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Long time account holder

Posted by: Autumn | Aug 27, 2015

I have been with Bank of Oklahoma for 10 years and I can not recall ever being disappointed with my service. Anytime I have ever called with a question they have been able to answer it completely as well as when I have been inside of the bank I feel like the tellers are always personable. On one occasion I was tired from work but while at the grocery I decided to deposit a check because my bank has an office inside. I remember the tellers being so nice to me. Even the one not helping me joined into the conversation and I left feeling much better about my day but a little embarrassed when I remembered I could have taken a picture with my mobile app instead of waiting in line but it ended up being worth it.

Recently there was an incident where someone had obtained my information. I received a phone call to confirm the withdraw. Of course, I declined because I was not in that city even though I had planned on going there that day. Everything was taken care of without me having to do anything besides answer a simple phone call and state that I wasn't the one accessing my account.

ATM Machine Lost Deposit & I Got The Run Around!!

Due to the size of my vehicle, I am forced to deposit my business checks into BOK's ATMs at their bank locations. The last time I went to deposit over a thousand dollars worth of checks; their ATM machine swallowed them up and got jammed. I immediately called customer service, who filed an ATM dispute and said he would have a supervisor call me. The next day, this supervisor called me and told me that the investigation into this matter could take as much as 45 days to resolve, but that I would be given temporary funds in the mean while. I told her that due to the business I am in, it would be very difficult to track down my customers if the checks got ruined by the ATM. She didn't even seem to care about my situation at all, but just asked if there was anything else she could do for me? Then I get this letter from BOK stating the same thing, only it gave me a number to call with a case number. I called them and went through the same thing with another lady who is an ATM analyst at BOK. She tells me that nothing could be done until the checks are collected at the end of the 30 day cycle by a third party service. They said it would be too expensive to send someone out to get MY checks out of the ATM machine. Then I mentioned that the ATM was jammed up and could not receive deposits at all now and asked if they are going to wait 30 days on this too? Well, this turned the whole matter around and she then decided to expedite the situation. After all, now, it wasn't just an unimportant customer with lost checks in their ATM. It was the fact that now the ATM wasn't getting money from anyone at all. Within a couple of hours, she called me back to tell me that the checks had been recovered and will be deposited into my account.

This tells me a great deal about how they value their customers and this customer is going to close up all my business accounts and move to another bank.

Thinking Of Opening An Account Think Again

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 5, 2012

Not are they charging their customers excessive fees they also want to charge excessive fees for checks written against one of their accounts. I was considering opening an account with them so I went to test out their customer service. It just wasn't there. I arrived to cash a check written against an account held there, a small check, $77.00 to be exact and they wanted to charge me over $6.00 just to cash it. The teller was very nonchalant when she asked "do you have an account with us?" and then "well do you have an account anywhere ? Because I will have to charge you 6.75 to cash this check.". Seriously! For a seventy-seven dollar check. She said "yes" wow! So I changed my mind about opening an account in that instant even though the branch in Tulsa hills is close to home and I actually pass it on my way to work. Even though I have to go out of my way when I have to actually go to my bank I will definitely stay with them. Sometimes what appears to be convenient is soured by what is inside or what you uncover.

Bank Of Oklahoma Loosing My Deposits!

Posted by: lynx41 | Aug 19, 2012

I am a local business owner and am constantly using my business account to make deposits and other transactions.  I have to keep a close eye on my business account because there is always somebody who wants a piece of the pie and if you don't watch the money, it will quickly disappear.  Well, this time it is the bank itself.  I can understand occassional mishaps, but this is the 4th time they have lost one of my deposits within 2 years?  It is kind of interesting to note two things. One is that they never miss an expense, ever, but when it comes to your hard earned money that you deposit, trusting the bank to do their job, you really have to supervise what is going on? Second, when they loose your deposit, they put the burden on you to prove that you made a deposit- so don't throw away your deposit slips, ever, or they will not refund the lost deposits!

