and they lowered it almost right away, but I realize it was within their right to do so as it was a variable rate.

No fees and decent interest rate

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I opened a savings account with American Express bank because there was no fees to open and maintain the bank and they paid a bit more on interest than my main checking account (Wells Fargo). It's easy to deposit money by transferring from my checking to this savings account. We have set up a schedule to automatically move some money to the savings account. I have not had any occasion to contact the customer service for this account, but based on my experience with American Express charge card customer service, I'd imagine their customer service would be just as good. There is no branches for this bank, so if you want to make cash deposit, I have no idea how you can do that. I would imagine you will have to deposit to your regular bank and then transfer. Transfer happens fast. Usually I see the transfer the next business day. One thing to remember is that you are limited to number of withdrawal you can make a year, so if you are needing to get money out of your account frequently, this is not an account for you. This is a great account for saving.

Excellent but stuck in the past.

In my time with American Express banking, I have a mixed opinion on them. I have had nothing but great service from them, but I do wish that they were up to speed on technology and flexibility. The lack of an app means that you have to do everything through a web portal, so it became a hassle to check your account balance. They also do not have checking account options, which is a huge letdown. It was great when I was younger, but as I've gotten older I have learned to value the flexibility that other bank offer.


The bank I am currently with is American Express. Before, the bank I was with was Chase. I find American Express very helpful when I decided to switch from Chase. The process ran smoothly, and it also gave me great benefits when I decided to open a checking and savings account. I also opened a Rewards card that offered me great benefits for traveling and cover the cost of the small business I own online. The web experience was a breeze, and reasonable fees were amazing compared to the previous bank I was with (Chase). What's great about American Express is that I can use it on Expedia, which works well since I travel constantly throughout the year. Every time I use the rewards when traveling, I was provided with points which are required for the program to have. When I use the Rewards card, I had an excessive option on what card I wanted to use. I decided Blue for Students® Card would not only be the best option for me as a student but because it did charge for enrolling. Overall, I enjoy the experience when transferring into the banks.

Lost Card

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I have a student checking and savings account with my bank which is crucial for my daily financial needs.I'm usually out of the country alot so it's crucial for me to have my credit/debit card associated with my bank at all times/ It was around new years eve and I was leaving the country soon for 3.5 months. I realized my bank card had expired and the bank hadn't sent me a new one. I called up my branch and they said that one had already been sent but it seems I hadn't received it so they cancelled that one and sent me a new one. Turns out I don't get the new one either and have to leave the country without a valid account that I can rely on. So I call up the bank from out of the country and they expedite the card to me for free to a different country and move my money over the phone to help me get by in the mean time.


My experience with American Express Bank has been mixed at best. I no longer have an account with them due to some of the issues I've had. While I admit their online tools and applications are quite easy to navigate. Their customer service, not so much. I've had my card locked several times for everyday purchases. Working with them to get it unlocked was long and time consuming in the middle of a store. The fees for late payments aren't too bad, but they don't give you the best time windows on that. In addition they're not the most forgiving. Like a lot of banks, they use a technicality to squeeze some change out of you. It might not seem much, but it adds up. Generall their staff are polite. But their practices need some revision in the customer service department.

Savings Account that leaves alot to be desired

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I have had my savings account since November 2015. It's a very basic account. I am annoyed they do not offer a mobile app or like many other banks a traditional checking. The savings can be linked to transfer money in and out of, but it does take an extra day to prices and reflect in the account. You can't make a mobile deposit and there are no branches to go into. Not always a convenient option. The website is nice and simple and again allows you to move money into and out of your other accounts, once they have been verified. If you do need to speak to someone, and have the misfortune of needing to call, be aware their call center seems to be sourced from another country and you likely will not get any help. It's frustrating and unfortunate as I am considering closing my savings.

Good Option but inconvenient

I have a savings account with American Express Bank and while I like the online portal and customer service, it is not as convenient as having a local bank to visit. I use the online system multiple times a week which is easy and quick. However, for multiple check deposits or cash withdrawal it would be nice to be able to visit a physical location. Overall, I receive high quality service when there is an issue. The fees are a bit high, but I do not want to have to go through the trouble of switching banks.

Great Bank

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I have been banking with American Express checking for 4 years now. Their website on mobile is very used friendly and accounts update immediately after a transaction. Accounts often update balance immediately after transaction (sure has payment) has been made within American Express account network, which is very nice for bookkeeping. I have never had any issues that were not immediately remedied, and any issues I have had were not the fault of American Express, but more just merchant errors. American Express has reasonable fees and interest rates on deposit accounts and is very transparent when it comes to servicing account. I like that they make clear how you can avoid fees and they don't hide this information in small print that no one reads. Customer service is always fast and friendly and very efficient. American Express clearly is always striving to improve functionality and service.

A great option for a lot of people, but not the best for mobile users.

I have enjoyed using American Express as one of my savings options. What drew me most to use American Express are their interest rates. When I was searching around for banks, they were among the highest, and easily one of the more trusted names. Some of the other banks with higher interest rates were not banks I'd ever heard of, and I would feel unsafe dumping money into a bank I'd only just heard of. What I really don't like about American Express is their mobile app. I have not found anywhere that you can upload a check VIA camera. My local bank has the option of just taking a picture of the front and back of a check, and it's deposited within 24 hours usually. I really don't like the fact that I have to mail in my deposits, but it's something I can overlook given the interest rates.

American Express Bank

I use American Express Bank for checking and saving. I like them they don't charge to many fees. I don't have to keep a minimum balance. Which is great because you won't get penalize and lose money while making them money. The customer service is good when you call them not great sometimes you need to ask to speak to a manger because they seem to not comprehend when you ask them a question about direct deposit now this only happened to me once but all their staff should be better trained in questions. I will add though a year ago I had my info stole and my debit card from them was being used and they cancelled all transactions and I got my money back quickly. All in all it is pretty decent banking.

American Express Above and Beyond

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I have banked with American Express bank and entrusted then with my direct deposits for over 4 years now. It was by far the best banking decision I ever made. For starters there are never any over draft fees or negitive balances. I have multiple accounts with different cards that I can easily move money around to and I even have a saving account with them that's actually helping me save money. My favorite thing about this bank is their customer service. I'm never on hold or talking to the automated phone person. Any issue I have ever had was resolved swiftly and I felt like my time mattered to them.

Great Use And Works Okay With Some Minimal Negatives

Overall American Express Bank is pretty good. I used the online personal savings account to save some money for a few things I needed and I just wanted to be able to have some extra money for any type of unexpected situation. The account works good because you can link it to your personal accounts and then add money to it whenever you like. One thing I didn't like about it was how they have no physical retail locations to go. I like being able to go to a store or location and wait in line to deposit money myself. With this account I could only do it online.

Another benefit is the high interest rate they give you for the savings account. This is great for those who like letting their money build up. It's one of the many things that I love about this account. I also like how there is no fees involved with the account such as no minimum balance that is needed and there isn't any monthly fees. I did use an ATM once and they did charge me a fee for using it but it still was a minimal amount but that's a small setback.

The customer service is pretty good. I've called and spoke to a rep before when I had some concerns about taking out money from my account and the rep assured me of what the whole process is and any necessary information I needed. She told me that I can only take out money up to six times a month to avoid any fees or issues. I wasn't aware of this when I signed up. Other than that, I had no problems with them at all and everything went smooth.

American Express, Great Savings but Slow

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For 10 years I had been using Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) for my checking account and savings accounts. The interest I was receiving on the savings account was amounting to pennies. This was just after the financial crisis so interest rates were like .01%. Once I started my first full time job in 2016, I was interested in taking charge of my finances. One of the first things I did was get an American Express Cashback Credit Card. While I was browsing the products offered by American Express, I came across their online only savings account. At the time (late 2016) the interest rate was 1%, almost 100 times what my current interest rate was and with no fees attached. I immediately transferred all of my savings money to my newly opened American Express Savings Account. The online interface was clunky, but easy enough to follow. I was able to set up transfers between my bank and external bank accounts. However, I found two things limiting that ultimately caused me to end my relationship with American Express Bank. The first is I like to check my account balances frequently. American Express Bank did not offer a mobile app, so I would have to login through a laptop or desktop if I wanted to know my balance. Transfers between accounts took between 5 and 7 business days. At one point, I needed a large amount of money to cover a deductible. The money didn't come fast enough and it caused me a lot of worry. Because of this, even though I was getting more interest, I needed peace of mind and ready access to my money, so I moved to a different bank. The only time I used AE customer service was to close my account, which was painless and quick.

Savings Account

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First of all, the application for a savings account was simple and quick. My acceptance was prompt and I received all information necessary to set up and start using my savings account. Second, I loved the fact that there are no fees and no minimum deposit amount required to open the account. I am also able to link other American Express accounts and transfer from one account to the other. This is very convenient for paying my credit card bill and keep my funds above zero, without having to access a physical bank.

American Express Online Savings Account

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I originally only had an american express credit card, which I have had for about five years. About a year ago, I decided to find an online savings account since the interest rates were so much better than many of the large brick and mortar banks. American express was consistently one of the top recommended banks, so I went with there savings account. The online application was very easy to fill out and probably only took 5 minutes or so. The interest rate was around 1.1% and is consistently raised when the FED increases rates. The online account is easy to navigate and as always the customer service is superb from American Express.

The king of customer service American Express

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I have always been a satisfied customer with American Express. They were the first to approve me for a credit card and I have always been happy with their amazing customer service over the years. When I started saving up a good amount of money I was shopping around for a good bank with a good interest rate on their savings. I was referred by reddit personal finance and American Express was on their list for good online banks for savings. At the time they were offering 1.35% and while it's not the highest of the banks, I know their customer service will make up for it. Just like having a amex credit card account, their savings page has all the tools you need. The account page is easy to navigate and UI is very clean and colorful. There are no monthly fees which I liked. I have it linked on my Bank of America Checkings on the same day and I have had no reported issues so far. I can access all my info whenever I want and they even have an onsite chat service if you have any questions. I have only been banking with them for a few months but I am very happy overall so far.

American Express Review

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I have banked with American Express for several years now and have had a pleasant experience. It is probably one of the better banks I've had an account with compared to Bank of America and Chase. My biggest compliment to American Express is their customer service. I have been in the military for about seven years now. In that time, I have had to travel to many different places. Several of these places were within the continental United States, and several were outside, specifically Germany, England, and Qatar. A quick email or phone call to the bank to let them know that I would be moving, or spending time somewhere new was all that it took to make sure my accounts and cards were good to go no matter where I went. Also, I believe they have the most user friendly website of the current banks I am using. I can easily see my account information, any statements, and any rewards I have accrued. They are a friendly and user accessible bank and I would recommend it to others.

A Bank with No Pr oblems.

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The thing I love about this bank is the ease of access, and how I can easily withdraw and deposit money. My family holds several savings accounts and I am very pleased with the interest we have received. Even though the rates are not exceptionally high, they are higher than most banks I have been a part of. The customer service is excellent and they always answer my calls. I feel safe putting my money in this bank, because of the top notch security and i am assured my money will be safe. Every time I contact the bank, I am talked with professionalism and with courtesy, and I was always left satisfied. I have been a part of this bank for 5 years, and have never encountered any problems in terms of customer service, security, and interest rates.

Great Range of Products, Elite Membership

Banking with American Express has a certain feel of "elite-ness" to it. Its as though you are part of a secret club. I am constanty looking for the best bank accounts that I can get the most bang for my buck from. I came across American Express when we were looking for another banking acount to compliment our Barclays account. We usually go for high interest savings with low or no fees. American Express banking offers the highest savings interset rate of all the banks I have found. Setting up my account was simple. The customer service team goes above and beyond to make sure you are getting to most our of your relationship with AMEX. I was able to link my AMEX account to both my Barclays and Wells Fargo accounts to easily move money between them. No fees, no minimums. I get to keep more of MY money rather then paying it all to fees.

Great Investment

I have recently opened up a certificate of deposit (CD) with American Express. I have found that their annual percentage yield (APY) is very competitive and much higher than most other banks. Additionally, they allow you to choose several different options for how long you want to wait until your CD matures, as well as different rates based on this time span. The application process was very easy and was done almost entirely online. All I had to do was follow the steps on their website, provide the necessary information and await their approval, and then link my other bank accounts in order to fund my CD. I have also contacted the bank in order to gain further information about their CDs, and they answered my questions in great detail and made me feel very confident that using this bank was a great decision. I currently have a 24 month CD and have earned a substantial amount of money from it. I plan to continue using this bank to invest my money and increase my overall wealth. Another great option they provide is that you can use the interest earned from your CD to either further fund your CD, or receive the interest in the form of a check or have it transferred to another bank account. I have chosen to allow the interest to further increase the amount in my CD so that I can gain more money this way. Overall, I am very pleased with this bank and would highly suggest it to those wanting to open and fund a CD in order to save their money and gain additional money in the process.

Amazing bank choice!

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I've banked with American Express for five years, and they have always provided the maximum customer service. I have a savings account, and the prices are so reasonable and affordable. They're always coming out with new ways to provide for their customers, and I truly feel we are their most valuable asset by the way I'm treated whenever I have an issue. The employees are always friendly and willing to help. That's one of my main concerns when choosing bank, and I am very satisfied with the way this bank does business. Highly recommend.

Great Rates

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American Express Bank offers a higher interest rates than most other reputable banks. The online banking web-site offers an easy to use interface that is linked directly to the American Express card-holder web site making it simple to look at both credit card and savings accounts. It's also pretty easy to set up external checking/savings account links so that you can move money easily from another bank's checking account to AXB. The only real issue with Amex Personal Savings is that it is savings only, checking is not offered.

Great online bank

A couple of months ago I opened an American Express savings account and I have been very pleased so far. The online account opening process is easy simple and very fast. I set up my deposits and it was funded in a couple of days. I like the apr it pays compared to my local bank.

Great bank for many reasons.

I switched my checking and saving account over to American Express a couple months ago and could not be happier with my decision. Their customer support is always there to help. My debit card had not showed up after two weeks so I called and turns out they had shipped it to my old address. They were very helpful and overnight shipped me my new card! The fees/terms of service of American Express are some of the most consumer friendly out of any bank I have had experience with. Overall, I highly recommend this bank. Their website is set up in a way that is very easy to navigate.

Experience Banking with American Express

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After college, I opened a savings account with American Express Bank. The reason I decided to use American Express Bank was because other institution were providing me very low APY. At first was unsure if I wanted to use American Express Bank for the reason that it was an internet only bank. However, to my surprise, this bank exceeded my expectations. The online services were quick and easy to use, and I really found the whole experience hassle free. Being that this was the first time I ever used an online only bank account, I was worried about depositing my funds and also retrieving them. However, transactions for American Express Bank was both easy an reliable. In addition, American Express Bank's customer service is always concise and very helpful. While I never had any trouble with my account, any questions I ever had were quickly answered. The customer service associates were both friendly and knowledgeable, which helped me save time and allowed me to learn about my account with ease. Moreover, I appreciated the fact that the website was well designed for banking and I had no server issues. Overall, I give American Express Bank a very good recommendation for the reason that the bank met all my expectations.

Great savings bank

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Love this bank. They have comparative rates. In fact AMEX bank just increased their rates on savings account AGAIN. Third time in two months. I am a little worried when they change their name in April. Will see if anything changes. I hope not because they are a great savings bank. Wish they had a mobile app and a way to deposit checks though.

American Express Bank

Banking with American Express Bank has been a positive experience for me. The customer service was helpful, and this was where I opened up my first savings account. Thus far, I have encountered no issues with them and have felt as if I am a valued customer. When I had gone to open my savings account, the banker was helpful, kind, and made sure to ask if there was anything I would be confused about or would need help on. They helped me determine what would give me the highest yield or would be the best account to open up. As this was the first time I had done this, the clerk spent an ample amount of time helping me out. The certificate of deposit account was what I ultimately chose, as this fit my lifestyle needs better than the high yield savings account.

No fee and trusted bank

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I have opened a saving with American Express bank because we have had charge card accounts with American Express for many years and we were always satisfied with their products and service. We decided to use American Express bank because there is no fee. Interest rate is not bad for a regular savings account. I think it's about 1.5% where another bank was offering probably about 0.5%. I like the ease of this account usage. I can easily transfer money to and from another account, even different bank. Right now we have it set up so that each month a certain amount will be transferred to this saving account from our regular checking account. So far we have not had any issues that require us to contact the customer service regarding this account. If you are going to have a saving account, you might as well earn some interest and since there is no fee at this bank, all the interest you earn is yours.

American Express Bank Greatness

From the moment that I signed up with this bank I've had nothing but a pleasant experience. From the fact that I literally have never been charged any fee to the point that I get 1.45% APY on my savings account. Less than a handful of banks can offer a deal like that. I keep about 6300 in the APY account so that I can get back a good amount for keeping it there at a 100% certainty that I won't loose my money. The signup process was seemless I had my account within 3 days of signing up.

A great bank for the saver!

I really like this bank. They make it very easy to save money and keep track of what i have. I strictly utilize their online services and direct deposit services to get money into my bank account. The deposits are straight forward and fast. I like the customer service also. They are always able to help me and answer my questions that i have about the savings account that i have through their bank. The personal savings account is the best thing that i can find in terms of saving for personal growth. I really like the way that they handle their clients and treat each person like they are some one that matters.

American Express experience

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They had overall pretty nice customer service even though I did not have to use it too many times.They were kind of too sales oriented when it came to selling their products. I just wanted the simplest card so I could get airline miles but it took awhile for them to get me the right card that I wanted. Over all I do enjoy the wide variety of product options that they offer. Not a bad company bank if you want a credit card. Would not recommend them for any other service like investing or saving.

