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Not a fan

I started out with a good impression of the Schwab online account. That soured rather quickly. I can't even say that my account was opened for a year, and out of the blue I get a call and subsequent mailing that they are closing my account 'based on a business decision'. I have excellent credit, have never had an overdraft, or any other derogatory financial information. I looked online and read posting after posting indicating that so many other folks have experienced the exact same issue. They had their accounts closed, unexpectedly with absolutely NO reason except 'based on a business decision'. That's HORRIBLE customer service.

I also was unsatisfied with the fact that electronic deposits took FOREVER to clear with Schwab. A deposit that would have been available same day or next day with any other financial institution would take up to 4 business days with Schwab. Again, horrible business.

I would never, never, ever recommend this bank to anyone.

Just Steer Clear Of Schwab

I let my independent broker use Sccwab as the holding company for all of my investment, corporate banking and even a personal banking account. It seemed ok in the beginning. You could link everything and then just do online transfers and mobile deposits up to $1000/daily.

There's a branch close by so checks are easy. I have an external bank account so any cash I would just deposit and cut a check. The ATM fees didn't exist through their reimbursement function.

All I know is that out of nowhere I had a returned check in the deposit side of my brokerage firm. I knew adding the corporate checking would be an issue. All of a sudden I'm 4 months from when this check cashed trying to even find out what is the deal. The company voided a check somehow, and we tried redepositing the checks. That did not go well. All of a sudden we are on a lockdown, and then the personal account was now closed. All connected or some weirdness they claimed. Not one overdraft, and a significant amount of money in our investment and corporate accounts. So, rather than close up everything I deal with basically writing checks to my external accounts to access funds, or doing transfers.

Then last week I'm at my son's baseball game, and my financial advisor calls to tell me Schwab has now decided that all my accounts will be closed, and I'll get a stupid letter. A letter that explains absolutely nothing. So, I've opened a new account and moved my investment funds to a much better avenue. None of it makes sense, but that's how I've really felt since first signing up and running with Charles Schwab. Good thing I never put the larger funds into Schwab or with my now previous advisor.

You can not expect stability or an understanding with them. Big bank own rules that will change when they feel like it.

Charles Schwab current account

I have had a Charles Schwab current account for about two years now. There were two main reasons that I chose this account; one was zero atm fees for any worldwide transaction and no transaction fees for exchanging currency, and a higher interest than all other banks for the checking account. The checking account comes with a brokerage account, which can be used to buy and sell stocks. I currently do not use this service. When I start using this account, I checked to make sure the FDIC guarantees the deposits- obviously this is only for the checking account - it does, up to $250,000. Overall, I have had a great experience, the only drawback was that I had to travel about 20 minutes if I wanted to deposit any cash that I had.

Best bank I have ever used

I have used Charles Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking for about 10 years now, and can say unequivocally it is the best bank I have ever used. They offer free checks, but I don't generally write checks. The biggest draw for me is the unlimited ATM fee reimbursement along with no ATM fees charged by Schwab. I travel extensively for work and leisure and getting fee reimbursements at ATMs has saved me a bundle over the years, this also saves you time and hassle as you're not running around looking for an ATM that belongs to your specific bank. They even reimbursed the ATM fees charged by overseas ATMs, something most banks don't offer. This is all in addition to offering interest on your balance, and offering seamless transfer of funds between your checking and Schwab investment accounts. I don't use Schwab for my investments, but it is a handy feature.

Best Compliment to my Local Credit Union Account

I opened a Schwab Banking account in conjunction with a brokerage account when I began investing about ten years ago. The interest rate for my checking account is not as competitive as my other online bank (CapitalOne 360) or my local credit union so it does not tend to have much money in it (except when holding transferred funds before moving them to the brokerage account) but I've found myself using it more, particularly when travelling. Since Schwab refunds all ATM fees (on a monthly basis) and has no international fees, I'm able to set aside a specific amount of cash that I want to have available to me while abroad without exposing the bulk of my funds to potential theft. It also makes it far easier to gain access to local currency as I can use any ATM without having to research to find an "in-network" one or to concern myself with the fees associated with such action. Their customer service has always been very helpful to me in the few instances when I've needed them and have always resolved my issues promptly and with a minimum of effort on my end. As a result, I anticipate that I will continue to use it in the indefinite future.

Year 2000 Is Calling, They Want There Website Back

In account dropdown nothing says checking. When I click on checking from my main account screen, it shows my account number, transactions, pending transactions, and balance, but does not show routing number, apy, apr, interest ytd, date next statement available, date opened, and names on account.

I'm basically describing Ally Bank, Schwab should copy them, why bury info in separate links?

Schwab Investor Checking -- Online Banking

I have an investor checking account with Charles Schwab. I have had this account for a few years at this point. The reason I switched over to them from my brick and mortar bank was that I get unlimited ATM fee reimbursements, in any ATM, any place in the world. I haven't had any issues banking without and actual physical bank. I am able to deposit checks via their phone application. I also purchased a house in 2012 and they were more than happy to help me get a certified check or wire transfer in order to close the deal. Since I was happy with their service, I moved over my rolled over IRA funds from previous jobs and now I run my online trading and retirement fund management through their site.

Charles Schwab

I opened an account with Charles Schwab because my wife and I were traveling to Europe for three months and I wanted a bank that had no foreign transaction or ATM fees. Charles Schwab offered that. To open a checking account with them, you first need to open a brokerage account. A checking account is then added automatically. You do not need to use the brokerage account for anything, so don't let that scare you away. Once you open the account and fund it, they will send you an ATM card to use anywhere. If you use it at an ATM that charges a fee, Charles Schwab will reimburse you directly into your account, usually within the month. They also don't charge any foreign transaction fees which is huge if you are heading overseas for a significant amount of time. Even though they do not have any brick and mortar locations, depositing checks is also easy because you can just take a picture of the check with your phone through their easy to use app. Their rates are also good, probably because there is less overhead in operating an online bank. All in all, I highly recommend Charles Schwab if you do not need a traditional bank.

Schwab Bank Experience

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I must say that so far, I've had an excellent experience using Schwab Bank's online checking account. The account does everything I need it do. I am able to withdraw cash from ATM machines and have any and all fees that occur from them refunded at the end of month. Additionally, Schwab does not charge a monthly fee for maintaining your account, which is something that I cannot say for the brick and mortar banks I have used in the past.

The only flaw I have noticed is that you are unable to physical deposit cash into your account but outside of this, I cannot find any complaints with maintain an online checking account through Schwab. I would highly recommend Schwab to anyone that's looking to open a checking account.