Last time, they got back with me and told me they accidently put my deposit into someone elses account. When I asked questions, the woman got rather snippy with me like it was none of my business to ask what happened to my money? Finally, she admitted it was their mistake. Time before that, they didn't have a clue what happened to my deposit? They said occassionally, their scanners loose deposits, like it was no big deal to them.

Gee! This bank is quick to charge me $32.50 if I am 1 penny short, but they just blow me off when they loose my deposits?  What the hell is wrong here?? They should give me $32.50 every time they screw up!  I would be ahead by $130 by now!

Please let me know if this is happening to anyone else who banks with BOK?

Worst Bank Ever!!!!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 26, 2012

What kind of business would close an account without notification after six years of loyalty? BOKF closed my account because it had a zero balance for too long. Wow!! I regret working for this company.

Beware Of This Establishment!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 9, 2012

Been a BOK customer nearly 3 years. As of lately they have really picked up the pace on trying to find ways to charge excessive fees. It boils down to, if you ever had account with BoA and was not satisfied, this isn't the bank for you. They are acting just like them now. I've had a few ridiculous dealings with them in the past few months, and I've had enough. In the process of closing my account now.


Posted by: jenny | Jun 7, 2012

Went into there branch in grove ok today to cash a tenants check, like I have for the past three months only to find out that it will cost me $6.50 since I dont have an acct. What???? I said Ive cashed it the last 3 months and she says whoever did that could get fired!!! So my tenants cant give his money to me without me paying a $6.50 fee?? So i called him and told him he would have to go to the bank and get cash from now on and he said I will today but then Im closing that acct. Thats ridiculious

No Wonder They Had A Lawsuit Filed Against Them

Beware of using this bank - there is a reason they had a class action lawsuit filed against them from many of their customers and which BOK SETTLED out of court.  BOK AGREED to pay back $19 MILLION dollars in excessive overdraft fees they charged us customers - and they are still doing it!! Today, I closed my checking account with them after 21 years due to having to pay five $32.50 overdraft fees which all occured in a single day.  They started the overdrawing of my account with the HIGHEST item to be paid.  They are not dummies.  They found a way to maximize profits in overdraft fees while ripping off customers who like me had been withthem over 20 years!! I asked them to help me and drop some of the charges and they said no becuase i had agreed to the written overdraft fee charge.  Boy, what happened to helping out a customer who had years of loyalty?? Watch out for them - they are charging fees which many law experts are criminal - park your money elsewhere.

Avoid If Possible

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 8, 2012

So, I had a check drawn on the Bank of Oklahoma for $100.00, a Christmas gift. They refused to cash the check because my middle name was written out on the check and my licence only has the middle initial on it. I called multiple branches, all of which refused to help me. I don't have a bank account and this kind of nonsense is the exact reason why. I go to a check cashing establishment where they are more than happy to cash the check for a $15.00 fee. I really want to know what kind of business they are running when they look for any excuse not to cash a check drawn on their bank. Pathetic!

Personal Loans

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 29, 2011

I had a personal loan with Bank of Oklahoma (on a truck). Loan was paid off in full, never a late payment, or returned payment. However, I cannot seem to get a lien release from them on my paid note, with out paying $ 10.00 to get it!

Don't Sign Up For The Overdraft Protection!!

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 9, 2011

Twice this has happened. I know I have some debits about to hit so I transfer money from one checking account to the other. The next day, the transfer is STILL PENDING, but magically all of my debits zipped on through, leaving me with hundreds of dollars of overdraft charges. You call customer service and they will graciously give you back ONE overdraft charge PER YEAR if you're nice to them. How nice of them to give you back $28.50 of your own money.

Worst Bank Ever!!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 2, 2011

They continously make mistakes on my account!!! I've had enough of them and I am switching banks!

What Customer Service?

Posted by: Anonymous | May 27, 2011

We have had an account for about two months at BOK. We have never been able to access our account on line, our cards won't work, the branch manager stood us up for a personal meeting, and the corporate office will not return our calls about this matter. We are leaving this bank--how does it expect to stay in business with such horrible, horrible customer service?