Bravo American Express Bank

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So I have had about four different banks in the past and I have to say I am most impressed with American Express Bank. I signed up for a savings account with American Express and the lady I opened the account with was very nice and accommodating. One thing I was really happy about was the saving account has a 1.45% APY where as my previous bank only had .20% APY. So I have had the saving account with American Express Bank for about a year now and I have not had any negative experiences with this bank at all. In fact I would say everything has been very positive. I never have any delays in payments, or deposits. Every time I go in to the bank the staff are all very kind and professional looking. Overall I would say this is a very good bank that I would recommend to anyone looking for a top notch bank.

Better rate for savings account

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I have a high-yield savings account with the American Express bank and this bank has a higher interest rate for your savings compared to other financial institutions that I have a savings account with. It's incredibly easy to transfer money to and from this account and the fact that it can link with existing bank accounts is an added bonus. I do like the fact that I can access my account 24/7 because I sometimes remember silly details or the fact that I need to transfer money so I can pay off a bill at unconventional times. I've never had a problem with missing funds or delays in transfers. I do appreciate the fact that interest is compounded daily, and posted to my account monthly.

Good savings account

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I have enjoyed my experience banking with american express bank. I have a savings account and it was easy to open. Also it was nice that there was no minimum and no fees. I like the high yield of the savings account too, it seems like I earn a lot of interest. Overall all things considered this is a good bank for starting a savings account that yields interest and avoiding fees.

American Express Savings is a must Use!

I was looking for a online bank for a while in 2017 until I came into contact with Amex(American Express) Savings(I had a credit line before finding out about their savings account and other offerings). At first, I was skeptical but after thinking about it for a long time, I took the plunge and tried it out. I was very pleased and still am of how easy it is to use. All that you have to do is connect your bank account to the Amex savings account and you good to go to start saving. Maneuvering around the website takes a bit to get used to but once you do, its very ease to use. A real cool feature is that you can setup automatic dates to deposit into your savings whenever you desire. So if your interested in saving money this account is the way to go especially with the rates beginning to rise so you can save even more money! I also recommend seeing their other products if you want something different.

American Express' Quality Experience

Have had several months with American Express bank service and haven't had all too much of a hassle throughout my time. I've had the pleasure to deal with them as a bank with minimal issues and their customer service is excellent for me to experience. I've had no issues with any of my savings nor have I had any bothersome extra fees that may occur in some cases for people in their time at a banking institute. Overall, I'd rate them a solid four out of five because of their superb experience with my only reasoning for taking the point off cause their website design sort of bothers me but that's not all too much of an issue seeing as it's opinionated. I do recommend this bank for anyone starting off with banking that is looking into several options.

American Express offers a great rate for High-Yield Savings Account

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I personally have a High Yield Savings account with American Express. Their current APY is 1.45% and I find that it is one of the best rates available for an online high-yield savings account. I am able to access the account whenever I need to online and am provided with up to 6 withdrawals per month, if needed. I've never had any problems with their services. I feel like they offer a great product.

Great Experience

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When I first started my account with American Express Bank, I thought that not having a significant amount of money would make me an insignificant customer. But from the start I have been very pleased with the excellent customer service I have received. The staff has been patient with me and explained anything I have inquired about. The website is very user friendly. I was easily able to get acclimated to it. Having a limit of six transactions allows me to use money without penalty, and I have been very happy with my 1.45% APY. All in all, I am a content customer, and would definitely recommend American Express Bank.

AmEx Savings Account

I have a high yielding savings account from AmEx and overall, I am pleased. If I ever need assistance, there call centers are actually great, and everyone is super helpful. The only annoying this is the limitations on deposits in a single day, but that seems unique to my situation. When dealing with the bank, you never feel as though they're trying to cheat you. I've seen solid returns on the account, and am more than pleased with their service.

They were there when I really needed them.

I was in need of a certified check to close on a house the next day and I was so worried that the check wasn't going to delivered before i went and signed the papers on the house. I was suppose to close the next week and the realtor called and said can we close tomorrow. That is when panic set in I called the bank and told them my dilemma, the lady was really nice and told me she will send it out for next day delivery. It was kinda of late in the afternoon and I thought the check was not going to make it but it was in my mail box the next day. I was so grateful and I was able to close on the house that afternoon and everything worked out really well.

Pretty good

My overall rating is a four due to several factors. Their customer service is typically hit or miss, sometimes I get really helpful staff members but other times I get someone that doesn't seem to know what is going on and doesn't have answers for my questions. Online chat is typically good. I really enjoy their online web/mobile experience, their website has never been down when I needed it and always seems to be up to date. I have not ever had any problems. I'm sure that they are competitive with their products but they don't typically seem to have anything that suits my needs. Their fees seem to be on the high end but I have seen other banks with higher fees.

Great benefits and customer service

I've used American Express for several years now and am very happy with them. The fees can be a bit high for some things but you get many benefits and the customer service is top notch. This is what they are known for. I have had to call their customer service number on a few occasions and there was never too much of a wait time and the person on the other end was always very friendly and knowledgeable. One of my favorite benefits is that they have their own travel agency and you can use your points to redeem travel. The travel agency also has great customer service and they are very friendly. It is nice to be able to take a vacation and use my points to cover the airfare and hotel costs.

My experience with American Express

I had to switch banks when I moved between states since my old bank didn't have any branches in the new location. I ended up opening an account with American Express bank that happened to be in the area based on a recommendation from a friend. I was pretty pleased with the experience, at least compared to my old bank. They had no fees for the type of account I was opening and my old bank did. I was only with them for a year before I moved again, but it was a decent experience and if there were any local branches where I am now I would likely still be with them.

American Express Personal Savings Account

A few months ago I was looking around to different banks to open a personal savings account. The fees for a savings account through the bank I currently have a checking account with were too high, so I didn't want to open a savings account with them. I ended up choosing an American Express personal savings account, and have been very happy with the service I've received up to this point. The best thing about an American Express savings account is that there are NO fees and NO minimums. These two things are super important to me because I believe that my money is my own, and if I want to put $10 in one month, and $100 in another month I should be able to do so without worrying about fees and minimums. It also links easily to my current checking account and I can transfer money back and forth as needed. The website has been very user friendly, and I haven't even needed to reach out to customer service with any issues.

American Express Savings Review

I've used American Express Savings for a long-time now, as it was set up by my parents and transferred to me. I've had nothing but fantastic experience with their customer service. I don't often dig into my savings, but I often add to it and I have had no issues transferring money in or out (on the rare occasion) with AmEx. I've only talked to their customer service several times (3-4), but each time I talked to a banking rep I was greeted with resounding competence and quick and clear helpful discussion. I highly recommend them as a savings bank.

American Express Savings - High Interest Rate with No Minimum Deposit

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The American Express High Yield Savings Account offers one of the highest interest rates among online-only banks. I was a long time Capital One 360 customer, until I found that American Express offers a higher rate, with no minimum. I was able to set up my account pretty quickly and link it to another checking account. From there, I was able to transfer money whenever I wanted. It's very straightforward, and the interest rate makes it worthwhile.

My Savings Account

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I started a savings account to help me save for future vacations. I picked American Express. I have really nothing bad to say about them. It was always easy to deposit money for the most part. Never had any issues accept some short delays here and there. Anytime there was some kind of issue, it was always pretty easy to talk to someone. There were not many issues at all but when there was it was taken care of. I ended up leaving the bank because I just didn't think it was really necessary for me anymore. It had nothing to do with them. I would recommend this bank for anyone starting up a savings account. It maybe inst the best out there but if your looking for something that is trouble free, then there you go!

Serve is Great for Direct Deposit

American Express Bank is a great online banking option...if you have a monthly direct deposit. If you do, the $4.95/month fee is waived. If not, that is quite a high fee, in my opinion. It has been easy to find in-network, fee-free atm's. The website and app experience is great. Very easy, very secure. I like that you can create subaccounts for different expenses or savings goals.

Quality Customer Service

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I've never had any kind of problem with American Express banking. Their website works really well for me. However, once I was locked out of my account because I had put in the incorrect password multiple times, but when I called, they were able to help me really fast and did it with a really good attitude. Anytime I needed to call someone, they have been very considerate to me and what I need. I've had a more positive experience with them than I have with any other bank I've used.

A good bank to bank with

With an online banking experience and digital tools that are top-notch, American Express Bank shines in this category. The mobile app lets you deposit checks, pay bills, transfer money, and monitor activity and balances in deposit and credit card accounts. Users of the Android and iOS versions give the app high marks, rating it 4.3 and 5 stars (out of 5), respectively.
Customer service hours are convenient. You can get a real human on the phone late into the evening (11 p.m. Eastern) on weekdays and until 8 p.m. on weekends. The bank also provides chat support and answers questions on Twitter via direct messaging.


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During my time using American Express Bank I have been EXTREMELY satisfied. Online banking is easy to understand and reliable. When and if I have an issue, I can always call their customer service number. The customer service agents are competent, polite, and genuinely seem as though they care. It has been apparent to me that customer service is of great importance to this institution. The best thing is that it is linked to my credit cards and check cards. This is extremely convienent as I can handle all of my needed processes with one agent on the phone, or with the click of a button online. I truthfully cannot say enough positive things about this bank and feel everyone should use their services. I don't see myself changing banks any time soon!

American Express Bank

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I was with this bank for a decent amount of time. I originally signed up as a young child and just recently switched banks. I really never had any complaints about them. They were always helpful and took time to answer all of my questions. I was very happy when they started to provide access to online banking. That was a huge plus in my eyes. I recently changed banks merely to have easier access to my money. I am much more satisfied with my bank now, merely because there are many more of them and I can drive down the street to deposit or withdrawal money. I would consider switching back to this bank if they offered some kind of promotional. It is just hard to beat accessibility.

Love American Express

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Love American Express' online banking--it's so easy to use and very transparent. Their rates are also phenomenal!

Great American Express Savings Account!

American Express is well known for their credit cards, but their best product is their savings account. They offer the highest APR I could find and there are no minimum balance requirements. Thankfully I never had to use their customer service, but after using the credit card customer service I am confident their team would be great as well. I did work with American Express to transfer my money from my old savings account company to open my new account, and they were great. The American Express website is really easy to use and works well on my Iphone as well. It is especially easy to transfer money between your American Express accounts and to pull up your monthly statements in PDF form. I'm looking forward to making lots of money in this new savings account!

American Express High Yield Savings

I have a High Yield Savings account with American Express. This is an online only account with no in-person bank you can go to and talk with someone. I found that it was very easy to setup an account. I use this account to build on my savings at a higher rate than your average savings account. Using them has been a great experience.

Great bank

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I've had a great experience banking with American Express so far. I have a savings account with American Express and also a checking account with American Express Serve. I had some unknown charges on my account and after contacting customer service about it, it was cleared up immediately. They removed the charges with no problem. The only cons to banking with American Express is that I have a monthly checking account fee (which is reasonable, but other banks offer free checking.) and that I've had several encounters with stores that do not take american express, I wish American Express would try harder to get their cards accepted everywhere.

Great Customer Service

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When I was researching different banks, I found American Express to offer a lot of what I wanted. It was secure and had name recognition, so I didn't have to worry if my money was going to be safe in the bank or not. I also liked the associated fees, which I found to be less than the other banks I was looking at. The biggest thing that really attracted me to them even more was their superior customer service. One day, I had misplaced my wallet, and someone had use my debit card and money was taken out of my account. I called them up, and they were quick to reverse that transaction and deposit the money back in my account within 24 hours. It was amazing! I didn't have to jump through multiple hoops to have this fraud detected.

Great Savings Rate

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I love this savings account. Great interest rate. Great Customer Service. Easy to transfer to my checking if needed. Great mobile app.

Join American Express

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I love American Express Bank because they offer great interest rates for saving. Even thought this bank is only online, they have great customer service. You can call them and it directed to the customer service very quickly. They also have a phone app which you can use to keep track of your checking and saving balance. However, I did have a few unhappy experience in transferring money to my another bank account. I called them and answered all the questions but they said wrong information which pissed me off. And then after another person picked up the phone and asked the exact same questions, and he just verified me! I was very unhappy about that.

Fantastic Savings Account with American Express.

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American Express or AMEX is always known for their credit cards and their commercial but unfortunately, people don't know about how great their savings account is. In my opinion on of the best in the world, they offer a great percentage rate that easily competes with other online banks. But to me the best thing about AMEX is their customer service. You can withdraw your money from your savings an it will be in your account in no less than 2 days. Talk about fast! Also their website is very easy to navigate. Very hard to get lost. Everything is precise and concise. Also you can connect your saving's with your credit account so you can easily move between the two. I highly recommend getting a saving's account with American Express. Their ease of use is a high point plus your money is making more money and its in safe hands with one of the best banks in the world. You won't regret this decision especially with the rates going up as well, you will be saving more money and with ease!

Amercian Express comes thru as needed

I was once of customer of American Express, so when I seen they had a checking account to sign up for, I did not hesitant. I express right where I needed to be.They provided great services and showed they expanded beyond the credit card company only stigma. I love the band and all the perks the website order. I think I will be with them for a while.

Saving money

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I opened an online savings account with American Express Bank. They have very good interest rates. And it was very easy to do. It is also very easy to transfer money from one account to another. I would say that I like the interest rate better than anything though.

American Express Online Savings

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Earlier this year I decided to look for a high yield savings account as my current bank offered a very low APY. After much searching I decided to go with American Express Online Savings. I am already a credit card customer with them so I felt comfortable, and their customer service is beyond amazing. American Express offers a 1.35% APY which, at the end of this year, will pay out nearly $2,000 compared to my old account which would be a pay out of roughly $250. The transfer was a simple online process that took two days approximately. Then afterward, deposits are available within one business day. Overall, it is the best banking experience I have ever had. If you are looking to get the most out of your savings account, I highly recommend American Express.

Best Banks For Savings Products

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I was first turned on to American Express Bank 3 years ago by a friend who's been a long time customer. He recommended I give American Express Bank (AEB) a try when I mentioned I was looking for savings products and CDs. I've not been disappointed. AEB's CD rates are competitive and the fees associated with the accounts have been great. It's an online only bank, which means you don't have all the fees associated with going into a branch location. They have an app that makes tracking your savings balances and accounts simple, and straightforward. I don't have to guess what my current growth rate is or go through a litany of menu options when I want information on a particular account, or to check rates on new offerings. I also enjoy the fact that I can easily link my accounts at other institutions to my AEB savings to allow for easy transfers and withdrawals.

Nothing to Write Home About

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I chose to open an account with American Express after having a poor experience with another company. I was drawn in to the high APY rate and supposed ease of use. The reason why I say that there was nothing to write home about is exactly that. It is an okay bank, but honestly the features seem no different than any other institution. The app frequently freezes and logs me out. The "fast" transfer rate is the same as their competitors. I called the bank to see if any other features could be applied to my account because of my solid FICO, but there was nothing else the woman could do. She also seemed very new to the subject of banking as she was not able to provide any additional information that I did not already know going into the call.

Great online bank

I've banked with American Express Bank for several years but you wouldn't know it because I rarely use my corresponding American Express debit card because it isn't widely accepted. For me, I use it as a backup checking account and as such it's rarely needed. But in terms of my experience with the bank, it's been incredible! I have several accounts with them and my online experience with them has been great. Each card/account has very unique features such as an innovative savings system and the ability to transfer money to my account a variety of different ways. And unlike the vast majority of similar offers, the customer service is available 24/7 and you receive help from American, English-speaking representatives. Also, my main AMEX account doesn't have any fees so that's a big plus. I even think their debit cards are very attractive. Due to the fact that AMEX isn't widely accepted as Visa or Mastercard, I rarely use all of these cool features but I always enjoy them when I get the chance.

Excellent Savings

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I signed up for a high yield savings account a few years ago and I am not disappointed at all. American Express offers one of the highest interest rates and percentages than any other bank I've seen or currently have accounts with. I believe right now the APY and APR are both over 1%. I can take out money from the account very easily and transfer it to my personal bank account when I need to pay off bills or loans. There is a 6 transfer limit per month, but if you think about it, that's a lot of transfers per month anyway. Transferring money from my personal account to my savings account is also really easy - a few clicks and the money is transferred. There are weekends and holidays that they don't transfer so you have to wait til the next business day, but that's not unusual for banks.

Happy Customer

I have three accounts with American Express. I have a checking account, a savings account, and a collection of CD's. I switched to this bank 3 years ago. I switched mainly to take advantage of the CD rates. I have found that American Express offers wonderful customer service when compared to other major banks I have utilized. Speaking with an employee is always easy and effortless. She. I was shopping for CD's, the American Express employee actually showed me the rates of return for other institutions. I loved that they were so open with h their information and have been extremely happy since making them my primary bank.

American Express Bank

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I decided to bank with American Express after being familiar with their brand. The interest rate I receive is good but not the best. It is a little difficult to get access to my money quickly. A usually brick and mortar bank would allow for quicker movement and transferring. Whenever I call a customer service representative they are very friendly and try to be helpful but sometimes when I need my money to be moved I want it to be done quicker than they can do or are willing to do. That is the biggest pain point for me the fact that everything is digital or connected through a telephone verse being located around me creates a level of problem that I'm annoyed by but willing to give up some of it because of the fact the interest rate is slightly higher than I usually get.

American Express

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I have had an open account with American Express since January of last year. So far I have had a great experience with them, not any problems with the actual Banking institution however, at the start of my account I was charged an additional banking fee. It upset me to be charged an additional fee amount however I was able to easily contact them and they were able to fix it almost immediately. American Express is one of the leading financial institutions in America and they work well with their customers and clients to ensure they can suit our needs in the correct manner. It's been almost a year since I first created my account and I plan on continuing my account with them.

One of the highest APY around

I opened up a savings account with American Express Bank two years ago. I was frustrated with the APY I was receiving from my brick and mortar bank. However this internet only bank has consistently had the best APY percentage I have found. When I request the savings account funds to be transferred to an another institutions checking account, it does take 2 business days on average. Their customer service department has also been friendly and eager to help when I have called.