Charles Schwab Went Above and Beyond for My Tax Returns

Charles Schwab is the best bank I've ever had a checking account with. This past tax season, my mother-in-law-to-be worked on my tax forms and accidentally didn't write out my account number completely. I panicked and called Charles Schwab's customer service. The man who answered was very polite and knowledgeable, and most importantly, from the US! I'm sure we've all heard horror stories about Indian call center mishaps, which is why I especially appreciated speaking to someone who's in the US.

The gentleman assured me that they would take care of it, and a couple of days later my tax return was on my Charles Schwab account! Even though it had been my mistake, they had taken care of it. I recommend Charles Schwab to everyone looking for a good bank. The ability to make mobile deposits also saves me a lot of time!

An Excellent Bank

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I have a lot of bank accounts, and I wish I didn't. But my Charles Schwab account makes things easy. I can move funds into and out of my account quickly and without fees. Often, I have access to the funds immediately, which is very uncommon, as it usually takes days, or even a week for funds to clear. I am also impressed by their zero ATM fees. I can go anywhere and not have to worry about the fife to fifteen dollar ATM charges. It's great for trips abroad, and even the conversion fees are covered. My statements are also very clear to read, and track all the information I need. Because they are an online bank, they are also up to date with technology, and keep things very secure. I have never had a problem with them, and their customer service leaves me confident that I never will.

Great Support

Charles Schwab bank has been a good bank to us. To begin with, their customer service is top notch. I have accounts with multiple bank but Schwab's phone support has ALWAYS fixed my issues in a quick and professional manner. We have had two or three minor issues with checks not coming in on time or other account issues and they have always understood and came up with a solution to get us through the situation. There was one time where an app was causing our login to be locked out and even though they did not have any answers as to why the customer service rep stayed on the phone with us until he was able to reach their technical department to find out what was going on. He then was able to explain everything to us and give us a period on when the issue would be resolved. Their fees are reasonable and many times where there would have been a fee with another bank such as using other ATMs or doing money transfers was free with Schwab. Overall, I am very satisfied with them as my bank.

Debit Card Was Blocked

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Charles Schwab bank is famous for debit card that can be used anywhere in the world at no cost. Well, Schwab is getting smarter even banking side nowadays. For so many years, I haven't had any problems whatsoever until yesterday 9/16/2017. My debit card was blocked, reason being was I just entered the wrong pin number so many times. We barely use debit card, lots of times not even once in a whole month. Worst part of this incident was, Schwab played me with no intention of fixing it. I have $500.00 in Checking and $83752.65 in Savings. I was going to take out $100.00 from Checking. Pissed off customers don't leave money at the bank, Schwab should have known this fact. I emailed three important people at Schwab about this incident. I noticed recently that Schwab put out notice on weekends usually, saying something along the lines of services are not available, bill pay, money transfer, etc. It was beginning of something bad at the bank. No biggie at all, I will just set up transfer at receiving bank with higher interest rate.

Don't rely on Schwab's debit card anymore, read more about this on Consumer Affairs website.

Not For The Average User

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So a friend recommended Schwab when I mentioned I'd like to start trading stocks. I opened an account linked my bank account transferred some money and boom! I was trading stocks. a week later Schwab restricts my account to liquidate only. I called and they said because of my credit rating they made a business decision to close the account. this was during a small market downturn and I waited 2 weeks for my portfolio to return to positive, then sold everything and waited 3 days and requested Schwab to transfer all funds back to my bank. I get the email notice that the transfer was initiated, but the next day no funds.. I call schwab and they say the transfer was voided because the account was restricted.. really?? what a bunch on incompetent nincompoops! so I do NOT recommend opening an account at schwab unless your credit is impeccable and even then I'm not sure I would trust them with my money.

Puts Other Banks to Shame

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Charles Schwab Bank's High Yield Investor Checking Account is a game changer that has changed my view of what a bank could be. With this account, I can feel free to withdraw from any ATM around the world, because all ATM usage fees are refunded at the end of each month. Unlike many other offerings, this checking account offers interest, albeit a paltry amount. I also love the fact that I can get free checks at any point delivered to my house whenever I need them. Dealing with customer service has been nothing short of amazing as well; I've always received a response within 24 hours answering my questions with aplomb. Simply put, Charles Schwab should be at the top of anyone's list when considering a new checking account.

Schwab Checking is Excellent for All Your Daily and Traveling Needs

Schwab is fairly well known in the field of online banking, primarily for its unlimited rebates of any and all ATM fees from anywhere around the world. I opened my first Schwab account when I was a teenager and got my first job since that was about the time mobile check deposits became a big deal. Additionally, I liked that they had no account maintenance fees or minimums whatsoever so I never had to worry about how much I had in my checking and if I would be hit with a fee at the end of the month. I cannot even count the number of times I've talked to representatives at Schwab, but every time has been superb and all my issues were addressed immediately. As a bonus, I even get assigned my own personal consultant I can call or email at any time if I want personal one-on-one information or help at no cost to me.

To open an account you have to also apply for a brokerage account so that was where I first started to get invested in the stock market as well. Currently they hold my checking and a great deal of my brokerage funds in ETFs.

Their website is superb, and super easy to navigate. Recently they just updated their UI so it looks even better than before as you can easily keep track of multiple accounts and different stocks on login if you choose. Lastly, their mobile app is simple, streamlined, and works flawlessly. I've never had a single issue with it so I give it high stars.

Charles Schwab -- Best Customer Service

With no ATM fees, I've had the best experience banking with Charles Schwab's mobile app. I love that I can deposit a check simply by taking a picture of it -- no having to worry about conservative bank hours or having to stand in line at a bank during a busy lunch hour. I've also had to call them before because my mother-in-law made a mistake in writing my account number for my tax deposit, and I spoke to a nice, Southern gentleman on the phone who got everything sorted out. I've also gotten free checkbooks from them.

Charles Schwab

I have had my Charles Schwab account for 6 years now. What I love about Charles Schwab is their product offering. Their checking account is by far my favorite because there is no minimum amount needed to open an account. Their checking account is also free. Its a great account for those who love to travel because there are no foreign transaction fees when you make purchases with your account. If you run out of checks, they'll send you free ones whenever you request it. Its also applies to deposit slips. Every Charles Schwab account also comes with a brokerage and savings account. You can easily transfer funds one time only or on a schedule if you want to save money for a rainy day. There is no minimum balance required for their savings account and it has a not so bad 0.10 API. I also love their mobile app. You can use your cell phone to deposit your checks as well as check your financial statements. The only downside is that you cannot deposit cash. Charles Schwab has excellent customer service, you can reach them by phone, email, and even web chat and they are always responsive whenever you try to contact them. I have never had a bad experience with them.

