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WARNING!!! Do NOT Get An Auto Loan Through These People!!!!!!

I have been financing a vehicle through this company for nearly 4 years and hit a hardship not only due to COVID, but because of domestic violence… I was told I qualified for “Skip a Pay” once I got caught up finally- what do they do? They say “oh, nevermind. You do not qualify”. Not only that- one woman threatened me that they would come and take my car away if they did not receive payment THAT DAY. THIS IS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. Their customer service reps are NOT empathetic whatsoever. As soon as I get the opportunity, I WILL refinance elsewhere. Be careful people !!!

BEWARE: Changed Maturity Date On IRA CD

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Had a 48 month CD that they changed the maturity date from 4/19/22 to 4/06/22. For 2.5 years their statements said that the maturity date was 4/19/22. The website doesn't state what the maturity date is and I rarely look at the actual statements since the website gives me the transactions, so I didn't notice that they retroactively changed the maturity date from the date that they received the funds on the trustee-to-trustee transfer to the date that I started the process of getting the account set up to have a place for the old trustee to transfer to. To make matters worse, they didn't mail me a notice that the CD was maturing but I thought "no problem I have it on my calendar from when I first learned the maturity date."

On the 19th I was horrified to learn that it had "auto renewed" on 4/6 and was thus past the 10 day period to get the money out. Called the credit union and they were mystified why the maturity date had changed. However they said that since it was an IRA that I could take the funds out at any time, so I wouldn't be locked into the low rate. After sending in the oldest statement, the statement from right before the change and the one right after the change, they reluctantly agreed that they would honor the maturity date of 4/19/22 and give me interest to that date (more on this later).

I asked for the funds to be transfer to an IRA savings account, but the CSR balked at that. I argued that way I would know that they got the account fully cleaned up PRIOR to initiating the transfer. They assured me that there was no need for that. The next day I decided I really was uncomfortable with it not transferred out of the CD for several reasons and gave them the long list of why I thought I really needed to do it that way. The CSR said that they could put it in an IRA savings account, but that would cause me problems since it "wasn't a qualified account". I was flabbergasted. How could they advertise an IRA savings account that wasn't really an IRA savings account! I even asked them that, emphasizing the word IRA part of IRA savings and they had no answer. Reluctantly I agreed to leave it in the CD, but made sure that the funds were transferred BEFORE the grace period from 4/19 was over.

Their website stops showing information on an account once it is closed, so it wasn’t until the new trustee posted the receipt of the transfer did I realize that they had given me NO interest for April. Not even to the 4/6/22 date that they “renewed it” on.

Been fighting for an additional four days to get this fixed. They said that they had no notes of the work with the original CSR and I had to start all over. They claimed that even if I would have come in on 4/6 to withdraw the funds, that I would have gotten $0 in interest since they only post interest quarterly. I said that might be true for cd’s that you break the terms of, but that this was suppose to be considered a maturity not an early withdrawal.

They continued insisting that even at maturity, that they would have given me no interest for a partial quarter. I pointed out that if that was the case, that the only time you could get the advertised rate would be if you opened the account on either the last day of the quarter or the first day of the new quarter, depending on how their software worked. Any other time them not posting interest would result in a lower interest rate. I then said that they never sent me the paperwork on this IRA CD or the truth-in-savings.

I then asked them if they were going to pull the same stunt on my 22 month regular CD that matures late in a quarter, but not the last day of that quarter. They said no since that cd posted monthly. They confirmed that they would pay interest to the maturity date on a cd that posted monthly but not on a cd that posted quarterly. I told them that didn’t make sense, that if one would post interest to maturity then the other should too. I told them that the software was confused since it thought the cd matured back on 4/6 and that it thought I was out of the grace period and thus was doing an early withdrawal. After checking with “leadership”, they continued to insist that it was solely because they don’t pay interest except on quarter ends, even if it matures. I said if that really was the case, they would be in deep trouble with regulators and that I would report them and leave reviews on banking sites like this one. However I also suggested they pull up a customer who has recently closed the same type of cd at maturity and that I was sure that they would find that they actually paid interest to whatever date it matured whether or not it was at a quarter end. Don’t know if they ever actually did that.