Best Bank I've ever used

Their website is user friendly and whenever I had any issues with my account they resolved it quickly and to my great satisfaction. They went out of their way to help me, even giving me a credit twice to make sure I was a satisfied customer. I love their mobile app too. It is very user friendly, very quick and easy to use. Their fees are very low. I honestly have not had any reasons to complain about the quality of their services in the four years I have banked with them. Deposits go in quickly and I have never had any issues with missing funds or late deposits to my savings account. I once had an issue where a retailer charged me more than they were supposed to. I contacted the bank and they immediately reversed the charges without giving me a hard time which to me is ideal service quality. The person I spoke to was friendly and polite and really listened to me. It shows a dedicated level of attention I did not get with my other bank which is why I am a loyal customer since. Also, it was very easy to set up my account with them. Honestly the best institution I have banked with so far. I love American Express Bank.

AMEX Savings Account

What an absolute incredible experience it is to use the American Express savings account. I was introduced to this platform and account due to having an active credit card account initially. However, once I did my research I knew I needed to continue to use their services.

First off, this product is a high interest savings account, which are becoming rare and hard to find at the national level. I am currently earning 1.35% APY on my balance - which is unmatched except for very few institutions. I am able to easily transfer money across platforms with great ease, which is awesome. My deposits are incurred automatically through my work and main banking institution, and I am able to see my funds immediately.

I would recommend this service to anyone. Whether you are saving for a large purchase, stashing away a rainy day fund, or using this to build an emergency fund - this service is top notch. Also, the return on investment is very competitive and better than any other bank you will find. I highly recommend.

Outstanding Bank For Primary Savings

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American Express is an excellent, trustworthy bank to which one can confidently entrust their family savings. First, not only is their current interest rate (1.35) excellent--what is more important is that AMEX keeps their rates consistently high; their high yield savings account has not been below .90 in approximately four years. Second, they have very good and professional phone support; there are no account minimums to maintain in order to avoid fees; fourth, one of their best benefits is no ACH limits (many banks have a 5k daily limit for ACH transfers). Finally, their website is easy to use and functional.

More Bank For Your Buck

I'm only a recent American Express Bank customer. Before I was a customer, I never really even considered using them for banking, mostly because I just associated them so much with the American Express credit card, but when I was looking for a new bank, there they were, standing out in several ads online so I decided to give them a shot and I'm happy that I did. I couldn't have asked for more from a bank; my money is safe and every time I've had a question for customer service they've been very helpful and extremely polite and have tried to make sure that my questions were answered in a timely manner as well as a satisfactory manner. The initial question that I had was how long will it take for me to get my permanent debit card? Their reply was 7 business days but I actually got it in 4 days so they were very quick. They really do care about their customers and if I'd known they were a bank with such character and so safe, I would have started using them as my bank long ago.

American Express not so great

My experience with this bank is as follows. American Express was in my opinion just an average bank. Nothing special about it. No good reward plans with checking/savings account. Also overdraft fees are way too much. They lost my business after I got buried in overdraft fees and they wouldn't work with me. Also I had a hard time getting businesses to accept my American Express card. Some small businesses I went to didn't take American Express at all. I was with that bank for about 2 years until I finally had enough and stopped using them. I believe I still owe them about $100.00 and it has negatively effected my credit. There are times I wished I never had opened an account with American Express.

Amex bank - savings

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I opened a savings account with American Express about 6 months ago. I opened it because I had opened a credit card through them and saw an advertisement about their savings accounts. I didn't make an initial deposit until about 2 weeks later which was nice, usually banks require one. The interest rate they offer is higher than my bank, and the fact that they don't sent you a linked card or checks for this account make it much easier for me to save. That and the fact that it is separate from my bank account makes it simple for me, deposit a set amount directly out of my paycheck and forget about it. I check on it every once in a while to ensure all is ok but other than that, its just there collecting. I have only had to speak with customer service one time and that was a pleasant experience, the woman helped my change my address in a matter of minutes. no complaints

Great for the modern American

I have only had 2 problems in the past since I began using this bank where I needed to contact customer service. Both experiences were really pleasant and not expected from my previous experiences with banks, because I have had some that are very hard to nail down a person to help me out. The issues I experienced were minor snags with being locked out of my account once and a mobile deposit not going through. I got both solutions fixed quickly. It feels very modern and up to date with technology and the changing lifestyle of Americans. The online banking is perfect for me with my schedule and I haven't ran into any problems with it. And, the online part is especially helpful for me because I don't prefer branches and my lifestyle fits perfectly with this bank's services.

Great Experiences with American Express Checking

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I opened an account with American Express Banking about a year ago and it was a great decision. We love banking with them! The only downside is the customer service. They're either extremely hard to get a hold of or else not helpful at all. I needed to get in touch regarding an transaction on our account and the wait time was insane. Something like 3 hours. I have two year old twins and I cannot sit on hold for 3 hours to get an answer to a simple question! My house would be destroyed. Other then that though we have had great success with them. We can use the card wherever we go and if we have to use an atm the fees are extremely reasonable. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new bank!

American Express Bank Experience

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I have had a good experience so far working with American Express Bank. Their customer service is exceptional, whenever I encounter a problem one of their customer service representatives takes very good care of the situation. I appreciate the fact that they have no monthly fees or minimums and their online banking app is very convenient and easy to use. I currently have a savings account with them and I enjoy that they have one of the higher APYs among st banks and I have even been considering looking into opening a CD with them due to their exceptional service.

American Express Bank Savings Account

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My grandparents opened a American Express personal savings account for me a couple of years ago in order to give me money to help with my children. They stated that it had a decent APR and would accumulate interest better than other banks. About 4 months ago I went to try and close the account because one of my children needed medical treatment and the bills were overwhelming. I figured now was as good a time as any to withdraw all of the money and close the savings account. That process was amazingly difficult. Every single person I spoke to in customer service was difficult and none would clarify exactly how the account closure process works because apparently you are not supposed to use money that has been saved. I would not use this institution ever again.

Banking with AmEx

This is a good online bank if that is what you are looking for. This bank meets my needs and I like that there is a mobile app. I can have all of the information I need in the palm of my hand. Since this is the easiest way for me to bank I chose American Express Bank for my banking needs. I have not been charged any fees and I fall within the requirements to avoid them. I have done branch banking with other banks but this seems like a good fit for me personally right now. I have never had to contact customer service except for one occasion and the service was acceptable to me. I definitely like the web and app banking features and think they are easy to use.


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I have been using American Express Bank for several years now. They are an online-only bank but I like that. I wasn't going into my bank branch and mainly used online banking as my way to bank, so it made sense to switch to an online bank and earn more interest. American Express Bank offered that. Their online banking platform works well and I've never really had any issues with it. The mobile app is convenient and easy to use as well. I keep my savings in the account and will switch money to my local checking account as needed. Their fees are usual. Overall, I recommend using them if you don't need a branch.

Great Online Savings Account

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I have used American Express Bank for my savings account for several years now. They have a fantastic APY that is much higher than both my local bank and my local credit unions. I also think they have a great mobile app. It has finger print login on my android phone which not every bank uses yet. I have had to deal with their customer service a few times and they have been great every time. They are knowledgeable, the waits are never long, and they have never failed to help me. Which is extremely important since there is no physical branch that I can walk into. Your deposits are FDIC insured just like any other bank so there is no real risk. Overall, I would high recommend them for your savings or a CD. You cannot go wrong.

My experience with American Express Bank

I'm gonna close my account if things have not changed. I can't even link my Amex card. My account has been frozen three times. I'm having trouble understanding why I have to send in my social, identifications, and check subs so frequently. I just wanted to gain some interest by opening a savings account. It turns out with my savings American Express bank has not been honest in many ways, but it's enough for me to give up on them yet. I have not gained any interest on my loans, which makes no sense to me. I have 4 grand in my account as of this morning, I have only gained 40 cents from interest. It's very disappointing to say the least.

Their customer service is decent, It would be nice to speak to someone from the states instead of Philippians, or India. I have to constantly prove who i am by sending in items, i'm not comfortable with continually sending in documents which could lead to identity theft.

My Experience with American Express Serve.

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I would have to say that my experience with American Express serve was a great experience and was my online banking for over 3 years. What I loved about this is that I had an app that I could just login to and see what my account balance was and also what my transactions were. I loved the feature of the bank that I could reload at any Wal mart and it would be on my card within seconds. This made it easy for when I had paper checks and couldn't get them deposited in the bank. My bank also allowed me to have direct deposit so I was able to have all features of a local bank but all of it was done online. The customer service end of my online bank was amazing. They never gave hard time and really were on top of things. I only had a checking account with them so I could actually take a picture of my checks and things and have it deposited like that. The only thing I didn't like is that when I lost my card I had to have another one issued. This caused me not to be able to access my money for almost 2 weeks, because I couldn't just go inside bank and release money as the banking was online.

American Express Bank is fantastic

American Express may very well have the best online savings account one can open. With interest rates nearing 1%, and no fees, it's a no-brainer. Pair this with American Express's legendary customer service, and you have a winning combination. The website is easy to navigate, and allows for up to six transfers from your saving account each month, before a fee is imposed. It is impressive to watch a savings account make more interest in one month than any of my others make in one year.

American Express has the highest paying Savings and their Transfers are really fast

I use this checking and savings account with American express because it is quick fo me to acces my money when transferring from one account to another. In most cases, i can send a transfer from the my online payments one Monday, and as ong as it is processed by 2 pm, the it is in my account by the time i wake up in the morning on Tuesday. On top of that, the savings account payments are more than 1%, with all other banks paying about .2%, so even though i d ont have alot in savings right now, it still gets a few dollars each month, and as i save more money, i feel better about depositing it into this account because i know that American Express cares about their customers so they give more back to us.

Personal Savings with American Express

I've been a member of this bank for a few years now. I haven't had any problems where I'd need to contact customer service so I can't speak to that. The biggest reason I chose to go with this bank was because of their APY for savings. I have a high yield savings account and the return is fantastic. The website is awesome, I think the best option would be tagging. I love that I can tag transactions to keep notes on specific deposits or withdraws.

Great bank for savings, but found better interest rate elsewhere

I had a savings account with American Express for several years, until I eventually found a higher interest rate elsewhere. Still, during my experience with them, it has been excellent. Online transfers to and from the bank were very easy and quick, and my deposit would often go in the next business day. For someone like me, who watches their budget very tightly, it helps to know how much I will have pending in my savings account. At the time, the interest rates were competitive, and I've never had an issue with them either losing my money or not depositing the interest on time. Customer service was great, as well. No complaints, and would bank with them again (especially because I also hold a credit card from them) in the future, if their HYSA interest rates catch up.

Great Place for a Savings Account

AMEX has a great savings account program. Their interest rates are the highest around for savings. When I was shopping around, it was definitely the highest rate that I could find. When I was enrolling in their program, I had to call customer service since I had some questions. They were very informative and helpful during this process. I continue to earn high interest. When I need to transfer money out of my savings, I usually get the money in my checking account the next day. The site says 3-5 business days, but it has never taken more than 2 days to receive the money. I have been very satisfied with this bank. The website is convenient and has never been down when I have needed it. I would highly recommend this bank.

American Express Personal savings

American Express Personal savings bank is an online-only institution that has been spectacular for my personal savings goals. With an interest rate of .95%, it blows any offer from a brick-and-mortar bank out of the water. Transfers have always been extremely quick to and from my savings account, generally being received by the next business day. Anytime a problem arises, American Express customer service is there to provide unparalleled quality help, to make sure the problem is dealt with as quickly as possible. As it is a savings account, only six withdrawals per month are allowed from the account, but that helps one meet their personal finance goals by forcing one to keep their hands out of the cookie jar, so to say.

As A "High" Interest Savings Account I Have No Complaints

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I have used American Express for my emergency cash for several years now. I have been with them since 2015. Occasionally like today I check other banks to see if my rate could be improved. As you can see there are a few banks with somewhat higher rates, but when I read those reviews I am convinced that it is not worth the hassle. AM EX has extraordinary customer service. So for whatever it is worth, I just wanted to add my voice as a positive review for this bank. I remain very satisfied with my primary bank except as it relates to savings interest, there they are terrible so Am Ex fills the gap for me.

High Yield Amex Experience

The high yield online savings account offered by American Express (FSB) offers much higher rates than large brick and mortar banks. The rate I receive now is 1.12%. While nothing to write home about in terms of a rate of return and trying to beat inflation in general terms, this rate beats almost all other savings account rates. There is no minimum balance and the transfers happen pretty quickly and easily. For example, if you need to access your funds, often times the money will appear in your regular checking account the next business day. Finally, Amex is a big, trusty name that isn't going away anytime soon and will not abscond with your money. Highly recommended.

Best in online saving account

I've been using American Express personal saving online account for over 4 years now, and its by far one of the best decisions in my life. I get above market rate interest on my deposits, customer service agents are very professional and address issues in timely manner. i love it because it helps me reach my saving goal quickly, as there's no physical location to withdraw money from the account, except via online transfer which take 2 to 3 business days. So what ever money I have in there literally stays in there for good, as opposed to my regular bank account with debit card where am always tempted to swipe my debit card or get money out of the atm.

American Express savings account

I have been working with American Express's bank for a while now and they are a great company. If you are looking for an online banking solution that is easy to use and has great costumer service, then I wold recommend them. First of all, it is really easy to deposit to this account. You are able to do things like deposit checks with your phone and pretty much manage the whole account from your phone, which makes it just super convenient to use. Another great thing about their savings account is that they have no minimum amount for the account and that is great because sometimes you need to take money out of your savings account and I like having the flexibility. A another great thing is that they don't have any fees which makes it great because sometimes its just horrible to have to pay fees on everything.

Excellent savings bank!

Signing up for American Express Personal Savings (FSB) was one of my best banking decisions ever. I really have no complaints at all. They do their job well. There are many things to love about their service. First, the interest rate is not too bad. It used to be at 1% APY. Dropped to about .9% now but still good. I got to love their fee policy too, because they don't charge any! $0 in fees! I can keep as much or as little in the bank as well without being charged because there's no minimum amount to maintain. Also, customer service is very easy to deal with. I once asked a rep on the phone if it's okay to keep taking out money from the bank. He answered my inquiry very promptly and he was very friendly, too. I have had this account for about five years now and I will keep using it because it's just a great online savings bank in general.

Easy to Use

I found American Express Serve when I was looking for a card without a valid bank account. I wanted a way to be able to withdraw money without it being attached to my main account. Serve gives me the opportunity to either make direct deposits or make deposits at walmart or CVS. I am able to withdrawl my money in over 20,000 atms with very little fees. All contact made with the bank is online through the website or the mobile application. When i have problems with my account is it easy to get help either online or through the phone. I never feel insecure about my personal information because it feels like a very safe process. I can't picture myself working with any other online banking service.

Experience with an online only savings account

I opened the American Express savings account approximately 10 years ago. This was the first time I had opened an online only account so I wasn't completely sure if it would fit all my needs, but as it was only a savings account and would not need ATM access, I gave it a try. This was due to the competitive APR interest savings rate it was offering, and the free fee account features. Most of my communications with the bank has been through messages and not the phone, which is an option. It is very easy to set up transfers to and from my external checking account and have had not had any issues thus far and money is deposited at regularly scheduled days. The website isn't completely easy to use as sometimes I forget that my husband does not have access to online statements and 1099 forms because he an not a joint holder, but is an account administrator. This means that I must log in directly to perform any tasks, but as I perform the majority of financial tasks, this isn't a big issue. I have the option of receiving digital statements over paper ones, which I have elected to do. Their rate has gone down over the years, so I am again looking for a competitor that will provide better rates at which point, I may close this account.

American Express Serve Banking

I have to say that overall, when you sum it all up, I'm pretty happy with my experience with Serve. I have a checking account that works just as well as if I had a brick and mortar bank. Although I will say I have had a problem using their "take a photo" of the check method for depositing checks. When I say problem I mean I've never gotten it to work. So trying to deposit a check into my account is near impossible. I have to cash the check somewhere and then deposit the cash at a store that will load my account, if I want that check in my account. However though, direct deposits and any other deposits seem to transfer and clear into my account sometimes even faster than they would at a brick and mortar bank. Their customer service has been extremely good and quick to get a hold of. And if you want to do savings there are options on the website to set up multiple savings accounts if wanted. I don't get any monthly fees from this bank as long as I do one deposit a month, which I do plenty. And I don't pay fees on ATM withdraws provided I use an ATM in their network. Lucky for me there is an ATM that fits this criteria only one block away. The only real pain I have had to deal with using this account is the fact that the vast majority of small retailers in my area will not take my American Express card. This has become fairly annoying, but now I have just gotten used to going to the ATM everyday to get my deposits out. So even though I have this nice bank account, I find myself going out of the way to turn my card into cash.

Long-time savings customer

I use American Express for my savings account. When I first joined, their interest rate was 1%. It's currently .9, but I'm okay with that, too. I've been very, very happy with them. Every time I've had to call, which has only been about 3 times in at least 7 years, I get a person who is not only willing, but able, to help with my request. I have this savings account linked to two different checking accounts, and using AmEx to transfer funds among them is both free, simple, and problem-free. Setting up one-time and recurring transfers is simple, and the service is reliable. The only thing I would mention to customers is if you are planning to link a joint checking account to your savings account, and each member of the joint savings account has his or her own log-in for Amex, link and complete the process (takes only 1 day overnight) for one person and then for the other person (otherwise, you won't know which little deposit AmEx makes should be used to validate for whom). Other than that one little item, every transaction has been absolutely smooth, statements have been accurate, service has been professional, and I have been -- and will continue to be -- a long-time customer!