Best Bank Ever

I signed up with Schwab bank because of the "no-fee" policy and global availability. With Schwab, I will be able to go withdraw from any or most atms in the world and always get my atm fees refunded to me at the end of the month. When I tested this out, it really did work. I haven't had any issues with them, and every time I call the customer service, a friendly sounding person always picks up. The only inconvenience is that you can't pull out an amount I think larger than $300 at a time at an ATM, so if I ever wanted to pull out in the thousands it would be near impossible, but in terms of saving your money in an account that you use mostly for paying your bills, it's very convenient. They also don't have a physical building where you can withdraw money like other banks. Any checks I deposit get processed the next day (after the first time). The mobile app works great, you don't need any type of monthly or annual fee, and no minimum amount in the bank to maintain your account being open. Plus, they give you the bonus of having an investment account, which you can use that money to make investments in the stock market. I don't use it, but it's great for anyone who wants to do that. I have a personal checking account with it and it works the same as any other type of checking account, but I feel that this is banking how you want it, and not like how other banks try to screw you over with hidden fees. Schwab bank is the best for being overall a free bank that offers everything you need, including free checks and replacement cards.

Best Bank Online

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This bank is great and truly meeting my needs. Originally I wasn't completely sure how an online bank would meet my needs, but I have not been disappointed. I originally chose this bank due to upcoming travels abroad for an extensive period of time. I found that Charles Schwab overseas transfer and transaction fees were consistently lower. Overall, everything has worked perfectly. ATM banking needs and transfer transactions as well as foreign currency transactions. No problems what so ever. Also, the few times that I've needed to call for minor issues. My questions were always answered with a friendly, easy to understand voice who could promptly answer questions and resolve issues without any additional transferring to different departments or extensive holds. Though I originally thought I would switch back to a brick and mortar bank upon my return to the US. I have yet to change banks because I've been such a happy customer.

Love the ATM reimbursement and no transaction fees!

I opened an account with Charles Schwab because I was going to be traveling a lot in the next few years and had heard good things about it. I had been told by a family member that they reimburse any ATM fees that are incurred by using any ATM. I have another card that has no transaction fees while traveling internationally, BUT they don't have reimbursement for ATM fees that other banks I really wanted this account. I have used it now for about 7 months and so far, I love it! I have used it with no issues in China, and have been reimbursed at the end of the month for travel in Thailand when I needed an ATM a few times. It saved me about $15 just in that trip, which doesn't sound like a lot of money, but considering I used to have a Chase debit card that charged me $5 for using other ATMs PLUS a percentage of whatever I took out when traveling internationally...which added up. I have had only positive experiences with Charles Schwab! I will definitely continue to bank with them for sure!

Best For Daily Transactions

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This account is clearly designed for Schwab clients, to complement a brokerage account with a banking account better suited for day-to-day transactions. Thus, the checking product is a really well thought out product, though the term "high yield" is a bit misleading.

Advantages: All ATM fees are rebated at the end of each month. This is in itself is awesome. ATM card is a Visa card. Free checks. Free bill-pay. No minimum balance. Direct deposit is not required to get these benefits. Very easy transfers to and from your brokerage account, almost instantaneous if done during business hours. Check deposit through the mobile app, with the deposit typically credited within half an hour after you've submitted it. ACH transactions are faster than average, often completing after one day. The mobile app keeps getting better and better. The online experience through a browser is very smooth, except bill-pay can be a little bit clunky.

Drawbacks: This is really an online-only bank. Few Schwab branches can accept banking deposits. If you don't use the mobile app to deposit a check, you'll have to mail a deposit in, but at least the envelopes are postage-paid. They can't accommodate more esoteric services such as notary, signature guarantees, or foreign exchange. But the ATM card gives you a better foreign exchange rate anyway, and all fees are rebated. The bill-pay service can be clunky if they have to issue a check to a payee. Interest paid is miniscule.

Overall: A great package that's hard to beat. One recommendation would be to find an account at a local credit union for any services that require in-person interactions, and then use the Schwab account for everything else.

High Yield Investor Savings: This is a separate type of account. It occupies a curious place in the market. The interest rate is a little better than big banks or most credit unions, but it's not in the same category with online banks, either. Current rate is about one-third of what online banks are offering. I suspect it's there mostly as a convenience for existing Schwab clients who need somewhere to park their money for a short or medium time period. Compared to Investor Checking, this account has some limits: six withdrawals a month, etc.

Update (September 2018): Schwab has made very little movement on interest rates: only 0.25% for checking and 0.4% for savings. That savings account rate is just a little over one-fifth of the typical online-bank savings account rate. So Schwab is falling behind in that regard.

Straightforward banking with no fees

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I was looking for an online-only bank, because we have been moving around in recent years. Several of the others I checked had service fees or fees for not keeping a certain amount in my account. I really liked that Charles Schwab doesn't have this, and I especially like that I can be reimbursed for all ATM fees. This was one of my main concerns about using an internet-only bank. The account was easy to set up and use, and I haven't had any problems in the 8 months I've been using it. I did need to contact customer service after I changed my last name after getting married, but the representative I spoke with was extremely helpful. I was worried about not being able to ask questions in person, but this wasn't a problem at all. I think I will likely switch to a local credit union at some point in the future, but I'm very happy with this basic checking and savings account for now.

Don't Bank Here

Worst bank ever. Very poor customer service

Great Online Banking

I switched to Charles Schwab bank when I moved overseas a couple years ago because it has no fees for ATMs worldwide and reasonable transaction fees for money exchanges between currencies. My hesitation when switching was how my banking would work out without much access to a brick and mortar building. Most of my transactions up to this point were mostly online (direct deposit, bill pay, atm deposits, etc.) so I crossed my fingers and hoped it worked out. Thus far I've been extremely please. My checking and savings (called the "brokerage" account) work just like any other bank. No problems whatsoever. The added benefit is that the interest in both account have a much higher yield than the typical bank. The customer service is excellent, easy to get a hold of, short wait times if any. The online platform is easy to navigate and manage, too. Since switching I have had no issues with any of my banking needs overseas or in the US. I don't plan on switching back any time soon.

Great online banking

I use Charles Schwab's online checking account because it offers unbeatable service and almost no fees. I have no problem getting money deposited virtually either through the app or a wire transfer, so its not necessary for me to have a physical location. The app is ok, sometimes it needs updated but otherwise offers everything. Also the customer service is top notch, you can call from around the world and will be on the line with someone in no more than 10 minutes, and all call centers are clearly in the USA rather than outsourced to India. The best part of Schwab though is there are no fees on any ATMs worldwide. The fees are always refunded to your account at the end of the month.