Multiple CSR and supervisors said that they would not be paying me my interest for April. I even pointed out that I was a long time customer and did they really want the badwill this was going to cost them. Several days past and after more phone calls asking for each of their bosses to call me, I finally got high enough in the company. That person said that the tech people couldn’t give them a good enough reason as to why they changed the maturity date 2.5 years into a 48 month cd. They said they would grant me the missing interest to 4/19. They also said that the CSR’s were wrong and that they do pay to maturity date on quarterly posting CD’s. He also stated that the IRA savings account IS a qualified IRA account and that the preferred way to handle a IRA CD maturing that needs to have work to transfer it IS to use the IRA savings account to temporarily park the fund – just like I had wanted but was denied.

I had threatened to write this review if they didn’t give me the interest. I decided that I would still write the review since I believe this community deserves to know about the problems with Canvas and since it took a lot of effort to correct.

The CSR definitely don’t believe in giving good customer service. I spent way more of my time than I will get in interest, but I did on principal and it will cost them a whole lot more in wages for their employees than the interest they finally agreed to pay.

Awful Company When It Comes To Understanding COVID Situation

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This is the worst company I have worked with on auto loans. They have not taken into consideration people struggling through covid and helping out their customers.

Awful Customer Service

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If you miss a payment they threaten you. If there system isn't working properly and it takes an hour to make a car payment then they charge you twice they won't refund your money until 10 days pass!! I have never had such bad customer service before in my life. It's there fault but they don't take responsibility for it!!

Canvas No Longer A Public Service

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Opened my accounts with Public Service Credit Union and was very pleased with their service. Once they renamed themselves "Canvas" and decided to use membership money (without consulting the members) to name the CU Stadium after themselves, everything went downhill. Service is now lacking and interest rates paid to members dropped significantly (independent of FOMC cuts). The Public Service website was so much better than the newer Canvas website that lacks features of most other credit unions. I have asked for improvements to the website with no response. I was told that I could access all of my accounts through a single log-in...that never happened.

I have moved most of my savings funds to other credit unions that provide better service and higher interest rates. I continue to use their bill pay but that is it. Don't bother joining unless you see a benefit to you over other credit unions.

Worst Bank

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I loved this place as Public Service Credit Union. Had no issues and planned to stay with them forever. They changed to Canvas Credit Union and it was immediately miserable. I had an overdraft charge that I was ok with because I overdrafted my account. They charged me an overdraft fee, then an insufficient funds fee, another overdraft, another insufficient funds fee, over and over until overdrafting my account by about $22 became $-439 somehow. When I reached out to them and said there was no way I was going to pay that and even said the highest I would meet them at was $-100 they told me the fees were applied correctly and the amount wouldn't be changed. I closed the account and they came after me for that amount until I got a notice that they were part of a class action settlement and I ended up receiving money. All in all, they're crooks and I will tell everyone to stay away from them!

Maybe A Good Deal, Hurdles.

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1.Consumers United Association
Applicant must donate a minimum of $5.00 annually to the association. Applicant must complete the online CUA application at
2. Hard Pull for Applicants. What's with all these credit unions dinging credit scores when some applicants just want a good place to park savings?

Excellent CD Rates For Some, But Not All

Today I opened a regular CD at one of the best rates in the U.S. The representative who helped me was efficient and pleasant.

What's questionable is Canvas pays a lesser rate for IRA CD's than for regular CD's. One could speculate their thought process is that IRA money is more stable and less likely to leave for a higher rate, so we can get away with paying them less.

I questioned this customer unfriendly policy and the answer was, "That's the way it's always been". So I would never buy an IRA CD from them, but their regular CD is fine.

So Frustrating

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These guys are awful. Don't waste your time here. I have been with them since 2010. They constantly cancel or freeze my debit card because of suspicious fraud, 2 times a year at least, with zero warning or confirmation. They have a fraud department that seems to be disconnected from their bank (3rd party?) So when you try to resolve anything you are passed between the different departments in Canvas, and then have to deal with an external source and go through that painfully long process. Than call back to Canvas because the 3rd party didn't do their job right. I than have to constantly update all of my automatic bill payments that are set up, that is extremely time consuming and makes some accounts late = even more calls. Since becoming Canvas Credit Union, their mobile website and desktop online banking is very limiting. You cant read a full description of the charge on the mobile site. Used to be able to trasnfer money from my credit card to my checking if needed, not any longer. They are constantly having 'sorry' were down notices and features are literally not even there any longer, like to delete a scheduled upcoming payment, they dont always show up, so you have to delete the entire bill payee. Then re-enter them in, more lost time. Horrible customer service too, even with a supervisor, very patronizing and ignorant, they don't listen. On the hunt for another CU!!!