My online banking with AMEX

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I had been banking locally for over forty years and had been noticing ads for banking with American Express. I decided to look into the personal banking end of American Express and I'm so glad I did. They have everything my local bank has to offer and more. I first tried a personal checking account and liked it so much I cancelled my local checking account. I have since opened up a personal savings account as well as an IRA,CDs and a college fund for my granddaughter. I couldn't be happier. The rates are extremely competitive and the ease of online banking makes it even better. The customer service I received to help me along with the process has been outstanding. I highly recommend American Express for all of your banking needs.

Best High Yield Checking Account Available

I've had nothing but good experiences with this bank's high yield checking account. I needed a simple, reliable checking account that was web-based. I don't need to write a lot of checks. I also wanted to get a checking account that had a reasonable interest rate. This account met my checklist and so I opened an account several months ago. I'm very glad I did. The online tools that this bank provides are simple to use, intuitive, and excellent. The one time I needed to call customer service, I was promptly and cheerfully helped. Plus you've got the peace of mind banking with a well-known company. It really does not get any better than that. This company has exceeded my expectations consistently, and I highly recommend this company and this product.

Super reasonable banking.

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I was searching for a good online bank after moving to a rural community lacking any branches for the major banks. I did a big search and eventually settled on this one. It's all been fairly standard so far but for one thing, I have loved my experience with customer service. Any time I need to call for something, I get a real person promptly and they're always happy to work with me and be very flexible about whatever issue I'm having. I also appreciate how fair and reasonable the fees are, much lower than what I see at most other banks. I don't really use very complicated services so I can't speak for their products beyond simple checking, but I like what I see so far.

Five star rating for AMEX FSB

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Banking with American Express Bank, FSB has been a positive experience. I work in the I.T. industry and have depositing and withdrawing on a daily basis. Each and every transaction has been on time since I have begun banking with them in the earlier part of this year. I am also pleased with the high quality levels of customer services I have received by the AMEX team over the phone. I had questions on several transactions and also about what time the deposits would drop on a daily basis and I received instant answers from the representatives on duty. Overall, I would recommend this bank hands down to anyone with a super busy lifestyle because transactions can be made from the convenience of your own home. I work remotely so the AMEX availability factor works out great for my entire family! In conclusion the rating scale, customer service, mobile app, and fee free banking gets a ten out of ten stars for me on the rating scale!


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I could not be happier with my banking experience at American Express. I did not realize they had so much more to offer than credit cards. I was sent an email asking if I was interested in finding out what American Express has to offer in savings accounts,CDs and IRAs. I looked into it and was very surprised at what they had to offer. Very competitive rates and a large variety of options. I opened a personal savings account and an individual IRA. I couldn't be happier with my decision. I found the customer service to be outstanding and the online banking very convenient. I have looked into changing my personal checking account and have decided to move all of my banking to American Express. I highly recommend American Express for all banking needs.

Great Option for Savings

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I stumbled across the American Express bank when I was looking for any bank with a savings account with more than 0.1% interest. What's the point of a savings account at that point?! I was happy to find American Express had an online bank with 1% interest (not a lot, but better than anywhere else!). I was a little hesitant to use a bank that was only online, but decided to give it a try. I have to say, it's been very easy to use and I have no regrets. I think what I like the most is the ease of transferring money between different bank accounts. So if I need any of the money I have in the Amex account, it takes less than a minute to transfer it to one of my accounts at a physical bank so I can withdraw it. I also like that I can set up automatic withdraws from one of my other banks. So I can tell it to take a certain amount of money from my other bank every week. It really helps me by forcing me to save money by doing it for me. I've never had any issues so can't attest to their customer service, but if it is anything like the customer service for the Amex credit cards, it's bound to be excellent.

Good as gold

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I've been a customer of Amex since the early 1980s. They have never let me down in spite of difficulties encountered in remote, foreign places or just in my local environment. When I went looking for a savings account there was simply no question about what institution I would choose. Amex is the best. They are as reliable and trustworthy as any financial services company in the world. Their customer service is gold-standard and online access is smooth as silk. Bank-to-bank transfers are quick and effortless. Policies such as access to funds are relaxed and customer-friendly. Their online presence is about as smooth, hassle-free and user-friendly as I have found anywhere. There is no reason to look elsewhere for an online bank. I give Amex 5 stars.

A great tool to help save

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I started using the American Express Savings account a few years ago and it has helped me automate my savings. One of the best features is the ability to automate bank transfers. Every month, I would have the savings account withdraw a set amount to save each month. I was also able to get a very good rate of return on the savings. As I was able to pay my savings account first in an automated way, I was able to develop a better sense of self-discipline. The user experience is excellent and as such I have never had to access their customer service. All in all I would say this is an excellent choice for any saver.

Banking online is easy

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I have an American Express credit card. It made sense to me to choose them for my banking needs as well. Opening the account was easy. I like being able to navigate a website easily. I have only had to call customer service once. That was a positive experience. All of my questions were answered, I didn't have to wait on hold for a long time. I like my banking to be accessible and painless. With American Express I get both. I'm happy to have them and will continue to use them for my banking needs in the future. I do have other accounts for checking. I use the American Express account for just a savings account and to manage cd's that I have for my children. I did a bunch of research and I found their interest rate to be higher than I was able to get with my employers' credit union. Every little bit helps when you are saving so this was a plus for me.

Wonderful Bank

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I first learned of American Express Bank through my credit account. They are an internet bank, rather than a brick and mortar institution. I opened an online high-yield savings account with a great rate to earn on money I need to be able to access and use. There are transaction limits of 6 credits/debits via internet or phone per month so this isn't the type of account to use as a checking account. You link your American Express Bank account easily with other your existing bank accounts so you can transfer money between accounts to use when and where you need it. My online application was simple and it took only a few days to link my existing bank account to use to fund my new account. Even if you're not used to online banks, the savings interest rates are so competitive that it makes it worth opening a new account.

Easy and efficient!

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I use American Express, FSB for a personal savings account. It was highly recommended by a friend who has used this for almost 15 years now. The website is extremely easy to navigate and use, quite unlike other complicated bank websites. Their customer service is also easy to reach. The few times I have called, I have reached a representative in less than 2 minutes! No long times keeping a customer on hold, which is great! Their representatives are very knowledgeable and helpful. Also courteous and pleasant to speak with. They will spend enough time making sure I am satisfied with their solution. The CDs and interest rates are higher than most other savings bank accounts. All in all, this is a great bank to work with for peace of mind!

One of the best online bankings in USA

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I opened an online savings account with American Express Bank, FSB two years ago. American Express is well known for its credit card, but the banking service is somehow not that popular. One of the main reasons I opened the saving account was due to its high annual interest rate, compared to some other banking options. The process to open an account was fairly smooth - you just need to have the internet access, fill out some basic information, and the account was opened immediately. I used to have a concern whether my money would be secure by using an online banking service which does not offer local offices. My experience in the past two years was extremely positive. For example, the customer service is always friendly. I contacted customer service a few times in the past and they were always helpful. As another example, it is very fast to transfer your money from the saving account to other checking accounts (my personal experience is that money will be available just in 24 hours). This is very important if you want to have access to your money regularly.

Amex Banking

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American Express has now served as my primary bank account for well over 2 years now. Initially I found it to be the perfect fit for me, but the longer I have the account the more I contemplate changing banks. On the positive side, the online banking experience is nearly flawless. Pretty much anything that can normally be done in reference to banking online can easily be done with my Amex account, and it has been implemented very well. Accessing all the mobile options is very user friendly. Also, since I've had my bank account I have literally not paid one monthly fee. Or really any fee for that matter, sans using any non-associated ATM's. That being said, it can be a pain when you have any minor issue. This is because there is no brick and mortar option to field your issues. Any issue you have with your account must be settled over the phone. I personally do not like this, because a CSR on the phone is way less inclined to handle the situation with a personal feel. The other major issue with the account is the hair pulling debacle I had when trying to verify my account for deposits using the micro-deposit verification method. For some reason Amex just does not support this way of verifcation the majority of the time. I believe it's because other places mistake the account for a credit card because of the name. Either way, despite advertising that it functions just like any other account, it most certainly does not. I also had zero success so far trying to use the mobile check deposit feature. I've tried multiple times with different checks from different places, and it absolutely has never worked. I have tried calling, and the problem is never resolved. This can become a huge problem if you get paid frequently by checks. You don't have a bank to go to to cash it, and their offered method simply does not work. The third huge drawback also to this account is that your debit card is through American Express. Unfortunately I have found that nearly 80% of small businesses DO NOT accept Amex. I have frequently had problems paying for goods because places do not accept my card, which is very frustrating. Overall, I am satisfied with my experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs it as an "only" option available. But I personally am ready for a change because of small annoyances that have built up over my time with the company.

Great Experience for Savings

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I set up a savings account with American Express bank and the experience was very easy. After entering some personal information you can link your account from another bank to fund the account and transfer money that way. You can also fund the account by mailing in a check. The current percentage is higher than any other local bank I found, so I'm excited to get such a good percentage on my savings. Their website is easy to use and understand. It is a separate log in from the American Express site.

AMEX is Amazing

I have been an account holder at American Express Bank, FSB for over four years now. They are among the top, if not at the top, of savings banks when it comes to providing the APY for your savings. It's always at or close to 1% and even though that's not really much if you don't have thousands saved, it's still something. Customer service has always been great if I have any inquiries about my account. I have never had a bad experience with them. What I also love most about it is that there is no minimum balance required, and there's also no fee to make transfers. You are free to do whatever you want but of course there's a limit to the number of times withdrawals can be made (6 per billing cycle) so it's not the ideal way to pay bills. But I love it and I will surely keep this account for several years to come!

My Banking Experience with American Express Bank

I had been with another online banking service with a prepaid debit card for several years, but my financial situation changed when I started my small business and I found myself having to look for a bank that was able to keep up with all my new banking needs. One of my big issues was finding a financial institution that would let me have access to my electronic deposits without holding it in processing for days. American Express Bank is able to allow me to have access to my deposits usually within 24 hours of processing which is faster than any of the other banks could offer. I am able to do all my banking online, which is the way I prefer, from all of my devices. The site is very easy to navigate and use, with no down time that I have noticed so far. Finding ATMs that don't charge me a fee has been a bit of a hassle, but it has been that way with every other bank I have ever used. I haven't had any issue as of yet that would cause me to have to use their customer service, so I can not form an opinion as to how American Express Bank fairs on that front, but not having to need customer service in over a year makes me happy. Overall, I have been very pleased with my banking experience with American Express Bank.

Good bank, long transfer times

I have been with this bank for a number of years. The rates have been consistently pretty high although not the top. I've never had a problem with the bank nor the account. My only complaint would be the transfer times. Other banks take 2 days for funds to go into the account. This bank takes 5 or 6 for some strange reason. It is a bit frustrating at times.

AMEX online savings review

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I have a savings account with American Express. Their customer service is good in the fact I have never had a wait to speak to someone. They answer right away, which is unheard of in this day and age. The interest paid on my savings is near 1%. This is just about as competitive a rate as you can get on a savings account these days. When you login, I feel the web design could be a touch more detailed. It is a plain landing page - doesn't really stand out design wise. I feel they could put a touch more into the design of their website once you login. Overall they are a decent online bank to work with and I am happy I found their services as a means to save money.

5-Year Customer - flawless customer service

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I have had my primary savings account with AmEx (American Express Bank, FSB), and they have been just fabulous. Their interest rate has been consistently high -- much higher than regular banks -- and their customer services is top notch. I've had to call them a few times re random issues -- not problems, but questions on how to do things, etc. -- and every time I have reached a person who has been helpful and resolved my problem/answered my question the first time. My savings account is linked to my checking account at my local bank, and I frequently move funds between the two, without charge, using AmEx's transfer option. I have never had a problem. I would highly recommend this bank to anyone seeking a high yield savings account.

Great Savings Option

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I was frustrated by the savings options lately. You'll be lucky to find a savings account with .02%. The CD options were just as bad. But I found out that American Express actually had an online bank and the basic savings account earned 0.90%. That may not sound like a lot, but it's ten times what I could get at my local bank. The second best part is that there are no fees at all. I don't even need a minimum balance to keep it free. I can also connect it to all of my other banks and transfer money between them for free. So I move money there to save and grow, even a little, interest, and then can just as easily move it right back out if I need it for something. It's been really easy, and free, and a great option for a savings account.

Amazing Service

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I had been using another bank for my savings for quite some time. However, after receiving an offer about a year ago, I switched to American Express Bank for their more lucrative savings program. My old bank charged crazy monthly fees and I only got a rate of about .02%. With AMEX, I have no monthly fees and my APR is about .9%. Sure it doesn't sound like much, but with my savings amount, it adds up quickly. The best thing was I could move money directly from my checking at my current bank, right into my American Express savings account. Possibly the best feature they have honestly. I've only had to call their customer service once, due to an error processing my transfer request. The customer service was super helpful and ended up getting my transfer done while I was on the phone with them. I would certainly recommend this Savings Account to anyone.

Happy With This Savings Account

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I opened this account about 3 years ago. I wanted an online account that could pull money out of my checking account each week so I can build up some savings. The set up process was very easy and I was able to be up and running within about 15 minutes. I have never had a problem with this account. The function of the website is great and I can easily transfer funds from one bank to another without any problems. The only drawback is that I wish the interest rate was higher. When the rate is .90 you really have not money gained by saving for it. It really does not give you much advantage to do that. It is something that is like that with every company so they are no different (the rate is actually a little better at AMEX, comparitively). Overall, it is a great product, and you will not run into any problems using it. It also is very easy to access and you can get to your balance very quickly. There is some lag time when you want to transfer or withdraw money, but again, that is the same with all of these kinds of accounts.

A great online savings account option

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I've had an account with American Express for about 5 years, and have had absolutely no problems with them at all. I've never been charged a fee of any type, despite keeping various levels of savings with them. Their website interface is adequate; the user interface is a bit antiquated looking, but it is entirely functional. Their interest rates are relatively competitive with other savings accounts, which admittedly aren't that high, but par for the course for savings accounts. Contrary to what is often thought, you do not need to be an American Express card holder to open a savings account. I have only needed to contact their customer service department once, but the email communication I received from them was excellent.

Rock-solid reliable

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I have been a fan of American Express for many years. They have never let me down, and that applies to my online savings account. I wish the interest rate were better, but so does everyone else. The rate on my account is competitive. I have the confidence and assurance in knowing that I can count on Amex to provide the best service in the business. Recently, after somewhat of a lack of activity on my account, I received a friendly, courteous and helpful reminder that I hadn't accessed the account in a while. I responded immediately, got a quick confirmation in return, and once again felt secure and confident about using Amex for my savings.

Finally a savings account that's worth it

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I was seeking a bank that would actually give me some return on a savings account. Also, I wanted a savings account that was not easily accessible so that I couldn't 'dip' into it easily on a daily basis. American Express Bank gives me this option. I earn 0.85% higher on my savings account than I did at my previous bank. Also, the customer service is superb. They answer quickly and thoroughly.

Couldn't ask for a better bank

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I have been banking with American Express for over 5 years now. I have never had a problem with this bank in that time. Any question or concern I had about my savings account has been answered promptly. My previous bank had a really bad website which made it difficult to manage my account. American Express' website is nice and easy to navigate to make my information readily available to me. They offer great rates and most fees that they have are very reasonable. Customer Service has only been a hassle once, but my other experiences have been great. I usually get to talk to a representative within 4-5 minutes who is able to help me out. Sometimes I wish there were a bit more product options but overall I can't complain!

American Express Makes Online Savings Accounts Easy

With no minimums, no monthly fees, the American Express Savings accounts are easy to open and affordable for anyone wanting to start a savings account. I opened my account with just $100, but you do not need to make a minimum deposit, any amount will do. Also, it is easy to open the account right online and deposit money without having to go into a bank or mail anything. The one question I had that wasn't answered online, was easily answered with a quick phone call and the phone help was everything I would expect from American Express. Overall, a great choice for online banking without having to fork out money for bank fees. I would highly recommend this bank and their online accounts for anyone who doesn't want the hassle of traditional banks and crowds. Their interest rates for savings are just ok, nothing special.

Personal Saving Account

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I have a personal savings account through American Express Bank, and I love every bit of it. There is actually no on site location. So, everything is done online. The transfer from my outside bank to the savings accounts takes 3 days and the funds show up in about 5 days. It is not a issue for me because I am not looking for the funds to show up quickly because I use it as a savings account. There is also a limit on the amount of withdrawals you can have in a monthly statement. I do all my finances online, so I don't need a local bank. If I need a question answered there is a 1800 I can call and there are representative to help me. I am very happy with American Express Bank, and I recommend this saving account.

Finally! Savings that accrues interest.

I started banking with American Express when I was researching potential companies to open a savings account. I was pleased to see the high interest rate that American Express offers as well as no maintenance/monthly/service charges. Upon opening my account, I set up an automatic deposit from my payroll to the account and accidentally transposed numbers on the account number. I had to speak with the customer service department, they were friendly and walked me through what I needed to do and helped ensure my money would not get used by someone else. Luckily, they stagger their account numbers so they aren't close together. I was thankful that they do that because I've heard horror stories about similar situations at other banks. Needless to say, I have been saving to the account and earning interest. A win, win, if you ask me.

Great For a Secondary/Emergency Savings Account

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I had been looking for an on-line bank to utilize as a secondary savings account. I have a savings account with my local credit union but wanted another to use as long term emergency fund. Simply by having to login to a separate account, I am forced to think twice before withdrawing any money from this account, so it works perfectly for me. I looked around at a few online banks and settled on AMEX for a few reasons: reputation, no fees, excellent return rate, no minimum account requirement, and ease of use. I was able to set up an automatic transfer from my credit union account into this AMEX account very easily. You are limited to 6 transactions per month, but that's more than enough for my needs. The funds appear as available in the account within 24 hours and start earning interest at a return rate currently at 0.90%. I plan on getting a CD in order to get an even higher return rate. I highly recommend this bank.