Charles Schwab offers a superior online banking experience

Charles Schwab is not just a brokerage house. You can also have a checking account, and gain access to a wide variety of savings instruments. I've had my checking account with Charles Schwab for over 3 years, and have been highly satisfied. Not only do I get a competitive interest rate (aprox .90% at time of writing), their no fee, no hassle approach to banking is something brick and mortar banks have only been starting to adopt. No minimum balance fees, no transfer fees, no checking fees! And free checks to boot. I have not found a better checking experience with any other bank. Charles Schwab was one of the first to offer mobile check deposit using your smartphone, and this has saved me countless trips to the bank. I use this account as my secondary checking, but transferring between this account and my main checking account is a breeze. Why have two accounts? The free checks, for one thing, and the no fee atm card, which has saved me a lot of fees when I have been short on cash. On top of all of these features, having easy 1 click access to your retirement accounts makes it easy to transfer and save money in IRA's and CD's, with investment professionals available to discuss any savings goals. The chat feature is always fast and friendly, and phone support is US based and extremely quick, with my average wait time under 5 minutes 90% of the time.

I would whole heartedly recommend anyone to Charles Schwab for their online banking needs.

The best bank ever

I was reading online on the online banks and Charles Schwab was always at the top of list. I recently decided to use the company to open a savings account as well as a debit card. There is no fee to open a savings account and no minimum to deposit. Unfortunately, the rate is very low compared to other online banks. One of the reasons why im still a customer though is superior customer support. You can call, email, and even use webchat to talk to an agent and they are willing to go the extra mile to help with your problems. Charles Schwab also has a mobile app that you can download where you can track your finances. Unlike other companies I've used, the app is very solid and well built. There are not too many issues. You can make deposits either using the app or free by mail if you request deposit slips.

Charles Schwab Review

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I opened a Charles Schwab account in 2012 for a trip to Central America. I chose Charles Schwab mainly because they credit all ATM fees if you use their debit card. I fell in love with this bank when they credited my account with free funds to buy a bus ticket home when my primary credit card expired and I was left without any money. I can't think of any bank that would do this. Because it's an online-only bank, you have to use prepaid deposit slips to deposit checks or use their app to deposit checks. The biggest drawback obviously is that you can't deposit cash. They offer a great APY if you open a savings account and they also offer free checking. If you enjoy travelling then the ATM free credit is reason enough to get the card.

Perfect bank if you don't need to deposit cash.

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I was getting ready to go on an overseas trip and realized that my old bank would charge me $15 every time I withdrew money from a foreign ATM. I did a little poking around and heard that Charles Schwab Bank charged no fees -- no minimum balance fees, no foreign transaction fees, and no ATM fees. I had only a couple of days but I managed to open an account and get it all set up before I left. The customer service was incredibly helpful every time I had to contact them, and worked with me to get the account set up in time for my trip. And overseas, it was a dream! I never paid a single fee, and my travel partner (who still used my previous bank) actually ended up transferring money to my account for so I could withdraw it for him and dodge his fees. He saved $75 in doing so and told me he himself planned to switch to Schwab Bank. The mobile app worked great for me during my trip, as I only had a phone and couldn't access a computer. I didn't know how permanent my switch to Schwab Bank would be, but I'm planning to stick with them as long as my account stays the same. I'm very happy.

Charles Schwab has helped me out a ton!

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I switched to a Charles Schwab high-yield checking account before an international trip as I've read that they do not charge any fees for international transactions. I had a few issues setting up the account, but the customer service employees I interacted with were more personable and helpful than any customer service employees I've ever encountered before, and much more helpful than the ones I encountered at a previous bank. I was able to set a travel notice and during my three month trip, I never received a single fee for international ATM usage or currency exchanges. My balance fluctuates constantly with income from many different sources and I never have had a problem with it. In addition, their online bill pay feature is very useful.

Charles Schwab Checking

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Charles Schwab Bank offers a totally free checking account. There are no fees of any kind and you don't have to worry about meeting minimum balance requirements or any sort of direct deposit or bill pay guidelines to avoid fees. The account is simply free. The one thing to keep in mind with Schwab is that they don't have any bank branches, everything is done online. For most people, this won't be a problem as I do all of my banking online anyway. You can deposit checks through their mobile app. Schwab does pay interest on account balances but, like everywhere else, the interest rate is really low right now so you're not going to earn more than a few cents a month. Where Schwab really stands out is their excellent customer service. Any time I've called in I was quickly connected to a friendly rep who is based in the US. They will take care of any issue you have or answer any questions, and I've always been confident that the customer service reps actually know what they're talking about.

Charles Schwab Review

Charles Schwab is one of the best online banks out there. One of my favorite things about this bank is that they refund all ATM fees and foreign transaction fees. They're customer service is also one of the best I've ever dealt with. During a trip to Mexico, I ran out of money and the deposit transferred to my account was going to take days to arrive. Charles Schwab was kind enough to add funds from the bank to my account so I could use my Schwab card to access funds. Ever since then, I've been a fan. They have a mobile app where you deposit checks, and they will also send you deposit slips to mail deposits free of charge.

Trying Them Once Again

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I'm trying out Charles Schwab once again. I really like the checking/brokerage combo. So far, its taken an inordinate period of time to open my checking account... I'm not sure what there is to verify or why it would take this long. I could walk to Wells Fargo and open an account in 10 min. I've spoken with three online reps and I've received two different answers. 1. The checking account should be opening 2-3 business days after I submit the application. 2. It could take up to 5 business days to open the checking account. Not sure which one is true. However, it's getting a little irritating, especially when you want to get the ball rolling. Not to mention that I'm going to have to wait to get my debit card and checks.

******Old review below*******

Overall, I think CS is providing a decent product. Not to mention, if you open a checking, you get an investment account as well. However, I opened an account when the checking account was made available online to customers nationally. I was younger at the time and was trying to move money from my old bank in CS and I happened to use my CS debit card too early before the funds were cleared which caused me to "overdraft." I believe it was by $-0.30 (or something silly). Something that I have never done before. So I immediately deposited another check via mobile deposit, not knowing that due to my overdraft these funds were put on hold for over 10 business days. This really irked me, as the overdraft was an accident as I explained that to the rep and they could see I made a larger deposit via the mobile app to cover the negative balance. However to no effect, so as soon as my check cleared I moved the funds electronically bank to my old bank. I called CS and the rep was nice, however he didn't try to save the account and keep me as a customer. He closed the account in less then one minute and that was it...