Horrible Fees And Customer Service

Like many other reviews here, the service has just gone away. Once you finally step up to a teller, they are quick to sell you anything when all I do is simple banking. Public Service Credit Union, prior to changing to Canvas, was great, not so now people. They have a "greeter" at the door at all locations now, encouraging you to use their ATM for transactions, saying the wait could be very long to see a teller. Let me tell you something, they don't even own, nor control the ATM's, so if your deposit is lost, as mine was, it takes the third party that runs the ATM to try and find the mistake. Well they never found mine, go figure. Canvas flat out has the worst fees to transfer your money to vendors, as much as $16 to transfer $100 in two days!
There are sooooo many better choices, I'm moving my business to 1st bank for the time being, ANYTHING is better than Canvas, PLEASE READ REVIEWS, Canvas will not be around long.

They Cared When They Were Public Service

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No one should ever have to deal with the embarrassment and mortification that comes with having an account that is frozen with no warning. I lost my job in May but had enough money to figure out how to pay my loans with Canvas for months. But honestly, Canvas took unauthorized funds out of my account, charged me overdraft fees even though the money was there, and then stopped me from being able to use the funds I was depositing into the account. I have no recourse. I can't buy groceries. I'm also busy during the day and they're not reachable past 9-5 in Denver. They've become a disgusting offshoot of a bank. Don't trust them. Don't open loans with them, don't open an account with them. They're not who they used to be. They only care about growth.

Crappy Customer Service

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This credit union has the worst customer service. I had a business account here that overdrafted by 148 dollars. I had switched business accounts to another bank that cared about customers. I had a personal account at Canvas also. They froze my personal account because they said we are going to incur a loss on the other account. They told me till its paid they will not release it. They would not unfreeze my account so I could pay the other bill! Their loss mitigation department was no help and refused to help me at all. None of them called me to tell me about the account being frozen or call and ask about the overdrawn account so I can pay it. We have three auto loans with them and have several tother accounts with them. I will be cancelling all of them. Do not do business with them! I would give negative stars if possible!


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I have been a member of what was once the Public Service Credit Union (now Canvas Credit Union) for about 45 years and always received great service. The recent decision to eliminate the convenience of the “Chat” system will cause me to do my banking elsewhere.

NO LONGER A Good Credit Union!

I would give no stars if that was an option! I have been a member of this credit union for 30 years! It was Public Service for 28 of those 30 years and I was very happy with the service and benefits!
Not the case now! With Canvas Credit Union I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINED! The customer/member benefits are disappearing one by one! Some of the benefits i HAD WHERE SUPPOSED TO BE "grandfathered in" yet they are slowly and quietly eliminating them! NO advance notice, NO NOTICE given benefits are here one day gone the next! Canvas is a well oiled slick machine with no factoring in what members want nor need!
Taking my money elsewhere!!


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My husband opened a new business account with them and the next day received notice that they did a hard inquiry on his personal credit. (Never has this ever happened before opening a personal or business account) When he contacted the bank and informed them that they never stated they were going to do this, their reply was basicly "to bad we are not going to do anything about it."

Aproxamently 2 months later I was added as a signer on the account. Just for being a signer they also ran a hard inquiry on my credit as well. Now we are learning that by adding me as a signer they consider it a "new" account and now, for the second time, are holding funds for 48 hrs on any checks that are deposited for the next 30 days.

In the 30 plus years we have had various bank accounts this is by far the worst institution we have ever banked with and will be planning on switching banks. Even with the damage already done we will not support a bank that works this way.

Poor Customer Service

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Unacceptable customer service. I've had problems a couple of times since PSCU changed to Canvas. Call customer service and always get the same agent. Problems NEVER resolved and agent has a bad attitude. Ask for a supervisor, waited on hold 40 minutes and never got a supervisor.