The Best Savings Account

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The savings account is definitely the best that I've ever had. First of all, my most favorite aspect of the savings account is that there are no monthly fees. It has felt very secure and safe when depositing my funds. I also sell jewelry online and would receive deposits from my customers into this account. With the transfers, I would see the money post from 1 to 3 days, usually within a day. Also, with the account not having an ATM or debit card attached to it, it's definitely not as tempting to spend any of this money. Amex is and will always be the best!

Good Savings Account options

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I have banked with American Express Savings for the past 8 years after I moved to the US. Most banks do not offer good interest rates on savings accounts. I found American Express had higher interest rates, and they were also completely online. I have opened a savings account and several CDs with them. Their customer service is impeccable. Since they are a web-only bank, it is good to have friendly and courteous service at the other end of the phone. Their wait times on phone calls are also low compared to other banks I've worked with. Sometimes it feels odd not to have a physical bank to go to, but the ease of online transactions with them makes it worth it. I highly recommend AMEX to anyone who's looking for an online savings bank option.

Really Good Institution

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I have really enjoyed having savings with American Express. I was really surprised that I would enjoy banking here, as I thought they were only known for their credit cards. I was able to open my account easily, and when I had a question regarding future savings, and interest rates, I was able to call and get right through. All of my questions were answered in a polite manner that was easy to understand. I am confident with my money being safe, and have really enjoyed the app on my phone as well. I appreciate that there is also no minimum amount required here like some other banks. I get the feel that I am part of an elite group of people, but I am not penalized for living life if I have to take the money out for something. Overall, I would say that the product is excellent, the usability is excellent, and the customer service is top notch. I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to save!

Customer For Life

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My banking experience with American Express Bank has always been one of ease, comfort, no stress, and no frustrations. Their customer service has always been extremely helpful and professional. They actually seem like they know what their doing and are well informed on how the American Express Banking system works. American Express Bank, in my opinion, has always been an institution that cares about their customers. They care about your concerns and your financial future. The tellers are always extremely friendly, and online baking, along with their banking app, is so user friendly (which is good for me because when it comes to technology I'm completely lost). I'v signed up with a few other banks throughout my life, and I can safely say that AMEX has acquired a customer for life in me.

Easy Savings Account With a Great Rate

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Our family has had an American Express Savings Account for 3 years now and love it. The set up of the account was quick and easy. We were looking for a good interest rate since all the brick and mortar banks around us paid almost nothing (.01%). After doing some research, we choose American Express and set up our account since they offered free transfers and a good interest rate (.90%). I am able to transfer money from our brick and mortar banks checking account directly to our savings account for free, and the money shows up the next day. I am also able to transfer money from the savings account to our checking account, free of charge, and it shows up normally within 2 days. We like having the other options a brick and mortar bank offers (deposit box, notary services, etc.), so AMEX's savings account plus our traditional checking account at our B&M bank makes a perfect pair.

What All Internet Banks Should Be

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AMEX FSB website is great, very well designed. Opening an account is no nonsense, limited number of steps required. Website is easy to navigate. Rates are far above average. AMEX FSB is the prime example of how a web-bank should be designed.

American Express Bank, FSB has an excellent savings account.

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My experiences with American Express Bank, FSB have been excellent. Their savings account has one of the highest rates I was able to find. I shopped around a little before opening the account and American Express Bank also seemed to have one of the highest rated savings accounts. I opened the account online, it was extremely easy to do and didn't take long at all. Their online banking is extremely easy to use. I have transferred money between the American Express Bank savings account and my checking account at my other bank multiple times. Since I've had the account, and it never takes more than 2-3 days to show up in either account. I receive my statements online, which is nice because I don't like having to keep paper copies and wasting paper. Their customer service is excellent. When I had difficulty accessing my account, because I was locked out online, I called them and someone in customer service was able to help me get back onto my account with ease. The customer service representative was very pleasant and respectful of me over the phone. Overall I've had an excellent experiences with American Express Bank and recommend it to anyone.

Better than most American Express Bank.

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I opened an account with American Express Savings bank over two years ago. I liked them because they had one of the best rates. Better than my other bank of just .10 percent interest. They remain very competitive with other Banks and are currently offering a .90% savings rate on my money. This return is not great but much better than any other bank I have found. There online banking is very easy to access and I would strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to get a better rate on there money. Additionally there are no hidden fees with this bank as well. Which many banks now days try to hide these hidden fees American express bank is up front and honest. If you do not have a savings account I would strongly recommend this bank to anyone. Additionally with their very professional customer service I would recommend transferring my account to American Express bank.

High Yield Savings

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I opened a high yield savings account with American Express Bank several years ago, and I've been rather happy with the bank. Rates have decreased (considerably) but so have every other bank's, so I can't really hold it against Amex. I've only had to deal with customer service twice over the years, and both times they addressed my problems quickly and appropriately. I had an issue verifying my identity when I first opened the account, and they worked with me to find another way to submit my ID and documents. A year or so later, I was the victim of identity theft when someone stole my credit card number and I had to work with Amex to get my account numbers changed and passwords reset as a precaution. The rep I spoke to was professional and sympathetic, given the situation. The website is well laid out and easy to navigate. They've made a few improvements since I've opened the account, and I really like how easy it is to use the interface and retrieve old statements and tax forms. I liked the savings account enough to open several other accounts with Amex.

Overall A Good Experince

Overall I have had a positive experience with American Express, I really like their web/mobile experience but have had some trouble with connecting it to my YNAB account on occasion. The transactions reflect quickly in my account/transaction history. I appreciate that because I can be meticulous with budgeting and tracking my money. I have only had to call customer service once and it was for a pretty basic issue. The issue was cleared up quickly and was everything I have expected. Only reason I haven't given them all 5 stars is because I can't describe it as the "best bank ever". There is one other bank, Simple, that takes that top prize. If fees were lower with American Express I think I would change my opinion.

Solid Savings Account

I have had an online savings account with American Express for about 2 years now, and in my experience they offer a solid service. The interest rate on your savings is currently .90%, which of course isn't the greatest, but it is definitely better what your standard brick and mortar bank is offering. The bigger drawing card for me though has been the ease of use in depositing and managing the account. Setting up the account was easy, and the customer service has been great. That's what American Express is known for after all. I did have one minor issue where a transfer I made took a little longer than I was expecting, but when I contacted customer service they took care of the issue right away and let me know exactly what was going on. I also love having my savings account and my main credit card account view-able together as well. If you're looking for an online savings account, you really can't go wrong with American Express.

Great Bank For All

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I personally use American express banking and absolutely love it! They have amazing customer service, and offer competitive rates for investment's such as savings accounts. I have been a customer of American Express banking for a few years now and have not had a single problem. American Express has always offered a competitive banking rate for savings accounts and other investment types. I have always had a great experience with customer service, and the one time I actually needed fraud protection for a fraudulent charge they covered me with no exception. I absolutely love American Express banking and will continue to be a customer for them as long as things stay the same.

Decent Bank

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I started using American Express after my family moved while I was in high school. Before, we used to bank with a small local branch and from what I remember, it was very basic. My parents opened up an account for me at American Express and got me started with depositing money. Once I graduated college, my use of American Express became more important in my life. The transition has been easy as American Express has developed an easy to use banking system for the younger generation. I highly enjoy American Express' online banking feature. It is extremely easy for me to use and I have had no problem checking my account or transferring money. A feature that has been great for me has been the use of notifications. As a student, I do not have a lot of money and am constantly worried about not having enough money in my account to pay bills. American Express sends me notifications to my phone once my account reaches a certain level making it extremely easy for me to keep track of funds.

American Express Review

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American Express Bank is an online bank that provides competitive rates and products, and is generally better than traditional brick and mortar banks. Because American Express Bank does not have a physical presence, they have a lower overhead than other banks and can pass those savings onto the consumer. As such, their rates for traditional savings are relatively high (0.90% APY last I checked), and what makes this better is there is no minimum requirement. Many other banks require high minimums, sometimes as much as $10,000, to get a preferred rate. American Express Bank also provides competitive rates on CD's, which can range from 0.40% for short-term CDs to 2% for 5-year CD's, also with no minimum requirement.

The only downside to this internet bank is that it is not as "accessible" as a bank from your traditional physical bank.

One last positive from my experiences with American Express Bank is the customer service. You will not be frustrated dealing with the representatives because they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and value customer service. You can contact them 24/7 via phone or the online chat, and very rarely do you have to wait longer than a minute before speaking with a live representative. And unlike other banks, you don't have to go through an annoying phone menu before getting to a live person.

Good Experiences With Amex Bank

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I first opened up an account with American Express Banking in September of 2015. While I have been using an American Express card for a number of years I was a bit hesitant at first to start banking with them, as I wrongly assumed they would be more interested in high rates over customer service. I could not have been more wrong. From the moment I spoke with one of their customer service representatives, Jane, on the phone I was blown away. Jane was friendly, took the time out to listen to my concerns and allayed any fears that I may have had in regards to banking with American Express. Jane explained to me, in no uncertain terms, what the rates for opening a saving account would be, how American Express could help me in any financial situation I may face, and why it was that I should be banking with them. Since that day I have not looked back. I have found their customer service to be increasingly polite and always willing to assist. Their web interface is very easy to navigate and I am able to quickly check my balance, as well as get most information I would need just with the simple click of my mouse. Overall I would say the experience has been great and I would highly recommend to anyone I know that they bank with American Express.

American Express Bank

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I became a member of American Express Bank back in 2011. I currently hold a savings account with with American Express Bank, and I find it quite useful. The interest rate on this account is currently hovering between 0.90% to 1%; it varies from month to month from what I've noticed. Deposits that I've made to and from this account typically always process within 2 business days. The customer service department at American Express Bank is a bit above average. The one time that I had to use customer service, the department took nearly a half a week to fulfill my request; however, they did keep me updated all along the way. The major downside to this particular division of American Express Bank Bank is that it doesn't offer any other accounts aside from savings accounts. The lack of checking account offers, and even money market accounts keeps me from moving all of my funding over to American Express Bank. Overall, if you're searching for a savings account with a decent return rate, American Express bank is definitely worth a look.

Customer Service Needs Work

I wanted to talk to customer service about a overdraft fee and they were less then friendly... being very short and rude when all i wanted was a explanation. I got the fee removed and didn't have any problems after that, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

American Express Savings

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American Express offers a savings account that pays a higher rate of interest than any other savings account I have seen. You get 0.9% interest on your balance. Interest rates are pretty low across the board and while 0.9% may not sound like a lot, it is much higher than what most other banks currently offer. In fact, getting interest at all is becoming somewhat rare. The American Express savings account is simply a savings account. You do not get a debit card or checks with the account and you're limited to 6 transactions a month. I find the account useful given the comparatively high interest offered, but it may not be an account that everyone will find useful. I keep money in the account that I would otherwise have in my checking account - which wouldn't be earning interest. I think it is a good account for people who want to put aside money that they could potentially need and thus don't want to have it invested in the stock market, yet want to earn some return on their money. As always, Amex customer service is top notch.

Amex Savings a Winner!

American Express Personal Savings is a great savings option that provides a competitive rate. Not only do they provide good rates of return, but their customer service is top notch. As expected with American Express, their agents are quick to answer questions and do so with a great attitude. I've only experienced positive interactions with them, be it simple password resets to more complex financial inquiries. Their online login system is also super clear, easy-to-use, and mobile optimized. I was always able to check my deposits, withdrawals, and balances on the go and in an easy-to-read display. I appreciated that I could quickly access my information without any hassle. Their website is also great to browse because there isn't any advertising or distracting marketing messages. All the basic information needed was always easy to find and learn more about. I felt very confident that my money was safe and that I would be protected by their great service.

So far, my top choice.

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I've been a member of American Express for nearly 2 years now after having banking experience with a few other companies. The pros that I would like to highlight with Amex are their swiftness to deposit pending transactions. I typically receive my direct deposits around midnight with the exception of a recent week where all of my direct deposits hit my account at 11:30 pm on the day the deposit was made. I also am incredibly impressed with the lack of fees. The only time I'm ever charged a fee is when I withdraw money from an ATM. My only issue I have with Amex (which may not even be an issue they can fix) is the lack of companies who accept their card. Over all, banking with American Express is perfect for my lifestyle.

Average Online Bank

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I've had the account for over a year and I don't have any complaints. Its a bank and it does what I want it to do. I haven't had any issues and the rates are competitive. The online website has gotten better since I opened the account which is important to me. The few times I have had to actually talk/chat with customer service have gone well and what I needed was accomplished. I only use this account with money that I make online and spend online so my experience with them is limited. I can't make any predictions on how Amex will work if someone needs more complex banking.

Reasonable fees, great customer service and very auto-pilot experience!

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Starting my business with American Express Bank 5 months ago was a final choice when choosing a new bank, and I'm glad I did so. I was very attracted to their APY of 0.90% with personal accounts, way higher with other banks that offer a lot lower, which in my situation, wanting a personal savings account, it meant a lot to me. After signing up and dumping funds into my account, which starting my account and transferring accounts from my previous bank was a breeze. No monthly banking fees at all was a plus for me, I was being charged for silly maintenance fees prior to this bank and they were unnecessary, so that helped a lot. Their customer service is always on point with helping me and they always have a straight forward attitude! A few weeks back, a few checks were not clearing through with my savings account and I called for help, got the help I need, checks were cleared and the system was refreshed and they showed in my account. Very fast service and very positive. Everything else is taken care of for me, which is why I mentioned auto-pilot experience. Their mobile apps are a huge help too, I'm very heavy into my phone and having the app to check balances and check deposits is very handy and it's never laggy or buggy. Overall, my experience with American Express Bank is a very positive one and I wouldn't ever think of going to another bank at the moment, this one met my expectations and more. I would definitely recommend it to other friends and family if they are in the business of switching banks and I'd be glad to help them to set it up!

Fantastic bank for online banking!

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I was first introduced to online banking with American Express through a credit card rewards system. That program was long ago cancelled, searching for better online banking has led me back to American Express. They offer great customer service, every question or problem I ever had was resolved fast. Interest rates are at or above average while banking fees are low or non existent. Being an internet bank, they offer a great online experience. Everything works fantastically and is easy to use. And any fee I have encountered was much lower then industry standard or no fee at all. Overall I rank this bank as my favorite and hope they continue great customer service and competitive/low-no fee services!

Maybe the best personal savings account few know about.

I have been using the personal savings account from American Express Bank, FSB for about seventeen (17) months now and I must say that I am very impressed with not just the interest rate (which currently at 0.9% APY is one of the best in the country if not the best) but its exceptional customer service seems to be second to none when compared to other traditional banks. American Express as a company seems to have replicated their winning formula for retaining high net worth customers to serving almost about every one with their personal savings account.
The only challenge I have with this account is that they don't give ATM cards and you are only allowed to withdraw funds up to a maximum of six (6) withdrawals per month without incurring any fees. However, if you exceed the maximum six (6) per month, you can begin to incur significant fees per extra withdrawal. This is unfortunate as this can really be a simple fix by American Express which will turn a very good product to a great one.

An incredible bank

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This is the best bank I have ever had. I love pretty much everything about the bank. I really like that I have no fees with the account. Whenever I call I can get a person on the phone. I work odd hours and sometimes I am not home until early morning hours and I can get a hold of a customer service agent even then. There are no minimums on my account and that is another thing that I love. The interest rate on my savings account is a lot higher than on any other savings account I have ever had. Having an account with American Express Bank has also come with great rewards for me. I have received travel rewards from American Express. I have also received gift cards and shopping rewards. I have an account for my business as well as a personal account and I wouldn't change banks for any reason.

This is a Great Online Bank

I have been a customer of the American express Bank since 1999, Initially i had just their credit card, aka Blue from American express, but later on when they introduced their savings product I signed for it as well. I opened the persona savings account in 2004 and I have used it more than any other account, the only exception being ING Direct personal Savings now Capital one 360. This savings account has one of the higher yields nationwide and over the years it has not gone below .70 % , i think currently they are giving .90% which is way better than probably 90% of all the savings accounts at other banks. The website you log in to is pretty simple (although the URL is long). Once you login, pretty much everything you need is right there. Earlier there used to be an issue where the addition and deletion of transfer account was not automated and the account owner had to call customer service to make any changes, but that feature has since been added. One of the other best features is a very fast transfer, so for e.g. if you need money from your savings account into checking at some other bank , it only takes as little as 1 day to get it there. Many other institutions take upto 3 days. In the past when I had to call the customer service they were always very courteous and helpful and the speed to answer time was also low. I don't remember calling them twice for the same issue, so they were not only quick but effective . I have not called them in an year but i think the high standards are still there, and this is why I would say this is the best savings account , I still have money in it and probably will keep this relationship for a long time. thanks

Make it easy

We opened our account with American Express Bank a few years ago. We have had a credit card with them for as long as we could remember and didn't even know they had bank accounts available. One day I was on the phone disputing a charge where a company accidentally charged me twice. The kind gentleman on the line told me about their banking and said I would be eligible for a nice interest rate if I wanted to open up a bank account. After doing a bit more research I found out that they were offering me a lot better deal than my current bank was. I moved some money into the account and haven't had any issues yet. It is very easy to pay off the credit card this way which saves some time. When a lot of your finances are done with the same company it makes things easier.

Really Great Bank

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This bank is really great. I do most of my banking online through their online banking app and it works really well. I have yet to experience any difficulty with the app loading, with transferring funds, or with depositing checks through the app. I simply love it. The customer service is really good too. I had lost my card once and I called for a replacement and the person I spoke to was very courteous and got everything situated in just a few minutes. I was even able to keep my same PIN, which I was worried about because I'm really quite bad at remembering new PINs. I really like the savings account I got because there are no fees involved with it, which is very hard to find. I tried at multiple banks and every one said that there were fees involved with their savings account and I think it's ridiculous for banks to charge fees to have a savings account.