Online banking with Charles Schwab

After deciding that I wanted to start travelling the world, I wanted to find a bank that would allow me to use my money without including a ton of ridiculous and overpriced fees. My local bank in Colorado wanted to charge me fees for using my card and an ATM internationally. How ridiculous! After finding Charles Schwab's online high yield investor account, I was relieved to discover that I could now travel the world without any either of these fees. That's right: no fees for using my card and no fees for using an ATM while in international location. Let me give you an example of how much money this has saved me: whenever I went to an ATM in Peru I would have been charged at least $7 per transaction on an ATM and 2% of all card purchases from my previous local bank. This can add up to well over $50 a month. Thank you Charles Schwab for making my banking much easier to handle both locally and internationally!

Excellent Experience

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Although I firmly believe brick and mortar banks are a valuable part of our banking system, I truly love having an account with Charles Schwab. I compared several online banks ahead of time and what drew me to CS was their anti-fee based policies. While larger banks have moved toward general fees for everything from checking to savings accounts, Schwab has zero fees or requirements for account holders. Beyond that they don't even have fees for when you use another bank's ATM. Also, if the ATM owner charges you a fee, Charles Schwab will refund you that amount back into your account automatically. Since it is an online only bank, their app is well made and intuitively programmed. The ability to instantly deposit things like checks is extremely convenient. That said, I do have 1-2 complaints --- their app does not allow for checks over a certain amount (500-1000 can't remember exactly), this has occasionally been an issue for me as the only way to deposit checks like this are through snail mail. Hopefully they streamline this in the future.

Good if you also invest using the same firm

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I was looking for a online banking solution and I was looking around. I ended up with the same firm where I have an investment account. I asked the person in the chat various questions and he was very polite and knowledgeable about the banking product. It is advantageous to open an online banking account here because it is much easier to manage and transfer funds from the investment account. The interest rate paid to the account is competitive and comparable to other online banking accounts. The functions of the web interface and the Charles Schwab app were very good. It was very intuitive and easy to manage my account using these portals. Overall, I would say that the banking account alone is a great offering and it is even better if you have an investment account too.

Best Bank For Travelers

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As a frequent traveler, I was searching for a bank that would not charge me exorbitant fees for withdrawing money overseas. Schwab really exceeded all of my expectations on that front. Not only do they reimburse all ATM transaction fees, their investor checking account is also completely free. There are a few drawbacks to using Schwab. While their app is handy for depositing checks, it can be trickier when you need to deposit cash. There are no Schwab ATM branches near me, so I still have to use another major bank's checking account for cash deposits, and then I transfer to Schwab. Still, the benefits far out-weigh this minor inconvenience for me. I have encountered no hidden fees, and I can use any ATM in the world and Schwab reimburses me the fees at the end of the month. I'm very satisfied as a Schwab customer.

Great all around bank for small businesses.

I've had a great experience with Charles Schwab Bank. I opened an account with them after starting my business five years ago. I feel their system is very secure. The fees are about average, but their customer service and support is amazing. Every time you speak with them on the phone they are willing to go above and beyond your expectations and help their customers in every-way possible to ensure you have a great experience and feel safe and secure when handling your assets. My favorite part about dealing with Charles Schwab Bank is that their team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in comparison to other banks I've used. If you have a question or problem with your account someone is always there to help, this enables me to put my trust in this great group of bankers.

Charles Schwab Bank

Charles Schwab Bank offers a totally free checking account that has no requirements or other strings attached. Schwab Bank is an online only account; they do not have any branches. Everything is done either online or through their phone app. They also have the option of mailing checks to them for deposits, but checks can also be deposited with the phone app, so I've never used this feature. Schwab gives you free checks when you open an account and you can order additional checks if you run out. You also earn interest on your checking account balance, although the rate has fallen since I started using Schwab. However, most banks don't pay any interest on checking accounts so it's better than nothing. Customer service at Schwab is fantastic, and everyone who I've talked to has been very helpful and knowledgeable. I believe that all of their customer service reps are based in the US as well.

Positive Experience With Charles Schwab Bank - Iras

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My overall experience with Charles Schwab has been a positive one. I had an IRA with Charles Schwab Bank for several years. Their website made it relatively easy to manage my money and know what was going on with it. When I needed to cash out my IRA, I was able to do so without a lot of fuss and hassle. While I had the IRA, I appreciated being able to reduce paper waste by getting all of my updates through my email and their website. All in all, I would recommend Charles Schwab Bank to anyone who is looking for someplace to start an IRA. I have not used them for banking or any other services, but I would imagine they would be just as professional and their website would be just as easy to use.

Horrible Bank

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On March 26, 2016, on Saturday at 1:03 pm, I talked to a Charles Schwab customer service representative. I called to see why my check card could not be activated by phone. After answering all the identity questions from this representative (address, social security number, and finally drivers license number) she looked into my accounts. What had happened was that a card (from an old account that I closed) had been sent and this is why I could not activate it. After my question was answered, this rep proceeded to ask me if I was employed, what colleges I have attended, and what jobs I had worked at. Then she asked if I were going on vacation! I actually thought she was going to ask me what my net worth was! She then proceeded to insult me and say ‘I don’t know why you are activating a check card with only this amount of money in your account’. My friend dealt with either this same woman or one like her 2 years ago. He contacted Charles Schwab with a question concerning his account. She asked him why he was withdrawing money from his account and THEN asked him what he was doing with it!! And 2 years ago, after the way he was treated, I decided NOT to use Schwab as my primary bank and closed ALL my accounts except for one checking and brokerage account. Today 4/13/2016 I closed the last remaining accounts.
I complained to Charles Schwab customer service by their online email. I received a response that basically stated that someone would call me. On 4/13/2016 a male, who did not give his name, called me and claimed he had listen to the tape concerning the incident in question and said this was further verification for my identity, which is a lie. HE DID NOT LISTEN TO THE TAPE because he would have known that my identity had been verified and the female rep immediately pulled up my account information. This guy was raising his voice at me and justifying what this female customer service representative was asking. I had to yell at him to be quiet because I could not get a word in edge-wise and finally hung up on him. My identity was already verified and she was just being nosy. Charles Schwab never knew where I worked or what colleges I attended so this information was not used to verify anything. A nosy customer service representative could easily be tempted to commit fraud or theft with account holders. A terrible bank indeed and after 6 years of banking with them, it is over.

Charles Schwab Checking

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I've used a Charles Schwab checking account for several years now. Schwab is a little different from other major banks in that there are no branches and everything is handled online. With internet banking and mobile banking being so efficient and commonplace there really aren't many problems created by not having branches. Checks can be deposited through the mobile app. Cash can be deposited via ATM but it's not something I've done personally. Schwab offers paid interest which most checking accounts do not have, although the rate is low. Where Schwab really shines is their customer service. Any time that I've called in I talked to a very friendly and helpful customer service rep who was based in the US. Their customer service stands out among all companies, not just banks. Schwab also offers free checks and you are reimbursed for any ATM fees, so you can use any ATM. All in all, Schwab offers a great product although it is slightly different from what some people may be accustomed to.