Canvas Very Bad Customer Service

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Extremely long hold times. Agents are not competent. Looking for another CU to do business with.

Loved PSC- Now That It's Canvas It's Terrible

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I loved Public Service Credit Union but overnight it became terrible under Canvas. I cannot get ahold of anyone to ask basic questions, and when I went to pay off my vehicle they said it would take 7-10 days to receive the title. It's been almost 1 month and they are saying it was only sent out 2 weeks ago and I'll have to call back (and wait on a 10 minute hold) to go to the DMV... Unacceptable. Customer service was a priority under PSC but now it's just a regular huge bank who doesn't care about it's customers.

Fairly Good

Overall, my experiences with this credit union have been fairly neutral--I have been associated with another local credit union I liked better and another I liked worse. Generally, the customer service at the branches on the north side of Denver has been decent, the employees are usually friendly and happy to help. I have only had one major issue with this credit union, and that is that the mobile banking (new site/app) can be unpredictable and has locked me out several times even though I know I had a correct password. On one occasion, this resulted in be being unaware that the bank had used money in my checking account towards a loan without notifying me, resulting in a duplicate payment onto my car loan and many $33 overdraft fees as I had no way of seeing that the account had gone negative/the money had been used due to online banking not working. Despite having direct deposit and regularly depositing money into the account which would have not been negative if not for the bank transferring an entire duplicate amount of my payment from my account, I was treated as irresponsible and felt as though the credit union tried to use a miscommunication as a way to profit off of me. The issue was somewhat resolved with some of the fees being removed from my checking account, but I still ended up paying almost $200 in fees due to errors of the bank and the poor online banking interface. I recognize my own error in the situation of not getting the login issue resolved quickly enough, but it gave me a negative association with this credit union. I am now weary of depositing money into my savings or checking account beyond the amount to pay my car loan because I am not confident that I will have access to it when I need it or that the bank will not misallocate the funds. Overall, I probably would not recommend this particular credit union to others due to their tendency to charge more fees and have unreliable online banking, but still vastly prefer it to other banking options.

Don’T Bother

I’ve been a member for a few years now and have had enough. I deposited 12,000 dollars from another one of my banks to cover my credit card from Public Service Credit Union. They released 500 dollars right away. My check cleared a day later so after 2 days I haven’t received the rest of the funds so I called them up. Their policy is that within another day or two, they would release another 4500 dollars and 5 days after that they would release the rest of the funds. This adds up to 7 business days after my check cleared that they would release the funds. Horrible customer service and even worse policy rules. I called 3 other credit unions and they don’t do anything close to what I’m experiencing with PSCU.
I am leaving PSCU as quickly as I can

Savings Account

I had never considered a credit union until I bought a new car and the loan went to them. I opened a savings account because of the amazing service they gave me with the car. The customer service was great and they answered all of my questions. I was leery at first because I always though credit unions were expensive, but there are no fees associated with my savings account. I have the app on my phone as well as online banking. Both are very easy to navigate and give me the most up to date information that I am looking for. The only thing that I am not fond of is that when I do have to go inside to do my banking, the line seems to always be very long. I try to do as much online and mobile that I can to avoid going inside the credit union. I am thinking about switching all of my banking over to the credit union.

I Love My Credit Union!

I've been with Public Service since I was fourteen years old. I have never had any issues with getting the services I need and almost always have a wonderful customer service rep. My checking account is free, they always offer me credit tracking services and suggest other lines I might be interested in. I've had my debit card stole twice now and within 2 days I had all of my money back. The individuals who work at the various branches really take an interest in your misfortunes and seem genuinely willing to help you. Will never go to another banking institution ever again, at least not while living in Colorado. The branches are always clean, sometimes they offer free snacks or cookies at Christmas time. The branches are conveniently located and I rarely wait in line for service.

Public Service

Public Service Credit Union is the best place I have ever banked. Every time I have a question or problem they handle it quickly and discretely. I would highly recommend using Public Service for your banking needs. The best part about banking at a credit union is that when you deposit funds they are available immediately. Also, they offer all the normal products that banks do such as, mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc.

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