American Express Bank

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I've been using an American Express credit card for some time now and decided to try out their online banking system to save money in an account that has higher interest than using my regular savings account attached to my checking account. So far my experiences have been nothing but good. I have had some trouble setting up the account and getting accepted but that was mostly due to factors of the internet application process rather than my own personal qualifications. The customer service is top notch, just like their credit card service. The online navigation is just as easy as any other online banking service. The website is responsive and never hangs up. The APY percentage is way higher compared to your average savings account and there's no monthly fee or any kind of minimum balance required. With those benefits and the fact that you can easily link your other banks with the account to easily transfer money between them makes getting this account a no brainier.

Great National Bank

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I have used American Expresses online savings accounts for a number of years and have had nothing but great experiences. Yes there are no physical branches but in this day and age that really does not matter. Their great online tools more than make up for the lack of a physical location you can visit. They have a well thought out and powerful mobile apps, that can use your finger print for login at least on iOS. The fees on their deposit accounts are low and interest rate is way more competitive than anything you will find at a brick and mortar bank. Their telephone customer service is absolutely world class after years of refinement from their credit business. If you need a savings account with a great rate and are OK with an online only bank I absolutely cannot recommend American Express enough. It has been nothing but a pleasure using them for the last several years.

Four Out Of Five Stars

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I have been a customer of American Express savings deposit account customer for some time. I find their website to always be up to date and have current useful features. I like the way the website is designed and the fact that it really seems like the company has a genuine interest in providing customers with the most current banking options. The only issue I have with them is their customer service. I do not feel that the agents are trained as well as they would have you believe and I think a few more training classes would likely go a long way. I do appreciate the fact that they are available 24 hours a day as this is not the case with most banks. The agents do seem to be very concerned with my happiness as a customer, they just do not always have the answers I am looking for. Overall I like banking with American Express and have no intentions of closing my account in the future.

The Best Bank!

A few months ago I opened a high yield savings account with American Express Bank. I opened it because I have another banking product with them and needed to put my money with a bank I could really trust. The experience with American Express bank has been great! With that being said I believe every institution have their problems, but I expect issues to be handled in a timely fashion. After opening the account there was an issue I had with a transfer not showing up in my account. The funds had already been taken from my other account which is at another institution. Of course I put a phone call in and with them and I immediately got someone on the line. The realized how important this was to me, as it would be with any customer. While on the phone they figured out what the issue was and made sure the money was credited to my account immediately. That really made me feel safe about depositing my money with them, especially since I cannot walk right into a branch! I appreciate their great customer service and their since of urgency! THIS IS THE BEST BANK!

Fast Survivorship Account

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I opened my high yield account, a 60 month cd, for my teenage son. My child has Autism, and I wanted to assure he will have something if I pass away that would be fast to access. There are zero fees, so I made it a joint account with survivor-ship so other family could make deposits to it and he would be able to access it swiftly. As my son is a duel citizen, I wanted to make sure he could access the money internationally in Ireland as well, and American Express is by far the best option. With this he can make up to 6 withdrawals a year with no penalty and the yield is much better than the competition. There is no minimum balance either, so you can open it with literally $1 dollar, and set up funds transfer from your bank for auto deposits as often as you want. The also have very well trained 24/7 online and phone support. I have only good things to say about American Express Bank and their high-yield CDs.


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American Express is wonderful! I love the way my direct deposit shows up on my account 2 days prior to day it is scheduled to show! I used this card to do a lot of paypal prepayment agreements and often times, I would forget I authorized a merchant to deduct funds from my account for their product or services, American Express is GREAT because before paying it, they would issue me an alert via email AND text to ensure I have agreed to this prepayment prior to disbursing my funds. If I ever incur a problem or have questions about a transaction, When I call in, I am helped IMMEDIATELY with no long hold times.

Adequate Experience

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I have been with American Express Bank for almost two years now and I don't really have any complaints. I was with SCBT for about four years prior. I'd say the two banks have a lot in common as far as my account goes. A.E. doesn't charge me to have an account and there is no minimum requirement for how much is in my account. I had to have a hundred to put in, I think, but overall I like that I don't have extraordinary fees like I've seen with other banks. As far as their customer service is concerned, I've never had any serious problems. Their attitudes are usually friendly and try to be helpful. I had a security breach on my card and I think they handled it fairly well. They knew about it and corrected the problem before any further damage could be done, within two hours of the breach and contacted me to let me know what the solution was.

Decent Banking Experience

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I have banked with American Express Bank for several years now. What brought me to them was the convenience. I've recently changed most of my banking over to AEB exclusively because of the service that I have received. I very much appreciate their mobile app that allows me to very quickly locate ATMs that won't charge me absurd fees, allows me to quickly check my balance, allows me to deposit checks via mobile, etc. I recently had an issue with a transaction that came across my account and was impressed at how quickly the customer service reps took care of the issue and made me feel safe that the situation would not happen again. I have only had one incident that angered me in the several years that I have banked with AEB. This last spring, I used my card for a very large purchase in a town about an hour and a half away from me. When I returned home, my card was denied for a small purchase. I thought their system was down, so paid cash and left. I attempted to use my card a few minutes later for another small purchase, only for it to be denied again. I immediately called AEB to find out what the problem was. They informed me that the very large purchase in a different town flagged my account for possible fraud. I was very angry with them for the declines, until I understood why they did it. I answered a few quick questions and they unflagged my card. My only other complaint about AEB is the fact that it is a bit frustrating, when I have a question, that I can't speak to someone who speaks clear English. It's that way with so many companies anymore, and it's very frustrating. Overall, I don't have any major complaints. I really rather enjoy the card and it's convenience and ease of use.

American Express Bank Savings Account

I currently hold an American Express Personal Savings account. Opening this savings account was incredibly simple, and only required $1 to open. I've only had to make use of American Express's customer service for this account once, and that was when I forgot my password. The process of recovery was incredibly simple and quick. The interest rate on this savings account is above average. The interest rate was at %0.80 percent at the time that I opened the account, though it did drop slightly to %0.70 about 2 months after my sign up. The interest rate on the American Express is currently holding strong at %0.90 percent. I currently have this savings account linked to my checking account at a different bank. The transfer time between these 2 accounts, on average, depends largely on where the transfer is initiated. Any transfer that I make which is initiated from the American Express savings account takes 5-6 days on average to complete. While a transfer from my outside checking account is completed in 3 days. Overall, the American Express Savings account is a solid choice if you're looking to build up a rainy day fun, or just to save period.

My Savings Account

I've had my had my savings/cc with American express for quite some time. They have some of the best rates you can get out there for liquid accounts. I would definitely recommend everybody use this since the service and mobile apps are amazing.

American Awesome

I recently chose to open a savings account with American Express, as I was forced to make a change in banks due to a cross-country move and I wanted to have my money closer than 2,000 miles away. Being a student who works for meager wages and who has very little free time, the ability to deposit my paychecks without having to make a trip to the bank itself is invaluable. The local staff in my new town are very approachable and courteous - I normally am nervous when dealing with placid bankers, but the staff at my most frequented branch are engaging and I find myself smiling with them when I interact with them. I do not plan on getting a credit card with this bank, though, due to their tremendously high interest rates. Overall, I am pleased with this bank and will stick with them in the case of a future move, as they are ubiquitous across the US.

Straight-Forward High Yield Savings

I've had a high yield savings account from Amex for the past several years. The only time I've dealt with the customer service was when I was setting up the account & had some technical issues with the website. The customer service reps I dealt with were helpful and easy to understand, but I did get transferred several times before I found someone that could help. The savings account itself is exactly what I wanted - minimal fees, decent interest rates in comparison to other banks and an option to be completely paperless. I really like the layout of the website; it's changed since I first opened my account and it is much easier to navigate now. With the new layout, I can set up a transfer into my savings account in just a few seconds. The recurring transfer option has been great for keeping me on top of saving as much as I should be and it's really easy to change when I need to. Overall, it's an account I never have to think about to much, which is ideal for me.

Great savings bank!

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I remember when I was in the process of looking for a nice savings bank with a great annual percentage yield. I did my research, and found out about American Express Bank at the time. It had 1% APY, and still remains close to that up to this day. I was unsure of how to get things started, so I called the customer service number on the website to find out more about how beneficial it would be to sign up for an account. Well, for one, there's no minimum balance that you have to maintain. You can take out as much as you want without worrying about any penalty, said the rep. Being honest, he also reminded me that the APY tends to fluctuate, but not far off from 1%. Customer service was excellent, I thought to myself. As I signed up and used it myself, I found it easy to check balances, make bank account transfers, and keep track of monthly interest. It's not much when it comes to the yield, but hey, this was one of the best out there at the time when it comes to APY, and it still has one of the best to this day. It's been almost four years since I signed up and have gained hundreds already from interest savings. All thanks to one of the best out there, the American Express Bank.

Great Overall Bank for Saving!!

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I have been working with American Express with my Savings account for about 5 years now. They have always had great customer service and help me with any situation that may have come along. Due to me opening my account a while back, I was allowed to keep my rate for my saving accounts which was great. They really want to satisfy their customers and that's how they make you feel. I would recommend American Express to those that like to save but want to have a bank that is based online.

Savings with American Express

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In general I was very pleased with my prior experiences with American Express, which is why I was excited to open up a savings account with them when that option became available. In general, I found the website easy to navigate, it was easy to make deposits and withdrawals to and from my account, and I had no problem getting in touch with a customer service rep over the phone when necessary. My only disappointment was how difficult it was to have my name changed on my account after I got married. I'd been going through the same process with many other entities at the time but I found Amex to be one of the most difficult as far as requirements go, ease of submission of forms and paperwork, the need for originals versus copies. It was a headache and ultimately left a bad taste in my mouth that was the catalyst for closing my account at a later time.

American Express Savings was competitive, but just didn't work for us.

My husband and I decided we would switch from the typical branch savings account to an online bank, as interest rates were (and frankly still are) at an all time low. We wanted to earn as much money as possible for whatever cash we had. At the time, American Express was offering the most competitive rate for their savings account and we signed up. I will give credit where credit is due and state that their customer service was top-notch. In dealing with various situations on the phone with their agents, they were thorough, considerate and unified in providing accurate information and resolving any issues. Also, we were quite impressed with their mobile app and website. Easy to use and always accessible. What didn't work for us was not having a checking account through American Express. Transferring to and from their savings account to our bank took some time to process -- and we just needed to be able to access our money immediately. For some people (I guess people who have more money in their checking account at any given time) this may not be an issue, but for us it was. We decided to switch to a different online bank that offered comprehensive services that would meet all of our needs. Again, our experience with American Express was positive, it just wasn't the right fit for our family.

You cannot beat Amex's no-BS fee schedule for reasonable services and yield

As someone who, since the bank bailout, was forced to moved my savings accounts because of a forced merger of my local bank, I am very happy I went with a 'big' brand name that WAS NOT associated with the bailout. I was initially afraid of selecting the Amex brand in that I thought it would be 'too expensive' or cater to much higher net worth individuals. This was not the case. The fee structure and associated rules that Amex high yield savings provides me is perfect. Not that it is a problem very often, but NO minimums allows me to stay very flexible from a cash flow standpoint. I wanted a bank that WAS NOT associated with the bailouts when I was affected, and my choice was excellent. I've NEVER had issues accessing my money and I never have to worry about mergers/acq's/etc. Even though my account balances run $8,000-$12,000, I feel like I am treated as equally as a high net worth individual with 7-figure balances. I thought not having a 'brick and mortar' branch to walk into every week would be an issue, and it has not been at all.

Convenient and Functional

Using American Express Bank, FSB. has been a great experience. When I opened an account with them, I was concerned how the online aspect of the account would work, but it has exceeded my expectations. Electronic transfers move quickly without annoying or confusing delays, and I can always access my account information online when I need it. The website has never given me trouble, the security on my account is excellent, and I have never had to go sort out issues inside a physical bank branch.

I have rarely had problems, but the few times I have - for example, once I was having an issue accessing my account on mobile - I called customer service and got an immediate answer. The receptionist on the other end didn't give me a runaround or patronize me. She asked how she coudl help me, I described my problem having trouble accessing my account, and she put me through immediately to the representative who could help me. That person was polite and welcoming, but also efficient and able to solve my problem with no hassle. All I had to do was approve a certain security feature that was a measure to ensure someone else couldn't steal my phone and my account.

My experience with my account gave me so much confidence that I opened another savings account as well and have had nothing but good experiences with it. The fees associated with my accounts are very reasonable - lower than I had heard they would be and lower than many other online banks. Overall, American Express Bank is something I highly recommend.

American Express, Not Just For Awesome Credit Cards

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I had been using American Express as a credit card user for awhile now. They have always been superb in that regard, so I while searching for a savings account, I figured why not give them a shot? What harm could it do? They been awesome! Their rate is currently at .9% which is not the highest out there for an online savings account, but it's still competitive and you get added benefits for taking the minor hit to the rate by going with American Express. Their deposit hold times are what one might expect from an online bank but they're customer service is phenomenal as always and you get a slew of other benefits as well. Whenever I have a problem or a question their live chat makes me feel as if my issue is important which is something I had issues with at other banks in the past. Their mobile app is definitely one of the better banking apps out there and their website is pretty top notch when it comes to online banks. There's no fees or minimum account balances required which is pretty important to me. I use them to stash my emergency fund just in case I should lose my job or have an accident of some sort. It's nice having peace of mind that if I ever need to tap into that money the bank won't hammer me with fees if I can't replace it fast enough. Overall I love American Express and would happily consider them for CD's and other banking products from them in the future. They continue to be one of the better banks to work with.

Happy American Express Customer

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I started using American Express Bank two years ago when my friend recommended it to me. She told me the bank had a good reputation in customer service, mobile and online banking services, and an overall smooth banking experience. I had a Bank of America account and was reluctant at first to open an account in another bank. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try American Express Bank and I'm glad I did.

At the time I started using American Express Bank, I was a college student and they offered me 100% free checking and savings accounts. They assisted me in the account opening process and the overall experience was good. Now it's two years later and I still enjoy the services the bank offers for free. Whenever I need to contact customer care, they listen to my needs and assist me as well and as promptly as they can.

The bank is also very good when it comes to online and mobile banking services. I get all my monthly statement electronically and my account transaction history is detailed and accurate. So to sum it up, I'm really happy to be using American Express Bank account.

Count One More Satisfied Customer!

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I have had experiences with many banks, some good, most bad. Luckily, I can count American Express into the good category. Their rates for savings accounts are very enticing and competitive, especially right now at 0.90%; the interest is really accumulating for me! The online experience is very nice as well. The website is very well designed, being both physically attractive and easy to understand. I do think that customer service is their weak spot (when I first signed up and had trouble with my account, the customer service team was very little help to me, making me wait for hours on end just to get an answer on a question), so be aware of that. However, that was only one time and this happened a year ago, so it's possible that things have improved since then. I should also add that the fees are pretty reasonable overall, especially compared to other banks out there. In summary, you'll have a hard time finding much better on the market. I definitely recommend American Express!

Competitive High Yield Savings

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If you are looking to try out online banking and are wanting to set up a emergency saving account that will pay you more than just a couple of cents every month give American Express Bank a shot. They will not charge you monthly fees that cut into your interest profit. The also have a competitive annual percentage rate at 0.90% for their high yield savings account, which by the way should be the only type of savings account you should even look into if you are just looking to put some money away that you still can have access to rather quickly. As for customer service, American Express has had the reputation of excellent service toward the customers. The times I have had to personally deal with them they were accommodating and easy to work with and took the time to make sure they I was satisfied. Overall I am happy with my account through American Express Bank and though you are not going to retire anytime soon if all you have is a high yield saving account it is still loads better than some of the other competitors that only give you 0.03% interest. Looking at you Bank of America savings.

Good account, solid rate

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I have maintained a savings account with American Express Personal Savings for a while now, and have been pretty pleased overall. The rate is among the best that I have found, and there are no hoops to jump through to get my funds. Transfers go through quickly, and it is easy to open and maintain multiple accounts to track savings for different purposes. There is no mobile app, which is kind of a drag, but it is easy enough to just log in on the web and do what I need. There is no fee to open or maintain an account, and transfers are limited to six per month. I have never really had to deal with customer service, so I don't really have an opinion as far as that is concerned. I do believe that you can access customer service via online chat, which is a nice feature. Overall, it has been a good experience and I would recommend the bank.

Best Rates, slow transfers

I signed up for a savings account with these guys about 10 months ago. The opening process was pretty straightforward. After signing up I noticed that transfers seemed slow compared to other online banks. As of this moment, I have an account with American Express, EmigrantDirect and SmartyPig. Both American Express FSB and SmartyPig take 2 days to transfer money to and from my bank (not counting weekends). If you want fast and predictable access to your savings then this is certainly not the bank or account for you. That said, you simply will not find a better rate. They pay interest on schedule and as promised. The rate does not appear to be a teaser rate either. Although in the grand scheme of things .9% for interest is not a lot, it is the best rate you will find right now. I only had to call once and although they couldn't answer my question they were pleasant enough.

Left Other Banks For AMEX, FSB!

Before opening a savings account with American Express, FSB I had a savings account with Chase where customer service was subpar and the savings account had certain restrictions. My decision to switch was heavily based by having used American Express's credit cards. I have not been disappointed! My savings account with American Express, FSB has been opened for nearly 8 years and in that time I have found their customer service to be absolutely superb (they actually take the time to answer all your questions and help you with any concerns!) and am happy with my ability to link my savings account to other checking accounts (if only AMEX, FSB offered checking accounts too!!) I have never had problems with "overdraft" fees and have never feared taking out "too much" money from my savings account because my account has no minimum (which is extremely helpful in times of emergency). Seriously, would recommend American Express, FSB to anyone!

American Express has well trained, compassionate customer service people.