Best Online Bank

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Charles Schwab is the best online bank that you can find. If you are a traveler then it is an absolute must have. They refund all of your ATM fees world wide so you never have to worry about finding the right ATM. I have had to use their customer service twice and both times they gave me excellent service and got things taken care of very quickly. I really can't see any reason to use any other bank than them. They also have very cheap rates on international transfers where you can send money to foreign bank accounts for only $25. That is almost half of what some other banks will charge in the US. If you are looking for the easiest bank that also has the lowest fees they are the one for you.

Very good customer service

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I have had Charles Schwab for almost a decade now, and have never ran into any trouble with them. They have not ever charged me unexpected fees or fines. When I did need to get in touch, I think the customer service over the phone was pretty good. It didn't take very long to get through to a specialist, and I was very happy with his assistance. He was intelligent and very polite, so it was very easy to work with him to get my online banking set up. I have also had an appointment with a banker at one of their physical branches, this visit was not as helpful as I thought because it took a long while for the consultant to understand and promised to look into the questions I've asked, but without definitive answers while I was physically there. She was, however, also very pleasant to work with, and it was not entirely her fault that she did not know the answers immediately. Overall, Charles Schwab has been very easy to work with.

Satified with bank.

My experience with the bank has always been courteous, the staff are pleasant to speak with on the phone, in person, and online. It is a very reasonable place to do banking, and there is no problems associated with the service.

Great Bank, Great Customer Service, No Fees.

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Charles Schwab Bank is by far one of the premiere banks out there. The checking account has no hidden fees and, most importantly, allows access to your money wherever you are. No longer do you have to search out the closest branch of your bank Charles Schwab waives any ATM fee, anywhere, at any time. In addition to the excellent access to my money at any ATM, the customer services is top notch. Quick access, no annoying telephone menus, all based in America. You're going to be treated like an investment customer as the bank is actually just an extension of the brokerage and it shows. Add to the positives that they pay interest on the basic checking accounts, and it seems like a no-brainer. Some may miss being able to deposit cash in a branch, but if you can get past that, you can't do better than Schwab.

A traveler's bank

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I am not a fan of banks in general. They are, however, sometimes very handy. I opened an account with Charles Schwab when I was planning to travel through Central America for six months, and it worked out beautifully. What I love most about this bank is that they reimburse for all ATM fees! I could withdraw from anywhere in the world I could locate an ATM with no hassle, and every fee was returned to me at the end of the month. Another great thing that must be noted is their superior customer service. I have never spent more than a few moments on hold, and the person on the other end is always quite pleasant and helpful. It's also a pretty nice bonus that there is no minimum for my checking account, and there are never overdraft fees, since the card will simply be declined if there are not enough funds. That aspect in particular saved my behind once. I can't stand when a debit card will allow you to overdraw, and then charges you a ridiculously high fee on top of that, making it harder to get your head above water again.

The only downside to this bank is that deposits can only be made through the mail, unless you have another account somewhere from which you can transfer. That is what I do. It may be an extra step, but it isn't a big deal to me.

Perfect checking account

The checking and savings accounts that Charles Schwab offers are excellent. There are even free atm withdrawals when traveling internationally. The bank saves its users many dollars in expensive international ATM withdrawals by offering this for its account holders. I really felt the customer service was exceptional. I was educated about different accounts such as a trading account as well. The team working at the Schwab bank are very competent and the web application is outstanding as well. I could not be happier with my current banking accounts. The web application on the banks website is quick and easy to discern. The page is aesthetically pleasing which shows Schwab really cares about its customers by providing the best quality of services compared to other banks.

Great internet bank with great service

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Over a year ago, I decided to start investing money into a Roth IRA. My brother who also has one referred me to Charles Schwab bank. So far, I've been very happy with them - their customer service is responsive, professional, and very polite every time I have had any issues. Moreover, they have a website and a nifty mobile app that allows me to manage my investments in a reasonably streamlined fashion. Moreover, they also dutifully notify you on the website, or by e-mail, if something is wrong with your account. For example, one time I purchased stock and forgot to transfer the money to buy it from my bank account, and not too long after that I got plenty of notifications from them so that I could remedy the issue. I would highly suggest Schwab to anyone I know who wants to begin investing.

A decent choice to pair with your existing Schwab investment account

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I initially chose to use internet banking at Schwab as I already have an investment account with the firm. Since they offer interest in the money deposited in the account, I thought it was a no brainer to open a checking account at Schwab. The web interface is very intuitive and easy to use. If you also have an investment account, transferring money between the two is very easy and quick. Schwab also offers a mobile app so one can manage the accounts on the go. The mobile app is streamlined so it is also very easy to access the functionalities that are offered on the web page version. In my experience, I had no trouble transferring money from my Schwab account to or from an account at another bank. If I ever have a question, I can use the web chat or call them; agents at Schwab are always responsive and knowledgeable. Overall, I am very happy with the internet banking option offered at Schwab.

Charles Schwab Bank--Look no further

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I signed up for a Charles Schwab checking and savings account about five years ago. I am telling you it is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
First, their customer service is world class. If you need to call someone and get a live person, your wait time is usuallyunder one minute. The customer service representatives are always friendly and truly show a willingness to want to help you. They also have a top notch smartphone app where you can deposit checks, pay bills, and check balances. What I also love is there is no monthly fee for their checking and savings account. What is most amazing about Charles Schwab checking accounts though is the debit card. Do you know you can go to any ATM in the world, and no matter what the withdrawal fee is, Schwab will pay the fees in full at the end of the month? Its true. You could actually go to Las Vegas, for example, withdrawal money from the casino ATMS which have very stiff fees, and Schwab will pay your fees, guaranteed. There is no reason not to sign up for a Schwab checking and savings account.

No minimum, no fees, great customer service

I have been using Charles Schwab bank since 2008 and have had nothing but good experiences. You can open a savings or checking account with no minimum balance, and there is no monthly fee. You can withdraw money from any ATM and at the end of the month they will refund any ATM fees you have paid for that month. Unless there is a branch near you, you either have to have direct deposit or mail in your checks in order to deposit them, though. They offer free checks so when you run out of checks you don't have to pay for more. I have called their customer service line many times since I have been a customer, and they are always very friendly and helpful, and I have never had to wait on hold to talk to anyone. Late last year somehow my account was compromised and $600 in fraudulent charges were made against my account, and when I reported it they were very quick to cancel my card, send me a new one, and refund me the money. I am very happy with this bank and will definitely continue to use them in the future. I have recommended them to friends and family as well.

