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Save Yourself The Frustration!

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Revoked me and my husband's debit card "privileges" because disputing charges made me a risk. Backstory- I tried to dispute charges from Apple that were not mine (haven't had an Apple account in 5+ years). I had been calling in for over a year telling the bank that these fees of $4.99 keep coming out of my account, biweekly, and I needed it to stop. Was NEVER able to get through to a human at Apple for help. Each phone call to BCU would last between 1-2 hours because I would be transferred back and forth over and over again or because I would not accept the answers they were providing me, for example, telling me I need a new debit card, to which I would explain that I had done that four times...I'd be transferred to someone else. They had me get a new debit card four times to try and prevent this from happening and the charges still kept being deducted out my account. Finally, BCU said there is nothing they can do to prevent the charges from coming out of my account because they said I had to have had an Apple/iTunes account, which I did years ago and therefore, I must have signed up for whatever it was that caused me to be charged $4.99. I was then told that if they refunded me the money they, BCU, would be out the money that was sent to Apple and that apparently was not going to happen. I was told I cannot dispute the charges because they, the fraud department felt the charges from Apple were legit. I was then told yesterday that the BCU fraud department's only way of preventing the charges was to revoke me and my husbands "privileges" of using a debit card. I became hostile and I told the employee to close my account and mail me a check for the money in my account. Very bad customer service. One employee tells you one thing and another one tells you something different.

Not Worth It

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I have been with this bank since I believe a week before Valentines day. When I received my debit card I tried using it at the grocery store. Well I had an issue with the card not working. The funds were there but my card was not being accepted. I called the bank while in the store, response time is pretty good and all in all after trying to figure out the issue I just wasn't able to use my card. So I was suppose to be overnighted a card. The next day comes and I have an email delivery confirmation but no card. It was sent to the wrong address! So I call again only to be told I now have to wait 7-10 days for a card. I'm on my 11th day and have not gotten a card it's been 3 almost 4 weeks that I've had the account and the card issue. I call again only to be told that I have to wait at least 1 business day to talk to someone about getting me a card. Yeah not worth it.

Our Checking Account with Baxter Credit Union

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Baxter Credit Union is a credit union associated with my husband's employer. We found that their checking account product offered a slightly higher interest rate than we currently had with our bank. Customer Service for our checking account with this credit union has been okay. Our main interaction with the main branch of the credit union has been when we have needed to replace a lost card, or when our debit card was incorrectly declined by a store. These interactions have been fine. I will say that when using an associated credit union branch, there tends to be issues when making a deposit. The deposit tickets that Baxter provides us with have too many numbers for our account, and the branch cannot figure out which numbers to use. This has actually been our main problem with them. Branch deposits taking a long time while the staff tries to figure out how to account our for our money is a reason we have considered moving our money out of the credit union. I have taken to highlighting the numbers on our deposit tickets so that the branch will know where the account number actually starts and stops, which has sped things up a little. Otherwise, our experience with this credit union has been satisfactory.

BCU - No Complaints

My spouse was employed with a business that offered BCU membership as an additional perk. We opened up a savings account to funnel money into for a future car purchase. We also opened an additional savings account for my young son. The rates were competitive and the rare time we've had to speak to anyone, the folks there are always friendly. We did notice that they offered a discount on auto loans (.5%), so we did look into it and completed all of the paperwork (lots - they are thorough). Turns out that we didn't use it as we got a better deal through the dealership, but it was nice to have the option. My only complaint is that there aren't many physical branches in our location. My son likes to deposit cash into his account and we have to plan a trip to do so.

Excellent Service - Skip The Big Banks

I love being a member of BCU because it feels a lot more personal than banking with a huge institution. Even the things that could be considered downsides, like fewer ATMs, are mitigated by the fact that the credit union does not charge huge fees for many other services. Additionally, different credit unions usually have an agreement with one another, so if you can find a credit union ATM, you usually won't be charged a fee, even it it's not YOUR credit union. My only beef with BCU is that cashier's checks used to be free, but they started charging a $3 fee for them a year or two ago. Now, it's not that big a deal, because I only need cashier's checks once or twice a year, but I liked that they were free. I feel like $3 for a piece of paper is a little outrageous. That being said, the "big bank" I used to use charged $10, so I suppose $3 isn't too bad in comparison!