I opened up a personal savings account at American Express because I wanted to start putting money aside for a vacation for me and my daughters. I felt that my money would be safe with American Express and it has been of course. I had an issue recently where I had to contact American Express because I really messed up and transferred too much money from an external checking account into my American Express savings account. I was in a total panic because I was going to have checks bouncing from my external error due to my mistake. I contacted customer service, and expected to hear that I was just going to have to deal with it, but the absolute total opposite was true. The customer service agent understood, and I mean she really understood, that I was in a panic. The first thing she told me was not to worry, she would do everything she could to help me and she would stay on the phone with me even if she had to get other people involved. I felt so much better even just hearing that. She managed to get the right departments involved and got my deposit cancelled before it went through, and I did not have to deal with an issue with my external account. And she really had to work hard at getting that done, contacting several other departments and a supervisor in order to confirm everything would be done correctly. I appreciate her so much and how American Express must train their customer service people on handling "panicked" customers like I was. You don't see customer service like that anymore. I will be staying with American Express just for that fact alone.

A fine bank for a savings account

I opened a high yield savings account with American Express Bank over a year ago. So far I have few complaints. I have never had a problem depositing or withdrawing funds, and as of yet I have not had to deal with customer service. Online banking with this account has been a breeze. I travel frequently for work, and I have had no problems managing this account on my computer. I particularly like that the account comes with no fees or minimums, more than once I have need to transfer money and the lack of a mandatory minimum balance has been helpful. Having said all this I also don't feel like this particular account is outstanding or better than other accounts I have. All in all I would call this an average savings account from an average bank, but still a good option for someone looking to open a new account.

Look No Further

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Since I had an Amex card, I kept getting offers about a savings account. I had been contemplating a separate savings account for some time. I decided to apply and give it a try as Christmas savings money. Opening the account was a cinch. I did it all online via electronic transfer. It has worked out very well. Turns out its a high yield savings account so I earn interest. There was no minimum balance needed to open or maintain the account, and no ongoing fees. Anytime I've had to transact with customer service, it has always been a pleasant experience. One note is there are no branches near me but I do have an ATM card, and it actually feels a little prestigious carrying the Amex name. I rarely need to conduct in person transactions and prefer the app anyway, so it works out fine.

For An Online Bank, Too Many Offline Requirements

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I recently got divorced and had to convert all my joint accounts at various banks into single accounts. AmEx Bank was one of two banks that required that I resubmit a new signature card for the new account considering they already had my signature on file from the joint account, but unlike the other bank I was unable to complete the process online. Instead you have to wait until AmEx mails you the form so that you can fill it out and mail it back to them.

Also, ALL of my my other banks allowed me to change the beneficiary on my accounts quickly and easily online. AmEx Bank was the exception. To add a beneficiary with AmEx required that you print out a form, fill it out and mail it in.

Customer Service was not helpful when I asked why I could not complete those tasks online or why I could not simply print the needed forms, fill them out, scan them and email them back.

A great online savings account

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I used American Express to set up a high yield savings account online. It allowed setting up automatic withdrawals and deposits which is very useful if you are trying to save money. It did take 6 days to transfer any of the money in or out but that also helped save money as it is not as easy to access, and thus it was much easier to not spend money on impulse.

Best rates

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I've had my had my savings/cc with American express for quite some time. They have some of the best rates you can get out there for liquid accounts. I would definitely recommend everybody use this since the service and mobile apps are amazing.

Great Savings Option with a Trusted Brand

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American Express Savings has been a great place for me to open and save some money I had. They have very competitive rates - one can easily tell by doing a Google search on the best savings rates from banks that are currently offered. In addition, their website was easy to navigate and understand. I could quickly see my balances and take actions on my accounts without worry of fluff or marketing getting in the way. Their website was very clean and I appreciated that their customer experience across registration to continual has been only smooth. Even when I forgot my password and log in information, I called customer service who was able to quickly help me regain access. I trust them more because of the American Express brand and have only great things to say about their service - highly recommended! Also a point of note is that their site is mobile optimized, making it easy to view on my iPhone when I'm on the go as well.

Satisfied Banker

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I have been with American Express almost 3 years. I would recommend this Bank to anyone. Their customer service department is very professional. They go above and beyond their job requirements, to make sure that your needs and concerns are met. I have in the past had a couple discrepancies that I came across while reviewing my statement online. They were more than willing to help resolve the matter. I like how they notify you if they happen to come across unusual activity on your account ( activity out of the norm). I also enjoy not having to pay a fee every month to maintain my bank account as well. The only thing that I don't like are the ATM fees. The charge for using certain ones can add up very quickly. You get charged the bank's fee, plus the fee at the ATM you are using. All in all, this has been the best bank I have conducted business with hands down. I've tried Wells Fargo, SunTrust and Bank of America ,and none can compare to American Express.

Thank you for helping me save my money and time

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I would like to thank the customer service team at American Express Bank. For years I held an Express credit card but, unfortunately I was finding fewer and fewer places that accepted the card. It wasn't a hard decision to start an additional savings account with the company that I had trusted my finances with for so many years. The team was so helpful in finding the appropriate ways to distribute my funds into both CD's and a savings account that had a high interest rate. What I really love is the online and mobile access of being able to ask questions and not being put on hold over the phone like at other banks. The ease of being able to Tweet questions is great and I can wait for a response while doing other things. But their customer service team is helpful all the time. For instance, last week I had an issue with a transfer that had not processed in the normal time frame, or so I thought. I received a phone call prior to me investigating the problem by American Express letting me know that some withdraws were made that didn't fit my normal patterns. After speaking with the rep, it turned out that my account number had been mistaken for someone that was planning a wedding. They froze my account within minutes and by the end of the day I had all my current funds transferred into another account so that I had access but the others did not. The money that had been taken out of my account was replaced within 3 days. It was a great experience and a fast turnaround time so that I was able to access my savings without penalty for the mistake.

my bank

About 3 months ago I went to bank of america and they told me that I had to close my account because of fees. When I arrived at that bank I didn't like the service and I start to go online to see what other banks were there to hold my money and I came to American express. Now this bank is one of the best because of the customer service experience I had. this lady showed me how much benefits I would get with american express. I loved their checking account because I don't have to worry about fees or min on their accounts. I love that they are accepted worldwide and don't have to worry about getting my card blocked because I can call their international phone number and get it touch with someone on the spot. I love their debit card because when I went to the bank they told me that I would get my card in two weeks and when I got it I got an alert to activate it on the spot. I love how it gives me a lot of alerts to make my banking very easy.

Great service

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I recently worked with AMEX to open up a savings account. They told me how their rate would be a higher than a lot of other savings rates, but it might not be the highest. I asked why they would tell me that their rate is not the best. What he said really helped me make up my mind. He said that they might not be the highest, but the way they treat their customers was more valuable than a number on a sheet of paper.

Solid APY At A Trusted Company

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I've used AMEX's personal savings account for a couple of years and have really liked it. It doesn't lead the nation with APY, but it is not far off, and it is a very solid company overall. I use an AMEX credit card, so I haven't been surprised that they have delivered just as well on the bank product side.

would recommend

I have banked with American Express Bank for over 7 years. I really appreciate their app I am able to use on my iPhone. The app allows me to do many things such as transfer money, and check my accounts. One time I needed to speak to customer service because I did not understand a transaction on my account. It was very easy to follow the steps needed to speak to customer service through their telephone number. I was able to speak to a representative quickly and they helped me to better understand the transaction on my account. I was pleased that it was so easy to speak to someone in a time of need. There are little to no fees associated to banking with American Express. I have stayed with American Express for so long because of their polite customer service and easy online banking. It makes banking very simple when you are able to ask questions and view your accounts from your computer at home. I would recommend American Express, FSB to any family or friends who are looking for a bank.

The best bank I have ever had.

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I have a savings account through American Express Bank, FSB. I have had this account for about a year and I love this bank. I do all of my banking online and occasionally have to call and talk to a person. About two months ago I had an issue logging into my account, so I called and they took care of it right there and then. I didn't get pushed from one person to the next, the first person I talked to was the one who fixed my account. I also didn't have to wait very long to talk to someone like you do with most banks. As much as I love their customer service the best thing about the bank is that they don't charge a monthly fee when most do. They also don't require you to have a minimum balance, which is great. This is truly the best bank I have ever had.

very fair bank

I have had a savings account with American Express for many years and had no problems. Recently, I was traveling abroad and used my ATM card at a foreign bank and when I checked my statement there were all kinds of fees. I knew to expect some fee's but these were ridiculous. I contacted the bank and asked them what the deal was and they said the foreign bank charged many different fees, they only charged one. I complained that I was getting charged way to much money and they were kind enough to reimburse me for some of the fees. They said it was only a one time thing and next time I would be charged the full amount but I thought that was very fair, and in the future I knew to check with each bank before withdrawing to know what the fees were ahead of time. The customer service was outstanding, fast, and very professional. Outside of that one incident I have never had any need to contact them, and no problems to report. Would suggest them to anyone and in fact have suggested them to friends before.

online savings

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I currently have an online savings with Amex another with FNBO Direct. Amex has the higher interest rate, and I enjoyed the services better than FNBO Direct up until recently. I made a deposit for a large sum of money into my savings and it posted with AMEX as of the 2nd of the month. Until this day, the funds are not available if I wished to use the money, and it is now the 16th.

I have become disgusted with banks who like to hold onto consumers money with the claims that they are verifying the funds transfer, etc., but the funds were out/cleared/deducted from the funding account as of the 31st. So, I am not sure what they mean by verifying and they told me 5 business days from the transaction date and still not cleared.

Otherwise, I have not had a service issue and the product is very competitive, but banks in general love to hold onto consumers money for as long as they can and wherever opportunities to do so present themselves.

I would still recommend the tool/product for saving.

Good luck!

One of the Best Online Savings Bank in the US

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American Express Personal Savings Account is one of the best in the business. It features a very high interest rate (specifically .90% per annum) in any amount you're going to save to the bank. Not to mention that it's compounded daily. The bank does not offer a debit card or checking account. This, in my opinion, helps me save money. Furthermore, since it's online, there are less hassles like fees and long queues. Withdrawal and deposit transfers are within a day, except for weekends. However, I have not yet experienced calling the customer service, but I heard that they handle their customers really well. Further, I have not yet contacted the CS since there are technically no problems whatsoever with my experience with this wonderful bank. In line with their efforts to make their customer service better, they created a mobile app for banking. The Amex Mobile application looks sleek and modern in iOS. It alerts you when your account is being used. As an online bank, the web experience is really hassle-free and simple.

Overall, their service is very commendable and one of the best, if not the best, in the (online banking) business.

Amex Is The Best

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I have always had a positive experience with American Express Bank. One of my most favorite things is that there are zero monthly fees. The fact that there is no minimum balance is also really helpful because I do not have to worry about have a certain amount of money in the account. My interactions using their online site have been very smooth. I have never had an issue using their website. On some rare events that I have had to speak to customer service via the site they have always responded in a timely manner. On times that I have spoken to customer service over the phone they have always been very professional in handling my situation. I also hold an American Express credit card. The particular card that I have does not have a monthly fee either. The quality of service that I receive for both my account and credit card have always been superior than the service that I receive from other banks or financial institutions.

Savings Accounts

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American Express is one of oldest financial institutions. At the beginning, it only offered travelers checks and credit cards. Now they offer additional financial products. Their credit cards offer different types of rewards. I, however, would like to review their new product, savings account. The accounts are FDIC insured. It has competitive rate. Anyone who are interested in savings account should look into their product. The money is going to be safe there since American Express has very good reputation. Saving accounts at American Express, like those offered by other financial institutions, have low rates due to the type of investment but they are safe. You cannot lose money. Savings accounts are good for people who are very conservative like myself. I would suggest the savings accounts and CDs that are being offered by American Express. The American Express's competitiveness, reputation and safety are my utmost important consideration. Go American Express!

Great experience

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I opened a savings account with American Express last year when they offered one of the highest rates on the market. Soon after they reduced the rate, not once but twice in just a few short months. Now their rate isn't the highest on the market anymore, but I don't think I'll switch banks. I like their online banking site which is very easy to use. It's also very easy to link my other bank accounts to the new account so that I can transfer funds. There's no monthly fee associated with the account and there's no required minimum balance. I didn't experience any problems since I opened the account. I routinely transfer funds in and out of the account and every transaction has been processed accurately and quickly. I'm giving them 4 stars for competitive products because they reduced the interest rate twice in the last couple of months. I'm very happy with the bank otherwise.

An ok Interest Rate but Service Needs Improvement

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I signed up with American Express Bank, FSB for a savings account because i read good reviews about the high yield savings accounts and CDs. As a member of American express card services I thought getting a savings account would work out well. So far the interest rate has fluctuated quite a bit since opening the account and it is now significantly lower than the amount I originally signed up with. When I try to reach customer service it is challenge because they seldom seem to have the correct information on file when you speak over the phone. I had to be transferred to several reps who all verified the same account information just to answer a simple question about deposits via check and they occasionally will return a check if it does not meet their requirements. The website is easy enough to navigate but the phone service certainly needs work, overall not a bad started bank.

Best Interest Rate! Excellent Service! No Problems

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I opened an American Express personal savings account roughly two years ago and I'm very pleased. Despite a slight initial, yet understandable, issue with verifying my identity to setup my account, I haven't had any problems.

I love this account because there are no fees, I'm not required to carry a minimum balance, they don't send me a bunch of spam, transfers are very fast (two business days max), and best of all, the interest rate is 0.90%.

There aren't many bells and whistles to this account, it is very simple. The only things you can do online is update your profile information, view your transaction history, manage your alerts, and make transfers. I like it like that. it's very straight forward and easy to navigate.

Besides to help verify my identity when I first opened the account, I haven't needed to contact customer service, and the representative I spoke with was friendly and quickly solved my problem.

Another cool thing is that they don't retrieve their test deposits when you link an external bank account. They send two deposits that are close to $1 each! Hey, I'll take anything I can get.

I've got my girlfriend to open an account, and I'll recommend this account to anyone.

Convenience at its best!

Using the bank's services was a great experience for me. About two to three years ago, I was looking for a savings account that topped the competition in terms of APR. At the time, AMEX was at 1.00%. It a little higher than most savings accounts I browsed. I set one up and loved getting monthly interest back. Yet, it seemed like the more I added, the lower the APR became. In the end I think it went down to as much as 0.75%. I don't know whose fault it is (market or AMEX?), but what I know is that the website and how it's set up is just fantastically convenient, even an "old dog" can use it easily. Now, the rate has gone back up some. The options are easily accessible. I opened my account within 12 minutes, I found several facts about the account really quickly (e.g. no fees and minimum balance!!!), and easily learned how I can make transfers to and from my separate checking account. Statements and help options can also be accessed very easily. The website itself is not intimidating and very user-friendly. I called up customer service too to find out if I can have a joint account set up and he fluidly led me through the process. It was a very impressive experience overall, one I would expect from a top bank like American Express.

Wonderful Bank!

I have had many wonderful experiences with my dealings with American Express Bank. I have always had amazing customer service and the people there who work there are very knowledgeable and helpful. They always answer my questions in kind, informative ways. You are always made to feel welcome at American Express and I love that. It truly is a great feeling to know that you are an appreciated customer for a service. The programs American Express offer are great, too! Low fees, wonderful service, fast service, accurate details in online banking. Those are just a few of the great qualities of American Express Bank! I really enjoy the online banking, too! It's so easy just to log in to my account and check my balance of not only my checking account, but also my savings account, too. I also can view my statements online. The online banking is not confusing and very easy to understand and follow. I also love the rewards you receive from American Express for just banking with them. It's amazing at what you can earn and that is something not many other banks provide.

Great bank for savings accounts

American Express Bank offers a competitive rate on their high-yield savings account, so I would definitely recommend them to people who are looking to save their money in a non-investment, low risk account. This bank also has great customer service. I had a few questions while setting up my account, so I called the customer service line and was helped by a friendly young woman who seemed very eager to make sure all my concerns were addressed. My first question was to find out whether or not there were any fees associated with the high yield savings account. I wanted to make sure that I was clear on all of the restrictions and requirements to avoid any unanticipated fees. The woman who walked me through the list of possible fees was very patient and clarified the majority of my concerns. I also wanted to know if the annual percentage rate on the high yield savings account would change because I have had accounts in the past where the rate would decrease without letting me know. The customer service representative was helpful with clarifying this concern, as well. Overall, I haven't had any negative experiences with my American Express Bank account. I would recommend them to anyone.

Saving account interest rate $$$

What I like about American Express is that the saving account interest rate is one of the highest in America. Also, the wiring of my accounts from my other personal checking account to my saving account with American Express is easy. The money I was making in my saving account compared to most banks/my personal bank saving account interest, was crazy high. Opening an American Express saving account was easy, and I did not have any troubles doing it. I have been referred by friends who also have saving accounts with American Express and we all, have no regrets in doing so. I suggest to everyone that is looking for a company who offers great interest rates on saving accounts should look at AE. Also, the customer service is great. 5 Stars.

American Express is an amazing bank

I have had nothing but great experiences with American Express. Their customer service is excellent. Every time I have called in for assistance they were pleasant and courteous and helpful. They never rushed and were always patient making sure that all of my needs were met before hanging up. Their fees are low and reasonable. Their web services are easy to follow and complete with what I need to accomplish while using online banking. Overall, they are a great bank to work with, my favorite by far of all of the banks I have worked with.

Customer appreciation and ease of options

I recently switched the Amex bank to have a savings account separate from my normal accounts. They have been thus far the most fair and upfront bank I have ever had to deal with. Other competitors have hidden fees or practices that where they introduce a fee to your account without contact or notification. On the flip side, you have Amex, who gives you all there terms right up front, then sticks to them. In addition they have extremely user friendly apps, mobile, and or web interfaces. This provides overall the most optimal experience for me as to the fact that I do not have time for phone calls and or personal visits to banks. The one downside that I have experienced with Amex is that I have opted out of email offers and or special promotions and still receive them. My inbox is not blowing up and it is not excessive, however I did opt out and have still received communications. Aside from this, all expectations have been met especially when it comes to the financial sector of the agreement.