Great Bank. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make a switch

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I have been using Charles Schwab Bank for over 4 years and have no complaints. The customer service is by far the best of any bank I've dealt with. They refund any ATM fees that other banks charge for using their ATM machine. You never have to worry about getting charged if you can't find a branch in your area. Anytime I have had a problem with questionable charges, they have refunded the charges immediately while they investigated. I love this bank and the great service they provide. I think the fact that they are not a huge bank, they take more care of their customers and make them feel valued. I Highly recommend if you are looking for a new bank.

Effortless and Safe

I have had Charles Schwab for nearly 8 years now. They are strictly an online bank that can be contacted around the world 24 hours a day. An experience I had with them recently was when I ended up having someone attempt to steal my card information while abroad. Although my card was immediately frozen I received and SMS message to my phone as well as an email. I was given all the information about why the card was frozen and what could be done to return it to use. I called Schwab immediately and I was informed that someone in Nigeria had tried to make a charge to my card. I am not sure how these people came into this information but I was given sufficient information that I felt safe using the card. They assured me that as soon as I was ready a new card could be sent to my address. Thanks for the safety.

Love Charles Schwab Bank

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I was first introduced to Charles Schwab Bank since using their brokerage services, and adding a scwab bank checking account. I love the mobile banking app that allows me to deposit checks via my iphone / camera and reimburses me for any ATM fees incurred ! The online bill pay features are easy to use. I love not ever having to write a check (even though Schwab provides the checks for FREE) and never having to mail in a deposit (by using the Schwab bank app to deposit checks). I cannot think of a single way Schwab could may my banking experience any more useful - except one gripe, they do not really offer a business checking account - this really is for personal use only. Overall though I would highly recommend the Charles Schwab Bank - I really do think it is great.

Best Bank To Weather The Oncoming Financial Storm

You give Schwab Bank a C- grade for capitalization since their equity is $7.67 billion. Yet 98% of their customers have Schwab Brokerage accounts where the equity is $2.4 trillion. Hence, you should have given Schwab an A+++ capitalization rating. Since the Fed capitalization is negative if their puny assets were marked to the market and since the Fed has backed itself into a corner with money printing, and given our massive federal/state/municipal/corporate debt levels plus unfunded entitlements, we are facing financial disaster. In my opinion Schwab Bank is the safest place to weather the oncoming storm.

Very happy with my experience with Charles Schwab Bank.

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Please note in advance that this review applies to the Charles Schwab High Yield Checking Account, which I opened in conjunction with Schwab's Brokerage Account. Both accounts were free to open and do not require a minimum balance.

I recently opened an account with Charles Schwab as I will be spending a significant amount of time abroad and was attracted to the fact that the bank charges no transaction fees and reimburses all ATM fees. Opening the account was a breeze, despite my having a very short credit history. The process of verifying my identity on the phone was a pleasant (actually!) and quick experience, and I have been nothing short of impressed by the promptness of the bank's customer service (usually, a person comes on the line within 3 seconds when calling during business hours).

My one complaint would be the time it takes for checks to post and become available (just about a week), but perhaps that may be explained by the fact that my account is still new. While the bank does not have any brick and mortar branches (with the exception, I believe, of Reno, NV), the option of depositing checks with a smartphone obviates much of the inconvenience occasioned by the lack of branches.

Overall, I would recommend this bank to any of my friends looking for a banking experience with perks that sometimes seem too-good-to-be-true.

Good for starters

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I started an account with this bank in order to do some basic investing. I didn't have much to invest but wanted to get my feet wet with the stock market. Overall, I have been pleased with my experience. Though the website can be a little difficult to navigate, they have great customer service with the online chat feature. The workers can answer any question. I am also pleased with the account fees, as they are some of the lowest around. The setup of the online account viewing is also convenient and easy to navigate. It is also great that they have an app.

Completely Satisfied

I come from a history of working in banking from several large banks(through mergers, though never working for Schwab) that I won't name. Charles Schwab really offers extremely valuable services to it's clients, and practices a very honest business in a industry plagued with corruption.

Working in the industry, I've seen first hand how these mega-corporations suck money out of their customer's pockets. From overdraft feesand schemes to cause more overdraft fees through selective processing of the order of transactions that post. Typically, banks would process the larger transactions first, and if you have an abundance of smaller transactions they would process those last, causing you to incur a fee for each of the small transactions, sometimes totaling your overdraft fees to well into hundreds of dollars...when if the reverse was true you would only have one or two fees. Schwab does none of that. I've also never had an overdraft fee with Schwab, ever.

Any ATM in the US (And maybe world-wide, I'm not sure) is free. They reimburse you at the end of every month(Yes, even those $8.00 casino ATM fees)

They also do free overdraft transfers from savings to checking, where some banks charge $5-15.00 just to transfer your own money to cover your transactions.

The only negative is the lack of physical branches. But, in a world where everything is done through the internet or smartphones, who really needs physical branches. I've only ever had to walk into a Schwab office once, and that was because I needed to deposit a check that wouldn't deposit through the mobile app, one of those money gram money orders that are printed really lightly.

Overall, though, my absolute favorite benefit of banking with them is when I make a check deposit. If I deposit a check through the mobile app during normal business hours(and sometimes even 7pm), my money is available most times within 20-30 minutes. No holds, no wait times. It's there.

The product I have is the Brokerage Account/Checking Account linked together, you get those benefits by linking the accounts. It's well worth it, people.

Pull your money from those money-sucking mega-corporation banks and move it here, it will be well taken care of and you'll be happy time and time again that you did it. (Coming from someone that used to work for those big banks.)

I'm done now, didn't really mean to write a novel. Ha.

Very good bank

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This bank has been very helpful in the past. I accidentally made an incorrect transaction and the bank was able to reverse the transaction within days. It only took one phone call to customer service, where they were very helpful. This bank has great rates and very low fees. Even though it is an online account, they make sure to provide everything needed to make deposits easy.

Tough to get started

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I had high hopes for moving all of my banking into Charles Schwab Bank because of the higher rates. I set everything up and then got to the point of depositing my funds from my old bank and they would not electronically transfer from my current bank. I would think that a bank that existed solely online would be able to get funds from any bank, but this wasn't the case so I needed to shut down my account. I was frustrated and I will probably never try this again with Charles Schwab.


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Extremely Helpful And Professional

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Recently switched from CitiBank - oh my goodness what a difference. Everyone seems informed, helpful, professional and able to assist with any reasonable issue. They answer the phone rapidly, staff their call center with knowledgeable reps (presumably in the US) and are truly a pleasure to bank with.