Great credit union, friendly staff

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I've been with this credit union for over 10 years. I've never had a major problem with them. Even when I did have a problem, they were very patient with me. Best of all, they were polite and very respectful. What makes doing business even better is their great rates on savings and checking accounts. Compared to regular banks, they provide a better return on investment. I feel like they value me not just as a customer, but a sort of partner. I appreciate that and am very thankful. A good example is when I first open my savings account. It was quick and painless. The person did not try to sell me anything else or try to open a product I didn't need.

Highly Recommend BCU

I have been banking with Baxter Credit Union for just under a year now. They do not operate any branches in my state, so I have become very familiar with their customer service department. Recently my employer changed payroll companies and I was asked to submit a blank check or direct deposit form. I do not use paper checks so I called BCU and was immediately connected to an extremely helpful representative. I explained my issue and that I could not wait on a form to be mailed to me. The representative immediately typed up a direct deposit verification form and securely emailed it to me via Docusign. The entire process took less than ten minutes to complete and I have never been more pleased with a financial institution. I highly recommend BCU to anyone who is eligible for membership.

Will Never Give Them Up

I worked for Baxter (not the credit union) for 6 years and have been with the credit union for 7 now. I have never had an issue dealing with their shared branches, and I even lived for 3 years where there weren't any. This was made much easier because they were one of the first institutions to allow remote deposits of checks.

I have financed 2 vehicles through the credit union and I notice something interesting that they were quickly willing to share. THEIR CREDIT TIERS. I knew what my scores were roughly and they openly told me what I would qualify for before they pulled my credit. This alone made me a lifer.

I have only had to call their customer service a couple of times, the hold times were average, and the people who answered the phones were more than capable, and almost overly polite.

Watch Out For Fees

The credit union was very responsive to me and has been always been prompt with loan approvals and has competitive rates. The only mistake I made was that I opened their high rate savings account which has a lot of restrictions, especially on withdrawals. Since I did not read the disclosure I did not know that if I made more than 3 withdrawals in a year they would charge me $35.00 each time. My fault. They also have an early direct deposit feature which is nice. They post them a day in advance of your actual pay date. If you open any of their promotional accounts make sure you fully understand the fees. I would recommend them.

Switched From Bank Of America

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I recently switched from BofA and also refinanced my auto loan from TD Bank.  I received a good rate on the car plus a $150 rebate for refinancing the car.  The refinance took about three weeks.  I also applied for and was approved for a credit card with no annual fee and a decent rate.  My only complaint is the credit line is lower than I would have liked. The card took about three weeks as well.  I have no problems using online and mobile banking and have used the shared branches without problems.  The employees have always been polite.  The online credit score from credit karma is a nice feature and allows you to see what loan products from BCU you might qualify for.  Overall they did everything they said they would and at better rates. 

More Ways To Meet The Monthly Requirements

We chose to open a Powerchecking account at BCU a little over 2 years ago. Though it didn't have the highest interest rate, we chose it over other high-yield checking accounts because of a single feature: whereas most other accounts only count debit card transactions toward the monthly minimum, BCU counts bill payments and ACH transfers as well.  Since we use online bill payment a lot, it's been a good fit.

Staffers were responsive to our questions during and shortly after account setup, and we haven't needed to communicate with BCU much since then.

Great CU For All Services!

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I've been 100% happy with BCU. They gave me a great rate on my car loan, I'm happily using their credit card as my primary card, and they have great banking services. If there's not a local branch near you, they have thousands of "shared" branches with other CUs around the country that you can use just as if it was your own BCU branch. They have "Deposit Anywhere", a service that allows me to deposit checks from my computer (with a scanner) or from my smartphone's camera. They have excellent savings and CD rates! I get a call a couple times a year from their reps just 'checking in' to make sure everything's alright and that I've not been having any issues with my service; it's really very nice for them to contact me like that!

I really couldn't be happier with my experiences.

Student Loan Process

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When I called in to check the status of my student loan they had somehow switched my co-signer to someone that I intended it to be and one associate, Xaviee, even accused me of changing the information myself even though I don't have access to the internal database. The associates I spoke with were so rude to me, I was shocked. They pulled my credit twice without my permission and directly against my wishes. They did not document any conversation they had with me in their internal system so whenever I called, no one knew what was going on with my file. Even the managers didn't follow up with what was promised. They left me helpless just a few weeks before school started because they made a clerical error and refused to admit it!! 

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