Online Easy

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I have an online savings account I created for a trip my husband and I are hoping to take in a few years for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We currently use the American Express credit card for our small business and trust the American Express name. We have always had great experiences with their customer service department for both our credit account and online savings. Since we are only using the savings feature, being an online only acct and not have a brick and mortar building did not bother us. We easily make transfers from our checking account at another large institution, straight into our savings account. The interest earned is fair in today's economy. Opening the account was a very smooth 15 minute process that we were also able to complete online. There are no monthly fees on our account and no minimum balance to maintain. We also have access to our account 24/7.

American Express Savings

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The savings account from American Express Bank is amazing! I originally opened this savings account in June of 2010. At the time I opened the account there were no specific opening deposit requirements, monthly fees, or fees of any sort. Fast forward today, and I currently hold the bulk of my savings in American Express bank. I've only ever used the banks customer service once when I forgot my password. It was quickly reset, and I was good to go. One thing about American Express bank that I'm not entirely too pleased about are their interest rates. When I opened the account back in 2010, the interest rate on the savings account was hovering above 1%; the interest rate dropped to .80% and is now at .90%. Overall, if you're on the market for a new savings account, don't be afraid to give American Express Bank a try.

American Express Yourself

I've always associated American Express more with their line of credit cards than their banking services. However, I recently decided to give them a try and I have been pleasantly surprised. American Express offers a wide variety of account options, though the two big ones are the Savings accounts and the CDs. They actually give a good interest rate on the savings account, 0.90% or so. It's still less than what Discover offers, but compared to a lot of other banks, it's a good deal. The customer service has been a bit iffy, I do admit; I haven't really needed it much, but whenever I've called they've been slow and unresponsive. The website interface works well, though; it's easy to understand, simple to navigate, and has yet to give me any trouble. I haven't even had to worry about the fees, so that should tell you that they're no big worry. Overall, American Express is a solid option, and if you've got some cash you'd like to tuck away into a savings account, it should definitely be on your shortlist.

I love American Express!!

I have had a account with American Express for over 5 years. In the past I was a part of a community credit union. I was always getting fees for the most ridiculous things. I made the switch when I was talking with a friend and she suggested American Express. I joined and I haven't looked back in 5 years. I have not accumulated one fee. Not one. I have a good selection of free Atm's which for me is a huge plus. I hadn't had to deal with customer service very much excepts once when my card was stolen. They were prompt in replacing a card and reassuring me with my account safety. The online system is very easy to navigate and very forthright. I check my statement every month. With this account there are no hidden fees. I appreciate a company that does it's business well, especially when it comes to banking. I would highly suggest banking with American Express.

A decent bank.

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Like most banks, American Express has it's pros and cons. They usually have a very quick transfer time. Usually when I send my money to the bank, I see it the next day. There was one situation where I had recently pulled out most of my money to pay rent, and then received an unexpected bill for Netflix. It caused me to go overdrawn, but since 24 hours passed before I was able to get more money into the bank, I received a late fee. I was so frustrated because I knew that if I had only been given just one more day, I wouldn't need to be charged. I called them up, and although it took a little bit of patience to get through all of the automated system and customer service, I was able to get the late fee reversed. I really appreciated their willingness to work with me and give me a chance.

Best for simple users!

I wanted a simple savings and checking account that I could access while I was travelling and in my fast pace lifestyle, I didn't have time to wait to switch banks and get new credit cards, etc. American Express added in my regular credit cards (I can check the balance on them with a simple refresh button all in one place so it's quick and easy) and they also gave me a debit card I can use while abroad with no extra fees. There was no fees at all to open my account, as well as no monthly fees which was incredibly surprising. I was hesitant at first because I have never worked with Amex or any of their companies that they branch with, but I have never been more satisfied with any other bank! This is simple to use, easy to open (and quick!) and it does everything that I want it do. It might not be for more intricate people who want every bell and whistle, but it's perfect for the every day banker who does not want any hassle or strange fees popping up in their account!

A Pleasant But Costly Experience

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My experiences with American Express Bank have been on and off. The bank itself is quite well known especially throughout the nation. When i first opened up and checking and savings with them the overall experience was quite easy and handled in a professional manner. Everything was done online and they didn't require too much personal information than any other bank. Overall their customer services is very good as they always have short wait times on phone calls and answer my questions expertly and efficiently. The one downside to their services is the high fees that they charge for this exceptional service. Most of their accounts require monthly or annual fees to maintain in comparison to other banks around the country. Although their fees are high I have not felt insecure while putting my money in their hands. Their mobile services like apps and online accounts are very convenient and east to use. Overall my experience is very satisfactory and only hindered by the high fees that are incurred.

Great customer support, not so great hidden fees

I am a mother of two teenagers who currently are working retail and odd end jobs like babysitting. They've been getting decent money for college, so I thought I would check with my bank (American Express) to see if I could open up a checking and/or savings account. They lady I spoke with was extremely nice and since I had both my children there, she spoke with them as well to make sure they knew what a responsibility it would be. We establish two separate accounts for them and after depositing some money, we're on our way. A few weeks later, my son withdraws too much money and is charged a fee for not having at least 5 dollars in his account. He did not spend all his money, he just didn't leave enough in his account and this was not something that we were notified about for junior accounts. We went back to speak with a bank teller and ended up sorting it out, but they really should let you know before hand. Great service, but I wish they would make requirements more clear.

Great customer support, not so great hidden fees

I am a mother of two teenagers who currently are working retail and odd end jobs like babysitting. They've been getting decent money for college, so I thought I would check with my bank (American Express) to see if I could open up a checking and/or savings account. They lady I spoke with was extremely nice and since I had both my children there, she spoke with them as well to make sure they knew what a responsibility it would be. We establish two separate accounts for them and after depositing some money, we're on our way. A few weeks later, my son withdraws too much money and is charged a fee for not having at least 5 dollars in his account. He did not spend all his money, he just didn't leave enough in his account and this was not something that we were notified about for junior accounts. We went back to speak with a bank teller and ended up sorting it out, but they really should let you know before hand. Great service, but I wish they would make requirements more clear.

American Express FSB

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American Express bank offers great rates but the online portion needs improvement. I have to set up alerts of transferring money which I think should be a standard feature. My checking account provides overdraft protection which can be offset with my savings. Since Express has been around for a while its pretty much an house hold name. This means the number of free ATM machines I can find around my local area is immense. They still have yet to develop a mobile app which is crucial in today's banking I rate it 7 out of 10.

High yield savings

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I have a high yield savings account with American Express Bank. The account guarantees me a small return. It is a no risk, no fee, simple account. I have had the account for just over a year and am very pleased with the customer service I have received. My calls are answered quickly, and all of my questions have been answered. The website is easy to navigate, and use. The account return is the highest I have found for online banking. I plan on continuing to utilize this account, and hopefully growing my savings. I would recommend this account to anyone looking to build a large savings, that would like a guaranteed return. There are no risks, no fees, just a high interest rate for a simple account. As long as you have enough savings and want to have more, I would definitely give this one a thumbs up.

good internet bank

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I have had an American Express Savings account for years and recently opened up an online account with them as well. The process was very quick, easy, and hassle free and my account was running in no time. I have been using American Express for many years, the only time I've ever had to contact their customer service was when I was traveling abroad and the foreign bank charged me many hidden fees, when I contacted American Express they said they would refund some of the fees this one time and warned me to always check with banks before withdrawing in the future. I thought it was a very kind gesture on their part and the customer service experience was great. Outside of that I have never had any issues and think its a very reliable and trustworthy place to keep your money.

A Good Bank For Once

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So I had been really frustrated with the whole banking experience for a while, when a good friend of mind Tracy told me that American Express had an actual bank. Now, I've been a life time Master Card user, so I never had even a credit card with them. But I was looking into high-yield savings account, because I'm looking into buying my first house, and I'm saving up for it. I applied with them, and it took no time at all to be accepted. I really liked the fees, the site was easily accessible on both my phone and my laptop. What I liked the most is the customer service, and the fees. The fees reasonable for once, and every time I had even a bit of problem the customer service was more than helpful, and was very patient with me with my questions.

Amex account review

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I opened up an online account with American Express about a year ago because I heard it pays interest on top of whatever you have in the account, which is unheard of with one of the major banks that most people use, unless of course you have a certain amount in the account. I haven't had any problems whatsoever with fees for a minimum balance and overall I would recommend anyone to consider opening an account with American Express, it takes care of its customers.

Overall Good Experience

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I have held a savings account with American Express Personal Savings (American Express Bank, FSB) for several years now, and every experience I have been has been positive. The .8% interest rate is relatively high compared to similar savings accounts. All deposit and withdrawal transactions that I have made have been easy to make and trouble free. I believe it generally takes between two and three days to appear in an account after a transaction has been made. Although I would prefer it happened quicker, overall that is not too bad.

The web page is easy to navigate. The only thing they could think about changing is developing a mobile app, although there is not necessarily a huge need for an app for a savings account. There are no minimum balance requirements, but I believe you are limited to six transactions a month, which is not a huge issue. Additionally, once you have opened an account, it is very easy to open a separate account for different savings purposes.

Awful Just Plain Awful Bank

They actually closed my account and sent money to state unclaimed funds and now I must wait months and be hassled beyond belief to get it back, these people are evil!

APR % Interest

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Started as a great bank early 2014, Then interest rate drop every 4months, I transfer to another bank a .95% when interest drop to .79%

Saving the AMEX Way

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I am thoroughly pleased with this online bank. I have a savings account, it doesn't return much money annually, but other than that, I am very pleased with how easy it is to use, on your computer or on the web. American Express makes it easy online to navigate through settings. I don't have to go crazy and look all over the place when locating my statements, making external transfers, viewing past transactions, etc. The page is always readable and the options are readily available and easily found. I am also happy that I don't have to pay any fees for all the simple actions like external transfers. No minimum amounts to transfer too--you can end up with no balance in your savings and it's all good. Lastly, customer service can be easily contacted and they're very knowledgeable and respectful. I would recommend this online bank to anyone, any day.

A Class Act

Everybody should have their online savings account here.  Amex doesn't do things if ways that aren't professional like so many of the other players in this marketplace.

Impressive Service

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I have never written a review on this website before, but my experience with American Express online bank has been exceptional. They were most helpful via the 800 number - helping an inexperienced computer user set everything up online and in making transfers. Coming from ING, where the quickest transfer is 3 business days, American Express is normally 1 business day - a refreshing surprise.

I have read where other websites might have a slightly higher rate, but if you value helpful customer service and ease of use, then none are better in my opinion. Being retired I have spent a great deal of time researching this and feel my efforts have paid off.

Not Safe To Put Your Money In

I recently became a victim of identity theft. Someone obtained my information and went to all of my accounts and tried to wire money out. Charles Schwab suspected that something was wrong right away and informed us. Wells Fargo security was so good that the thief couldn't get the online access (despite having all the information). American Express Bank was terrible! The thief (a male) was able to call the AM bank, pretending he was me (female), and wired $15,000 out, on the same day! Whenever I deposit funds into AM bank, they needed 7 days to clear! When we finally chased the money and transferred it back to AM bank, I had already lost condifence in AM bank and wished to close the account right away, I was told by the AM bank that they had to wait 10 business days to clear the funds! The next day someone else at the bank transfered the funds back to my wells fargo accounts. All of these inconsistencies just made me believe that it was a right decision to not bank with AM bank in the future. I think enough said. I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone.

Bad Web Interface, Poor Mobile Functionality, Disingenuous Notification Policy Or Lack Thereof

I opened an interest bearing Personal Savings Account in March 2012 knowing I would have family summertime expenses in May and June, so I had intended to make several transfers to another external account. The last 2 transfers that I executed simply *never* happened. There was no email saying the transfer did not occur, no web interface alert, no phone call from Customer Service, there was *nothing*. After the first failed transfer, I checked my account via mobile phone and saw that the website was down. Absent *any* notification, I assumed that perhaps the first of the two failed transfers were a result of the weekend outage. The following business day, I attempted another transfer and waited. For those that do not have an AMEX Savings Account, it is important to note that while walking through each step of the transfer process through the website, the completed transaction *appears* to have been executed without issue. Immediately after executing the transaction, you can even check under the "Scheduled External Transfers" weblink and the transfer shows up. After the second transfer failed to occur without notification, I called Customer Service. Initial interaction was perfunctory, but detached. After explaining my situation, the representative said that there is a Federal monthly limit on savings account transfers (6) and that I had reached my limit. After escalating my manner of communication complaining that omission of digital alerts seems less overlooked and more disingenuous, the representative admitted that many others had called and were equally apoplectic. To add insult to injury, I was informed that I would have to wait an additional 2 weeks before I could access any of the funds in the Savings Account. I'll be taking my money out of this account and I recommend others be advised before using any company that has problems digitally notifying account holders of account-related issues.

Limit On ACH Accounts

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Just talked with Service Rep. American Express now limits the external accounts to three. Also, if you have three set up and want to change an external account, you can not do this on-line. You have to call customer service to get the external account deleted. Also, ACH transfers are dreadfully slow when transferring money in (not out). Your money is on hold for about 5 business days until you can use it.

They Won't Let Me Have My Money

When I first requested that my money be transferred to my bank account that I funded the AX savings account with, they made me verify my account by depositing money to my account and then having me enter the amount. After I verified my bank account, they transferred my money the next day. Well, due to Birthday and Christmas shopping, I had to request another transfer of my money (It says that you can have up to six transfers per month and this was my second). Well, I assumed that my money would be transferred just fine because the first transfer went smoothly, but no, I discovered after I recieved 3 overdraft charges from my bank that they dropped the ball. When I called to report the failed transaction, the girl said that they needed "more" verification from my bank to transfer more of MY MONEY. I told her that is ridiculous if you have already transferred my money to the account that I have already previously verified to refuse to transfer money to that account the very next day. So, I told her to close my account on December 17th, at 12:23 am. I recieved an email on the same day stating that it would take 2-3 days to recieve my money and I checked my account with AX and it showed a zero balance. I patiently waited until today, December 24th, and when I called the young girl, Jessica, said that they talked with my bank on December 19th, and were informed that my bank account was closed WHICH IS A BOLD FACE LIE! They now refuse to send my money in a check, because of policies and procedures? This company stinks, it was not worth the forty cents interest that I made in this nightmare and now because of the holiday they say that they won't be able to do anything AT ALL until December 27th. If you are certain that you won't need the money that you put in savings and are happy in taking risks that you may never see it again, then by all means, use AX.

Had A Marginal Lead In Savings APY% But Doesn't Anymore

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Kind of a bait-and-switch technique.  They garnered a substantial number of clients and funds at a good % rate above other online banks - then reduced their yield to no better (OK -- 0.01% better) than the next leader.

Not enough of a reason to go with them and it may be time to punish their small-minded thinking.

Another issue I have is that they are located in Utah -- which has a law that says that unattended accounts, inactive for a relatively short period of time, can be closed and funds sent to the state.  Possibly why they are located in this state.

So Far The Best Yet

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Although their interest rate has continually dropped in the past 6 months, I keep reading about horrible experiences people have had at other banks. American Express has been great. They aren't trying to steal your money. They do not charge you odd fees. You can move money around to different accounts very easily. 

They have been fantastic.

Knowledgeable And Personable Customer Service!

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I'm shopping for bank CD's (because my credit union rate is quite low) and am worried about accountability in online banks, despite the higher rates. So, I'm on this review site and feel compelled to put in a big "plug" for American Express (Amex)! For 40 years, I've used the same top-rated non-profit Patelco Credit Union, with a fantastic free financial advisor, for most of my money mgmt because of "issues" with the big banks. I've also been a faithful believer in the Nordstrom philosophy for about 40 years! I opened an American Express card (via Costco) about a year ago and had a merchant-related scam-type problem, which Amex was absolutely fantastic in handling it expeditiously and very professionally. A few weeks ago, I opened an Amex money market account - and I was extremely impressed by the immediate availability of high-level cordial competence of the American Express rep who explained all the ramifications, pros and cons, and important points involved with whether placing a large sum in a money market was the best financial move, given my circumstances. WOW . . . I found my norstromesque online bank! They may not be offering the best prices, but I can depend on their integrity and premium quality service. Hard to put a price on my peace of mind. (I just opened an Amex 36-month CD online, but had to call the toll-free number three times for "live" help; they shine, once again! All three reps were expeditious, knowledgable, and personable! Amazing:))

If You Travel Don't Use Them

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I wanted to add a 4th link to transfer funds in.  You have to call to ask them to delete an existing link.  It's bee two days and it's still not done.  The limitation on the number of links is a hassell as I will then have to call them again  to reestablish it.


They have no internal messaging service so you can't leave instructions.  If you travel overseas don't use this bank as the burdern to call them and the limitation on the number of links is not worth it.  I would recommend Ally.

American Express

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I have been keeping the bulk of my cash @ American Express, no hassles, fast transfers and very competive rates.... was thinking about putting 100k with Capital One, because of slightly better rate and what a bunch of bs that was. They wanted me to jump thru hoops to take my money and still made the signup incredibly difficult.  Think I'll stay with A/E

AMEX Savings Quickest ACH Transfers

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Hi everyone,

I switched over to AMEX savings initially for the decent yield; however, their Bank ACH transfers are amazingly fast. Within one day, I can easily transfer money between my accounts. Coming from HSBC, where transfers took three to four days, this experience has been refreshing. The account interface is also very simple and easy to use. I recommend it for anyone who wants to make sure their cash is easily accessible. No need to worry that you don't get access to an ATM for this account, since you can have access to your cash very quickly through a transfer.


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