Oh, I did i mention none of those BS fees that CitiBank felt compelled to charge at every possible occasion.

Highly recommend!

No Loyalty

Schwab is an OK bank if you want to have a savings or checking account, but don't waste your money on becoming a "Private Client". They provide weak advise and demonstrate lack of accountability. Be warned - stay away from their paid services.

Excellent Service, Extreme Convenience!

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I recently opened my first checking account with Schwab, and am already highly impressed! The service reps have been very helpful (a rarity theses days). The perks are what really make it worthwhile:
unlimited free ATM access anywhere free VISA debit card NO maintainence fees unlimited free checks unlimted free check depositing (by prepaid mail or smartphone) easy-to-navigate website Although mailing in a check does mean it won't be credited to your account instantly, the last few I have sent in have all been cleared within 5 business days from the day of mailing, and judging that it takes about 3 days to reach their headquarted from where I live, that's not too bad. The only other con is that the interest rate is 0.1% APY, but since you don't get much more from savings accounts these days, this isn't much of a factor.

Since I have never had a checking account soley in my name before, at least a dozen different banks denied me based upon a lack of credit history before I found Schwab. If you're looking for a free convenient checking account and don't have a credit history, this is a great choice for you!

One more thing... just because they are an online bank doesn't mean they don't have physical branches. I just found one about 3 miles away from my house in Providence, RI.

Great Bank!

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Zero monthly fees, zero balance required!  Unlimmited Atm reimbursments, free bill pay, and it comes with a brokerage account for trading and investing, excelent service. It has an award winning android and iphone investing app. Their webpage is full of financial information about investing and tools to help you be financially in good shape. I would definitely recommend this bank! It is a strong and powerfull 5 star Bank.

Charles Schwab - A Piece Of Crap

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I have a company account with Charles Schwab with about $5,000 stuck with them now. I have been trying to get it transferred to Vanguard, with strong push back from CS.

In order to transfer, I made an online request with Vanguard, and also received a Form from them which I filled and sent back to Vanguard, authorizing the transfer from CS to Vanguard - the Vanguard Form has a field for a CS Account Number - could not find any Account Number in any of the correspondence from CS, so called CS and after a spending about an hour, was told by a CS representative that my SSN was my Account Number, and that is what I need to provide in the Form from the new Firm.

I sent over the completed and signed papers to Vanguard, and hear back from them that CS has rejected the Transfer on the grounds that the Account Number provided is "Incorrect".

I called CS again, and NOW they tell me that I have to fill up a CS Form to effect the Transfer. I start getting irritated, and the rep says "hold on, let me see if I can do something," and I tell him to buzz off and send me the Form, and that I do not want to have anything to do with them again.

NEVER EVER recommending this piece of shit company to anyone again.

I wish Government did a better job of governing the 1% rather than the Internet strangling bill they are straddling!

Was Great When I First Started....

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This bank was hands down the best bank I have ever dealt with. For the past 4 years I have had an account with this bank and have had no problems whatsoever. I even got my girlfriend to switch her account and be done with Bank of America

Up until recently that is...
First transactions were not posting to my online ledger as fast as I remember them usually doing so. On top of that bill payments through the online system were also not showing up. Calls to customer service to inquire did nothing.

Then came the hammer.... 
I had an unauthorized transaction from a company I deal with for roughly $400.00. Without going into too many details, this bank did practically nothing! What the company did was charged my debit card I had used to pay a bill once without my ok. While fighting with this company I called Schwab because I was getting nowhere. 

After explaining this to Schwab, they attempted to issue a stop payment but were unable to do so because they explained it was a pending payment. They then proceeded to try and contact the company and were blown off. They then came back and told me they would do whatever they can to solve the situation which is where there help stopped. 

I had a car payment go through and a personal check which thankfully were covered (my account went into the red because of this). Direct deposits went in a few days later, and none of my current bills were being paid. After finding out from my insurance company and 2 credit cards (which hit me with late & returned fees) I called Schwab. She told me they froze my bank account. The rep then tried to tell me I was told this was happening which is not true. According to her any dispute on any transaction and they freeze all activity except deposits for 10 days!?!

She then was basically telling me I was irresponsible and my account was overdrawn (of course it was because of an unauthorized charge!!!) 

This bank was great 4 years ago, but when you run into trouble, forget it!

A Great Bank

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I have been banking with Schwab since 12/2009. I opened an account when I received an internationally traded stock. Many investment banks in the US do not do their own international transactions, and customers end up paying a higher premium to a middle-man. Banking with my checking account has been a great experience. The ATM refund is convenient, and the interest is appreciated; it's low, but other banks aren't offering any better. There are no random or regular fees charged to my checking. The customer service is excellent! I have suffered economic hardships recently, and any other bank would have added to my troubles. Schwab helped.

Best Bank Out There In My Opinion!

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I have been using Schwab for awhile now and they are just great! I love the way they post items - in order of purchase, timely - even on Sundays some items get processed. I just love it! Works great for me and there Bill Pay is the Best I have ever seen! You won't be disappointed if you decide to go with Schwab! They are the way to go!

Schwab Mobile Deposit For I Phone And Android

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I am a client, but I haven't used it (mobile deposit) yet.  Just wanted to point out that it is available.

It is a 5 star organization.  Not great rates.  Great people.  The rates used to be great... back when their plain jane checking was paying 4%. 

Recently Switched From TD Bank And Have Been Impressed So Far

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I recently switched to Schwab bank from TD Bank for my reimbursed ATM fee needs when traveling internationally and have been impressed so far. Customer service has been great. ACH transfers are quick but there is a 3 business day hold before the funds become available. I even received a personal call and letter thanking me for my business and telling me to call if I had any issues. The only thing I did not like was they did a hard pull in order to open the account.

Great Bank, Great Service.

I have been with Charles Schwab Bank since 2008, at the time I was unsure what difficulty I would encounter banking with a satellite bank with scattered brick & motor structure to go to, after 3 years I can say I am more than pleased with this bank.

Over 3 years, I have never had to dispute a charge, all ATM reimbursements have been correctly and timely added back to my checking account on the 1st of the following month. The interest rate has dropped from 2% to .25% in the same time, but remians competitive in the market place. All postmarked envelopes to mail checks to the bank's Reno, NV location have come and are delivered in a timely fashion. 

Customer service has been great, I call and I get a human from the U.S., no transfering around and waiting. They have answered any questions I may have. The website is easy to navigate and simple to use. I have expanded into brokeragetrading and opening a Schwab IRA through my expireience with the Bank.

I highly recommend this bank if you are looking for great service and competitive marketplace banking products, but those inetrested need to have a level of comfort with online banking. 

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